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Welcome to Top Metin2! Discover within our platform, the list of the best private servers of our favorite Metin2 game! Vote every 8 hours to support your favorite private server and get your rewards! Rankings are reset on the first day of the month (UTC).
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like the old topic ( >here< ) this topic is reserved for SHARES ONLY. If you're searching some specific files use our file request topic >here<.

Additionally to this you can search for your files in the latest fully unpacked client:


17.0.7 whole unpacked client:

17.0.12 whole unpacked client:

17.1 updates only:


If you spam in here (which includes asking for files) you will get an infraction!



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M2 Download Center

Download Here  ( Mega.nz, Future updates will also be here)
Client & Serverfiles + VDI ( Internal / Backup )

[40250] Reference Serverfile + Client + Src [15 Available Languages]

My goal was to make a reference r40250 serverfile as official as possible compared to what GF had back when their files got leaked in early 2014.
No new systems added, only bug fixes. While I spent several hours testing, there may still be bugs. Please report bugs to me so I can fix them in the
future, I want to make this project as bug free as possible.

Available languages: EN/DE/HU/FR/CZ/DK/ES/GR/IT/NL/PL/PT/RO/RU/TR
Please read Languages.txt to learn how to change the default EN language.

SSH for VM: root/123456789
MySQL: root/123456789
Ingame: admin/123456789

Aliases and it's commands:

start cd /usr/metin2/server && sh start.sh
close cd /usr/metin2/server && sh close.sh
clear cd /usr/metin2/server && sh clear.sh
backup cd /usr/metin2/server && sh backup.sh
questcompile cd /usr/metin2/server/share/locale/english/quest && python make.py
dbclean cd /usr/metin2/src/db/src && gmake clean
dbcompile cd /usr/metin2/src/db/src && gmake
gameclean cd /usr/metin2/src/game/src && gmake clean
gamecompile cd /usr/metin2/src/game/src && gmake

Please read Changelog.txt to find more about the changes I made.

Special thanks to:

@Mali for the clean and updated client & server src files.
@Sanchez for the 2014 base client.
@Veltor88 for the translate.lua pack.
@Fazer for the locale_string pack

I made a little video about installing the serverfile (vm) and changing the language:

PS: I know it's pretty late in 2021 but better than ever 😀

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