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TMP4 TMP4 09/02/23 Truly a pillar of this community not only owed to him being an outstandingly nice and generous person but also to his perfectionism when it comes to his works. Big thanks and much love from someone who appreciates every contribution of his. Cifer Cifer
Tatsumaru Tatsumaru 09/02/23 Truly an incredibly talented individual. Really thrilled to see what they create next. Cifer Cifer
martysama0134 martysama0134 08/26/23 Always willing to help, excellent support and excellent service, I recommend! Papix Papix
martysama0134 martysama0134 08/24/23 he is the number one developer and file server in the field, really compliments lollo Psycho Psycho
Samax Samax 08/21/23 Available, courteous and very nice guy, I found myself there not well but great, I highly recommend him to everyone, I'm glad they introduced me to him. As for his way of working he is professional, what can I say..... Highly recommended!!! Zirox Zirox
Mitachi Mitachi 08/20/23 Boy always helpful and ready to help those in need, I found myself in difficulty on a few occasions and he helped me without getting too much trouble. Professionalism and seriousness TOP Zirox Zirox
.plechito' .plechito' 08/20/23 He keeps metin2 alive with his work. Nothing else to say, very good Mitachi Mitachi
Sonitex Sonitex 08/20/23 He is very calm and friendly and it is a pleasure for me to share the marketplace with people like him. Keep up the good work. Mitachi Mitachi
Mali Mali 08/20/23 I have always maintained that metin2 will never give you what you give it, Mali doesn't care about it. You deserve positive feedback Mitachi Mitachi
Mitachi Mitachi 08/20/23 The man is awesome :) He respond even to maybe stupid questions for him, or something that you already asked befor. He is trying his best to actually help you on whatever your problem is. If you want something done right, work with this man Bughy Bughy
Mitachi Mitachi 08/19/23 This guy is great. Just started our collaboration and he works really fast and really tidy. Wouldn't recommend him to anyone bcs I want him to finish my stuff first LMAO . 10/10 mihnea mihnea
Mali Mali 08/19/23 A very Honorable Member. Deso Deso
covfefe covfefe 07/27/23 xddd meisterViper meisterViper
Mitachi Mitachi 07/23/23 Super helpful guy, when he is online he responds immediately and tries to help you by solving the gaps explained. I have dealt and still deal with him, knowledgeable and very efficient. Keep up the good work, there are few like him. 100% recommended. Eisen Eisen
Kraaz Kraaz 07/19/23 I had a great day because you helped me!!!! Stadi Stadi
Kapa3a Kapa3a 07/01/23 A good technician who is sure of what he is doing. SOM2 SOM2
Mitachi Mitachi 06/28/23 very helpful guy explains things to you 1000 times until they get into your head and very skilled with programming he finds the solution immediately and very fast .. TikTak TikTak
Mitachi Mitachi 06/24/23 Fearfully professional remote assistant because she has so much patience in answering all the questions of a customer, even curiosities. He is truly a competent willing to lend a hand on everything. For me he is one of the best developers! F4biox F4biox
Mitachi Mitachi 06/21/23 great guy , smart and really strong in the field of programming , recommend 100% , go great mitachi! Psycho Psycho
Mitachi Mitachi 06/21/23 I love this man. Its availability is beyond imagination! Whatever goes on in people's heads he can put it to work from scratch! If I could give a double rating, I would give it without hesitation! Fic Fic
martysama0134 martysama0134 06/13/23 His work and contribution to this community is insane! Love what he doing so much! Keep up the good work! Also, a very friendly person! Heathcliff Heathcliff
TAUMP TAUMP 06/13/23 Make the work done as fast as the light travels. Heathcliff Heathcliff
Metin2 Dev Metin2 Dev 06/05/23 Excellent services, good person always ready to help, have nothing more to say without being who is interested in your services I indicate him to 100% Nuk3 Nuk3
Mitachi Mitachi 05/31/23 one of the best dev of his country mirro mirro
Mitachi Mitachi 05/31/23 Great guy, always willing to help, really kind and helpful, plus he's really knowledgeable in all areas of metin2, in my opinion a complete DEV. guzzon64 guzzon64

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