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Papix Papix 03/27/23 Provides great services, the best in firewall programming, want to have your server fully protected this is the right guy! Hiaguito Gamer Hiaguito Gamer
Papix Papix 03/27/23 Presta ótimos serviços, o melhor em programação de firewall, quer ter seu servidor totalmente protegido esse é o cara certo! Hiaguito Gamer Hiaguito Gamer
Syreldar Syreldar 03/26/23 Good professional, always evolving his skills, I recommend! Papix Papix
Papix Papix 03/26/23 competent and reliable mirro mirro
Papix Papix 03/26/23 beautiful experience Murai Murai
Papix Papix 03/26/23 Fast response, fast product. Good guy GoldCash GoldCash
TAUMP TAUMP 03/22/23 Such a great example of a person who is always able to help and give the right opinion to solve any problem that might arise. Big thumbs up. With his cynicism and insight, it's always a fruitful discussion, even when we're talking about ****s šŸ˜µ‍šŸ’«šŸ˜µ‍šŸ’« CantSt0p CantSt0p
Owsap Owsap 03/22/23 I like his works. Rhast Rhast
Owsap Owsap 03/22/23 there was a misunderstanding between us. Later we talked and agreed. I like his work. emrdygu emrdygu
Veltor88 Veltor88 03/21/23 Thanks for free games xdd Mali Mali
Owsap Owsap 03/21/23 It took 1 week to get the paypal address , He then wrote to me : Okay, I had enough. I don't like impatient people, I don't know why you think I should respond to you when you want. I have a life and a lot of work, I'm a very busy person if you don't know how to wait then we can't do business, so forget it and find another project. and unfriended me. emrdygu emrdygu
Owsap Owsap 03/20/23 https://images.lookhuman.com/render/standard/CHviXJPltbLW7qDJC9fKUXG1v9DaeI0p/diecut-whi-sm-t-besto-friendo.jpg Syreldar Syreldar
Mali Mali 03/19/23 Mali's expertise in reverse engineering makes him a valuable contributor to the forum. Veltor88 Veltor88
Mali Mali 03/18/23 If Webzen made a list of people they dislike the most, you'd be first man. xD Well done sir. MT2Dev MT2Dev
Draveniou1 Draveniou1 03/18/23 Successful Troll. Mali Mali
VegaSā„¢ VegaSā„¢ 03/18/23 best programmer Draveniou1 Draveniou1
Mali Mali 03/18/23 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Rz69FE-o8&t=526s Draveniou1 Draveniou1
Mali Mali 03/17/23 Very good V0lvox V0lvox
Owsap Owsap 03/16/23 I have had the pleasure of knowing Owsap for years now, and I must say that he is not only an incredibly talented developer, but also a wonderful friend. Owsap's dedication to his stuff is truly admirable, and his expertise in coding never fails to impress me. Owsap is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it be with coding or simply providing support and guidance. He is patient, understanding, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that their customers are taken care of. Overall, I feel incredibly lucky to know Owsap both as a skilled developer and a good friend. He truly is one of a kind. Veltor88 Veltor88
ASIKOO ASIKOO 03/15/23 I basically only use this forum, so I just have respect for Asikoo and those who moderate it. Also, I find him very humble for his position, for me that is more than a good thing. Keep up the good work! Mitachi Mitachi
Gurgarath Gurgarath 03/15/23 I find we have a very similar line of thinking; his work is to my taste, plus he is very open to discussion. ++ Mitachi Mitachi
VegaSā„¢ VegaSā„¢ 03/15/23 I personally like him as a developer, over the years he has been able to make people talk about him, positive feedback from Italy. Mitachi Mitachi
VegaSā„¢ VegaSā„¢ 03/15/23 He gave me many suggestions for my projects. I can't forget all the nights we spent on Skype. martysama0134 martysama0134
martysama0134 martysama0134 03/15/23 Love this guy. Even if i spam him (hehe xd), he there to help me. Thanks Marty, keep up the good work. Jimmermania Jimmermania
martysama0134 martysama0134 03/15/23 Very good developer and a friendly person. Thank you for the second chance. Macaroni Cheese Macaroni Cheese

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