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small inventory fix


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I noticed a few days ago that the inventory class was not getting freed upon rewarp. Circular dependency was causing the garbage collector to fail.

The fix was fairly simple, so I fixed it and decided to share it with you.

So here it is:


Open interfacemodule.py, and at the top, add:

from _weakref import proxy

and in

def __MakeWindows(self):


wndInventory = uiInventory.InventoryWindow()


wndInventory = proxy(uiInventory.InventoryWindow())

Open uidragonsoul.py and search for 

def SetInventoryWindows(self, wndInventory, wndDragonSoul):

change self.wndInventory to 

self.wndInventory = wndInventory



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N.B. if you first wanna make sure whether this problem exists for your or not, do this:

in uiinventory.py inventorywindo class, go to _del_ function and add this below:

import dbg


then rewarp ingame. if you don't get this message then congrats you have this problem. My "fix" should make this dbg appear.

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