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  1. Hello. Im searching tamashi shining system but in costume page i want also to be fully working the costume mount slot and the sash/acce. Does anyone has it ?? Could you share it please ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Do you have locale_string for Greek language ?
  3. Hello. First of all , nice work. Keep going. Second, from your serverfiles, locale_string_GR is missing. Could you share it please ?
  4. So... bool TitleManager::TransformTitle(LPCHARACTER ch) add return true; before the last } bool TitleManager::UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney) change to: void TitleManager::UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney) Also at title.h change : bool UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney); to void UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney); And last thing: bool TitleManager::SetTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, const char* pTitle) add after if (!strcmp(pTitle, "title19") && (GetTitlePremium(ch) == true)) { SetAffect(ch, "send_premium_3"); } return true; It should look like this: title.cpp : [Hidden Content]
  5. Hello, can anyone tell me how to fix this message when i compile ?? /bin/sh: clang++90: not found gmake[1]: *** [Makefile:29: dep] Error 127 Thanks in advance...
  6. I have this problem too. Any idea by someone ?
  7. Hello, i have this problem not only with this skill, but with some other skills too. When i dont wear an armor the skill is fine : [Hidden Content] But when i wear an armor this happens: [Hidden Content] Any idea ?? Thanks in advance...
  8. Hello, i have the same problem like @ Karbust about vegas title's system. When i try to buy potion everything works fine. But when i try to buy a premium title or a normal title the game crashes. Can anyone share the fixed files about the title system ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, could you share your fixed files please ? Thanks...
  10. I have this sysser: 0724 13:48:16827 :: UISCRIPT_LOAD_ERROR: can only concatenate tuple (not "list") to tuple [filename UIScript/MiniMap.py] 0724 13:48:16829 :: uiMiniMap.py(line:341) __LoadWindow ui.py(line:3740) GetChild MiniMap.LoadWindow.Bind - <type 'exceptions.KeyError'>:'RTTTextLine'
  11. Hello community. I have this problem: [Hidden Content] Does anyone has any idea how to solve it ? Thanks in advance.

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