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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Mitachi Mitachi 05/08/24 Guy who shows passion and professionality in his work. Nelson229 Nelson229
Nelson229 Nelson229 05/07/24 I've always liked his work, feed+ for the G Mitachi Mitachi
Mitachi Mitachi 04/30/24 911/10, short code, no mess, everything works + support with everything. Rare! Makaveli Makaveli
Ulthar Ulthar 04/01/24 Great man <3 Juki Juki
Mali Mali 04/01/24 Not many people who would likely share everything free like this guy! Big LovE! Juki Juki
Exynox Exynox 03/24/24 Cool guy Deso Deso
TMP4 TMP4 03/20/24 thank u for everything Wulcato Wulcato
CantSt0p CantSt0p 03/17/24 Nice boy, very cool Gopinich Gopinich
Mitachi Mitachi 03/17/24 Good guy, good comunication, fast answers and obviously good skills, can only recommand him! Thrall Thrall
TMP4 TMP4 03/07/24 when new Serverfile ^^ xRoshi xRoshi
KAMASUKI KAMASUKI 03/05/24 Very nice young man, can do what he says! Very punctual, fair and simply nothing to complain about !!! any time again, and thank you :D TheBuum TheBuum
KAMASUKI KAMASUKI 03/05/24 He pulled a project I was working on. He left it immediately and broke as much as he could. That was really bad. Unfortunately, you can't trust him. Volvox Volvox
Rakancito Rakancito 02/26/24 He contributes to the community, so a +1 is the minimum I can offer martysama0134 martysama0134
Mutulic Mutulic 02/19/24 Very professional. Works fast and clean ++ JellyFish JellyFish
Mutulic Mutulic 02/13/24 A very nice and helpful developer helped me to add epayout to my homepage TeufelsKerl TeufelsKerl
Owsap Owsap 02/12/24 I think Owsap as a creator is very beneficial for this game. Of course, everyone has to strengthen themselves with patience, because like everyone, he have a lot of things to do and he are not at the computer 24/7 to respond to all the questions of others. I look at it from the point of view of an entrepreneur, because I myself have the same situation that I can't respond occasionally for several days (either I'm simply not at the computer, I have more important things to do, or I want to find out if my response is even needed). I'm glad there is a person like Owsap. And I think anyone who needs Owsap's response should wait for the response because it's worth it. FileX FileX
Mitachi Mitachi 02/12/24 my friend developer! ManecasPT ManecasPT
Mali Mali 02/05/24 "Simply if you face any problem, it is because of you, not the system" one of the best people in the in the entire Metin2 Community if not the best ! Thanks Mali PacketHeader PacketHeader
zyfluxor zyfluxor 01/23/24 correct, helpful, fast work!!! Stadi Stadi
Tboky Tboky 01/22/24 Unfortunately we couldn't solve the problem, but he was willing to help!! Stadi Stadi
Amun Amun 01/20/24 Very Nice Work , I kiss his heart <3 guckemal guckemal
Psycho Psycho 01/20/24 a 1000 grade boy, he helped me every time I had a problem, be it trivial or more complex, a boy with a lot of experience and fast.I have no words, experience speaks for itself. It works quickly and safely. This man deserves all my respect! <3 Tr3l Tr3l
nazox nazox 01/17/24 Really great person, super pleasant and very chill Gopinich Gopinich
Mali Mali 01/06/24 **Perfect** [A]Demonul [A]Demonul
Papix Papix 12/29/23 I paid for lua services. He made me wait for 1 week, after that i did the quest by myself. I asked for a refund and he told me that i can chose another service by him. I asked something else and he told me that he ll be responding in 10 minutes but not even after few days he didn't answer. karona200 karona200
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