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  1. No class in the slap can kick anywhere else, does anyone have any idea what it might be?
  2. It works perfectly! Is it possible to change it to when the item is locked and click on it to pick up? In other words, leave the filter only on the 'Z' key? Edit: I would like to make more precise checks, looking at the item's subtype, how can I use type and subtype at the same time? IsWearableFlag(CItemData::WEARABLE_SHIELD): return 9;
  3. SYSERR: Jul 8 19:28:30 :: DestroyCharacter: [CHARACTER_MANAGER::DestroyCharacter] <Factor> 7719 not found SYSERR: Jul 8 19:28:30 :: DestroyCharacter: [CHARACTER_MANAGER::DestroyCharacter] <Factor> 7718 not found SYSERR: Jul 8 19:28:30 :: DestroyCharacter: [CHARACTER_MANAGER::DestroyCharacter] <Factor> 7716 not found SYSERR: Jul 8 19:28:30 :: DestroyCharacter: [CHARACTER_MANAGER::DestroyCharacter] <Factor> 7721 not found SYSERR: Jul 8 19:28:30 :: DestroyCharacter: [CHARACTER_MANAGER::DestroyCharacter] <Factor> 7720 not found SYSERR: Jul 8 19:28:30 :: DestroyCharacter: [CHARACTER_MANAGER::DestroyCharacter] <Factor> 7717 not found I'm getting this error when doing some dungeons, I still haven't figured out what's causing it, does anyone have any idea what it might be? * Sometimes the channel went down, in the debug it appears that it is in the function below, but I didn't make any changes to the files. EVENTFUNC(save_event) { char_event_info* info = dynamic_cast<char_event_info*>( event->info ); if ( info == NULL ) { sys_err( "save_event> <Factor> Null pointer" ); return 0; } LPCHARACTER ch = info->ch; if (ch == NULL) { // <Factor> return 0; } sys_log(1, "SAVE_EVENT: %s", ch->GetName()); ch->Save(); ch->FlushDelayedSaveItem(); return (save_event_second_cycle); }
  4. Solved! (Is there any risk of causing an error/bug?)
  5. One problem I face is the delay for the player to actually die, in the example below, I took the total damage from the player and there is a delay until he actually dies. In wars, where kills are counted, I often kill a player and another character steals the "kill", is there any way to solve this problem? Thank you for your attention!
  6. I'm not sure, but I believe that changing the Quickslot to WORD and extending the quantity of items as well.
  7. Yes, #define ENABLE_TRADE_24SLOT #define ENABLE_EXTEND_INVEN_SYSTEM #define ENABLE_RELOAD_QUEST_FIX #define MAX_GOLD_LL #define SVSIDE_ON #define __SPECIAL_INVENTORY_SYSTEM__ #define __DISABLE_SEND_SEQUENCE__ // Disable sequence #define WJ_ENABLE_TRADABLE_ICON // GF-Like Inventory Slot Marking System #define __SEND_TARGET_INFO__ #define __OFFLINE_PRIVATE_SHOP_SYSTEM__ #define OFFLINE_SHOP_MAX_GOLD_LL #define ENABLE_RENEWAL_SHOPEX #define ENABLE_SWITCHBOT Error of private messages occurs occasionally, the more players online, the more frequent it occurs, and the more private messages, the more chances of occurring, however, there are no other errors or information, there is always a packet error with number 34 (HEADER_GC_WHISPER = 34) Edit: Even before making changes, inserting new systems, the problem already existed.
  8. Hello, I'm experiencing some problems with the client, it gives some errors, being them: - Close out of nowhere - Some boxes appear out of nowhere - Screen "freezes", game continues to work normal on the screen of the other characters, however, on the one that gives the problem, it is as if everything was stopped From what I could see, it usually occurs when you receive a private message, I already checked the packets (client / game) and they all look good, does anyone have any idea what it might be? (In the syserr / syslog of the server, there is no anomaly) - Sequence system was removed from my source (but before, the problems were worse) syserr: 0525 21:21:44608 :: Phase Game does not handle this header (header: 34, last: 3, 34) I thank you all!
  9. Error is that of mob_proto.txt, all mounts were either linked to the pony or had nothing. I fixed all of them and until then, it showed a significant improvement. Thank you very much, sorry for taking your time.
  10. mob_proto.txt 20118 "lion2" "KING" "NPC" "MELEE" 1 0 "STUN,SLOW,CURSE,TERROR" 0 "pony" 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 120 3 1 0 0 12 4 100 100 0 2000 150 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 data/monster/lion_2/motlist.txt GENERAL WAIT wait.msa 90 GENERAL WAIT1 wait1.msa 9 GENERAL WAIT2 wait2.msa 1 GENERAL WALK walk.msa 100 GENERAL RUN run.msa 100 GENERAL COMBO_ATTACK attack1.msa 100 GENERAL COMBO_ATTACK1 attack2.msa 100 GENERAL COMBO_ATTACK2 attack3.msa 100 GENERAL FRONT_DAMAGE front_damage.msa 100 GENERAL BACK_DAMAGE back_damage.msa 100 GENERAL DEAD dead.msa 100 GENERAL SKILL2 skill.msa 100
  11. There is no record, I checked them all, I did tests for all the maps, I compared some files with other sources, but without success so far Yes, in particular it occurs with Leão, but with the others it is also occurring, but with a shorter delay, I have already put an updated "data / monster" folder, without success. :/ main problem is that no log and / or error log appears, I don’t know where to start checking more
  12. Problem: There is a delay in the "appearance" of the monsters, if I walk around village 1, for example, with a mount, I arrive at a certain location and only after 2/4 seconds the monsters appear on the map / minimap. Is there a way to correct and / or minimize this delay? Moving (No monsters appear): Standing (after a few seconds the monsters appear): - There is no syserr - RAM / CPU usage of dedicated below 1% - Occurs with a few / many online, with many, it seems to aggravate the situation PS: I don't know if it's related to that, but I have some visual bugs, sometimes the character dies for some monster and only when I relog it, the monsters appear. From now on, I thank you all for your attention!

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