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Community Answers

  1. A very simple animation created from a normal image.
  2. Could you add the ability to display collision height to the WorldEditorRemix.ini option? Currently, the world editor does not display this kind of collision. PS: If you can do it, it's cool if that collision was marked in a different color.
  3. The old fix added a new bug. The new fix also adds the same bug. If you switch to another window with ALT+TAB while you have PPM pressed, you won't be able to move the game window, minimize and close.
  4. Tatsumaru


    I added new hairstyle. Details on the first page.
  5. Amazing how much you give to this community. More than one would cram their offers with what you share for free. Have you ever heard of voicechat? Maybe you could try to make such a system. This is just a suggestion.
  6. The delay still occurs, but is clearly shorter. Could someone explain in more detail what to do in Martysam's solution?
  7. DL : [Hidden Content] M2DL : [Hidden Content]
  8. Can someone explain how to add a button that will restore the default field of view settings?

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