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  3. [GF]Froslass

    New Weapon

    Hi, i'm here to release the Moonlight Greatsword from Dark Souls 3, you can see it on YOUTUBE Here it is a screen: And here it is the download: MEGA enjoy
  4. [GF]Froslass

    Moonlight Set

    Hello there, i realized a weapon set that i want to show you, every tip will be appreciated There is a huge news regarding this set! In fact it will "evolves" with the upp, in particular the 3d model and the texture will change at the following upp: +7, +8 and +9. You can see a screen of all the upp changes here: And you can see it on: YOUTUBE For info, you can contact me on: Telegram: FroslassGF Skype: Discord: [GF]Froslass#3616
  5. WeedHex

    open shoulder sash mount problem

    I think the sash inclination when ride was wanted...
  6. deto1337

    open hshield-

  7. sash system of lennt
  8. Quantity doesn't matter, but quality does. 50% on each item = full spam on the ground The rates needs to be tested like normal player ingame, a lot of time needs to be invested.
  9. enisina

    solved shouder sash problem bonus

    problem fixed. thank you enes559
  10. nostra

    open NPC/OBJECT

    Hello, have someone this npc or Something similar like a "portal/teleport" stuff? Thanks!
  11. Download VirusTotal Metin2 Mini Wiki System
  12. Dr3Ame3r

    open Dedicated server OVH game - Mysql problem

    @ATechST Those were automated messages because your server lost internet connections, yes, it was truly a internet connectivity issue, maybe a NIC, maybe some routing issues. Hope you choose your server well next time(btw, i would prefer WAW-1 datacenter over anything else)
  13. OtherChoice

    open [help] Query at character creation - C++

    db/src/ClientManagerPlayer.cpp void CClientManager::__QUERY_PLAYER_CREATE(CPeer *peer, DWORD dwHandle, TPlayerCreatePacket* packet)
  14. Krusty

    Meme - Thread

  15. martysama0134

    Meme - Thread

  16. Syriza

    Easter dungeons

    Amazing work!
  17. Galet

    Meme - Thread

  18. Yesterday
  19. ManiacRobert

    Meme - Thread

  20. Raylee

    Meme - Thread

    Best regards Raylee
  21. VegaS™

    Meme - Thread

    The title says it all. - Programming meme - Metin2 meme Please, no memes with people with disabilities. Please use also the spoiler function. I'll start: @martysama0134
  22. Raylee

    Easter dungeons

    Just amazing Best regards Raylee
  23. WeedHex

    [QUEST]Maps' minimum level check

    100 times better on c++ on my opinion.
  24. I found another problem. I have notebook and resolution which I can only use in window mode is 1920x1017 someone know how to fix it? When I set 1920x1080 it goes back to 1920x1017.
  25. Hi, I'm trying to understand the metin scene a little better and I want to create my own server for fun. I've programmed before in C#, Java,VB etc. but I want to grasp a better understanding of Python / C++. Therefore metin 2 is going to be like a learning project for me and I'll probably have some fun at the same time. Before I ramble on I have a couple of questions about the metin2 scene. 1. What is the purpose of the server source? 2. What is the purpose of the game source? 3. What is the difference between the server source and the server which you upload on freebsd? 4. What is the difference between the game source and the normal game client? That's all I'd like to know for now, thank you and have a nice day
  26. thank u,but i have the same eror in the end of file solve that(my bad im dummy,fogot endl in but now , client off when char is selected and syserr syserr sloved by update python to 2.7 from 2.2
  27. @dmitry Your problem is in (korean characters + bad encoding) Here's your fixed. For those who have the same issue, check this reply, you'll find the file rewritted with non-korean shits and a lot of checks useless:
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