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Rakancito Rakancito 02/26/24 He contributes to the community, so a +1 is the minimum I can offer martysama0134 martysama0134
Mutulic Mutulic 02/19/24 Very professional. Works fast and clean ++ JellyFish JellyFish
Mutulic Mutulic 02/13/24 A very nice and helpful developer helped me to add epayout to my homepage TeufelsKerl TeufelsKerl
Owsap Owsap 02/12/24 I think Owsap as a creator is very beneficial for this game. Of course, everyone has to strengthen themselves with patience, because like everyone, he have a lot of things to do and he are not at the computer 24/7 to respond to all the questions of others. I look at it from the point of view of an entrepreneur, because I myself have the same situation that I can't respond occasionally for several days (either I'm simply not at the computer, I have more important things to do, or I want to find out if my response is even needed). I'm glad there is a person like Owsap. And I think anyone who needs Owsap's response should wait for the response because it's worth it. FileX FileX
Mitachi Mitachi 02/12/24 my friend developer! ManecasPT ManecasPT
Mali Mali 02/05/24 "Simply if you face any problem, it is because of you, not the system" one of the best people in the in the entire Metin2 Community if not the best ! Thanks Mali PacketHeader PacketHeader
zyfluxor zyfluxor 01/23/24 correct, helpful, fast work!!! Stadi Stadi
Tboky Tboky 01/22/24 Unfortunately we couldn't solve the problem, but he was willing to help!! Stadi Stadi
Amun Amun 01/20/24 Very Nice Work , I kiss his heart <3 guckemal guckemal
Psycho Psycho 01/20/24 a 1000 grade boy, he helped me every time I had a problem, be it trivial or more complex, a boy with a lot of experience and fast.I have no words, experience speaks for itself. It works quickly and safely. This man deserves all my respect! <3 Tr3l Tr3l
nazox nazox 01/17/24 Really great person, super pleasant and very chill Gopinich Gopinich
Mali Mali 01/06/24 **Perfect** [A]Demonul [A]Demonul
Papix Papix 12/29/23 I paid for lua services. He made me wait for 1 week, after that i did the quest by myself. I asked for a refund and he told me that i can chose another service by him. I asked something else and he told me that he ll be responding in 10 minutes but not even after few days he didn't answer. karona200 karona200
masodikbela masodikbela 12/27/23 There is almost never any real respect among developers; they are all busy proving how much bigger their dick is potentially than yours. And I have to admit that often you don't even choose it, but are forced to because they do. Maso is one of the developers I would talk to as if I were not a developer; his experience is tangible. An example for me. Mitachi Mitachi
Mitachi Mitachi 12/13/23 10/10 for communication and skills, clean code and straight to the point, highly recommended. OkamiRo OkamiRo
flatik flatik 11/29/23 ;) HFWhite HFWhite
Mitachi Mitachi 11/28/23 Very good support, for anything that is needed, they know how to do it in the best and fastest way. Angeline Angeline
Mitachi Mitachi 11/01/23 My favorite Developer, Always helpful and a great person who helps me with my problems <3 swatprens swatprens
TMP4 TMP4 10/12/23 TMP4 YOU ARE AMAZING BUT I THINK YOU NEED TO UPDATE THE TMP4 SOURCE WITH NEW VERSION IN 2024 I BELIEVE YOUR SOURCE IS FULL UPDATED ON YOUR PC AND WE NEED THIS WORK TO WORK UP AND I DARE YOU TO ADD ON YOUR TMP4 BASE https://metin2.download/file/Q8xrof797sbW4BHKFAtXaRgpToZu7Av3/ (elf & lycan players) 5 and 6 player for the last update on your source i believe is a good challenge and everyone have your source want this update with full update with systems adminspanels homepage itemshop etc full version for metin2 server all pack updated i believe you can do that maybe 1-1-2024 big last realese for the version tmp4 last edition v5 and we can say the last goodbye bcs gameforge want to end the forums and if have suscess and he can do that we lost everything i dare you and i begin you i say 1 last time please to do the MEGA WORK on your source and update for all the community no only for me but FOR METIN2 DEV AND EVERYONE thank you are amazing last favore for the communitys <3 tmp4 thanks and im sorry for my bad english i want to see the last project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i begin you bro all of us want to see that ! the last 1-1-2024 version files YOUR FILES xrhstos000 xrhstos000
TMP4 TMP4 10/09/23 Great work! HsaCreep HsaCreep
TMP4 TMP4 10/09/23 we want to see elf and lycan on your source! in 2024 new files xrhstos000 xrhstos000
Amun Amun 10/06/23 In my opinion he is a very good developer and also very nice. He taught me how to gost people by simply writing "no." You deserve the +1 Mitachi Mitachi
Mitachi Mitachi 09/26/23 Very professional, a great person and a great dev and support, we gonna do alot jobs together figueiredox1234 figueiredox1234
TMP4 TMP4 09/02/23 Truly a pillar of this community not only owed to him being an outstandingly nice and generous person but also to his perfectionism when it comes to his works. Big thanks and much love from someone who appreciates every contribution of his. Cifer Cifer

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