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Community Answers

  1. If you followed the tutorial correctly, it should work. If you have added macros, make sure the sheets arrive in Locale_inc.h
  2. Unfortunately, I recently signed up, when I landed on M2Dev the theme was already the current. However, the 2014 theme reminds me a lot of Windows7 AERO
  3. It should be the WINDOWS SDK that makes this difference
  4. I'm not sure, but it seems to me that it shares the same grid as metin2's basic store. Check the grids in your src
  5. They are used for various things, they are text files that usually contain "layer and layout" information, on metin2 we use them to take desired shapes from an image For example, in locale/ui/ u have "login.png and login.sub" or "logo.png and logo.sub" Thanks to the subfile it is possible to define the coordinates of each single pixel of an image. For example, in public.dds you have yang slot, cheque slot and much button File cheque_slot.sub: title subImage version 1.0 image "Public.dds" left 206 top 446 right 230 bottom 464 As you can see, this file crops the desired pixels from that image. Basically, if there were no .sub files everything should have its own image, a client consisting of 2kk of files is not nice (Also you should define the coordinates of anything in Python and we don't like useless code either) To create one you just need to have the photo from where you want to take the piece of image or the complete photo, and then through an editor such as GIMP or Photoshop take the measurements of the pixels
  6. "Those messages are a little bit sarcastic. Doesn't it?" I hope @Mali °-°
  7. By chance you played with the enumerator EWindows ? Search and diff in UserInterface/GameType.h and in common/lenght.h //example enum EWindows { RESERVED_WINDOW, INVENTORY, EQUIPMENT, SAFEBOX, MALL, DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY, BELT_INVENTORY, #ifdef __AUCTION__ AUCTION, #endif GROUND }; The order must be the same on both client and server sides But I honestly don't think you have changed that, if you give us more information we can help you, for example "it happened after I implemented this system" it's like going to a restaurant and not saying what you want to order :c
  8. Simple, in config.h you can declare ur variable, for example: extern BYTE g_variableExample; then, in config.cpp you define your variable, for example: BYTE g_variableExample = 100; after, in this file, search this function: static bool __LoadGeneralConfigFile(const char* configName) {.. in this function, search this while loop: while (fgets(buf, 256, fp)) { parse_token(buf, token_string, value_string); in this while u can find much Token, perfect, you have to create a new token for function TOKEN("newvariable") { str_to_number(g_variableExample, value_string); fprintf(stdout, "VARIABLE_LIMIT: %d\n", g_variableExample); continue; } If u search in token, u can find "fprint(stdout, "VARIABLE_LIMIT: %d\n", variable name); "VARIABLE_LIMIT: " is the declaration that you can put in the CONFIG of your cores to use the variable differently according to your needs
  9. If you want them for study, any base is optimal (they are all shit) if you want to open your own server, but you still want to work on it by adding systems and implementing new things, I recommend the clean and fixed base of @martysama0134 If you want something free, but with extra security, take a look at the Metin2Dev project as he suggested @niokio
  10. If you have solved it, make it clear so we can close the topic.
  11. Have you already tried Mali61's one? FREEBSD 9.2 GCC7 - C++ 17 Download: [Hidden Content] ARCHIVE PSW: black ID: root PSW: dev

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