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  1. Owsap's sources are the best, they get constant updates and possess many of the recent official updates. If you can't afford them, Marty's are still very good.
  2. Metin2 wise, you call a "dungeon" a map instance which index is >= 10000, which is a very specific thing..so no.
  3. What? Do you have any idea how dungeons work? You have to create a dungeon instance and warp to it. pc.warp warps you to the simple map which does nothing if he wants a dungeon.
  4. Pure quality.
  5. This video was meant for an italian community only, it wasn't supposed to go on m2dev, so there aren't many m2dev members :<
  6. https://streamable.com/z74wah
  7. make some vectors of chests and items, then check it via item->GetVnum() and broadcast the notice if the item is one of the items of the chest you want to be noticed about when found.
  8. quest item_change_sex begin state start begin when 71048.use begin say_title(translate().change_empire._50_sayTitle) if (pc.get_level() < 50) then return say_reward(translate().item_change_sex._10_sayReward); elseif (pc.get_wear(19) ~= nil) then return say_reward("You have to unequip your body costume first."); elseif (pc.is_engaged()) then return say_reward(translate().item_change_sex._30_sayReward) elseif (pc.is_married()) then return say_reward(translate().item_change_sex._30_sayReward) elseif (pc.is_polymorphed()) then return say_reward(translate().item_change_sex._60_sayReward) end -- if/elseif say(translate().item_change_sex._130_say) wait() say_title(translate().item_change_sex._120_sayTitle) say(translate().item_change_sex._140_say) if (select(translate().locale.guild.yes, translate().locale.guild.no) == 1) then say_title(translate().item_change_sex._120_sayTitle) say(translate().item_change_sex._150_say) say_reward(translate().change_empire._230_sayReward) pc.remove_item(71048, 1); pc.change_sex(); pc.polymorph(20032); -- So you don't need to relog. end -- if end -- when end -- state end -- quest
  9. On modern clients, Heal, just like the other buffs, works as a PARTY-based skill. Despite that there are many sources that still do not support the PARTY-flag, and/or there are many skill_protos without PARTY flag assigned to the respective skills. This is the result of such "conflict". 1. If you want the skill to act like a normal buff skill (so it won't heal every member of the party when in party, but always only your target) in locale/skilldesc.txt: exactly as @Macromango did, but you DO NOT HAVE to empty out the setFlag in the skill_proto, because that contains REMOVE_BAD_AFFECT, and it's needed to remove debuffs on your target, not just heal it, so just remove PARTY there, if you have it. 2. If you want the skill to act like a party buff skill (so when in party it will heal all your party members and when you're not in party it will act as a normal buff skill, like official basically) in src/skill.h: in player.skill_proto table: Then /reload and it's done.
  10. PARTY flag missing, it doesn't work without it on modern sources, unless you force a computeskill on target.
  11. I told you to check the accumulation inside the run.msa and walk.msa files, not to send me motlist.txt. Secondly, why is your lion mount using the pony folder? he's taking speed values from the pony's accumulation.. That's horribly wrong. The correct folder to use is lion The correct accumulation value for share/data/monster/lion/run.msa is: Accumulation 0.00 -589.63 0.00 The correct accumulation value for share/data/monster/lion/walk.msa is: Accumulation 0.00 -278.46 0.00
  12. Fix your accumulation in your mount's run animation file, inside "../share/data/monster/MOUNT_FOLDER/", it's too low.

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