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  1. Delate 71124 to end mount on special_item_group
  2. yes is other solution, but maybe no solve problem with damage, this problem is comming source, but if find other solution i tell you
  3. For fix damage error go to cha.cpp and search: and remplace all function with this: Now, if you want polymorph work, you need go to mob_proto.txt or mob_proto.sql, and search polymorph_item (use excel to find it) and you add this polymorph : 70104, 70105 , 70106 , 70107 or 171093 Now all the mobs that throw that polymorphic ball will transform into that mob, although it must be clarified that there are some mobs that by default do not do damage, such as azrael, red dragon, etc. I do not know where their function is but with my solution you can use the typical ones of the official [Hidden Content]
  4. hello sorry to reply late, open char_item.cpp and search; change this: to this: now you have fix problem
  5. Hello!! this problem is from char.cpp because you need change a value, if you use special storage, you can't use Byte, you cand put your char_item.cpp ?
  6. just replacing the moon.dds file should work... try adding the day / night system and check if change night, check in constInfo this line maybe you have another direction
  7. you can delete all and you will not have any problem, but to put it in some way, the basic ones would be: ->arena_manager ->bars (if you want use gold bar, plate bar etc) ->Upgrade_Refine_Scroll ->blacksmith ->buy_fishrod (for fishing) ->change_empire ->Crhistmas,easter, events in general (if you want events) ->couple_ring (or put ring for wedding on npc this depence you) ->cube and cube_opener_list ->Dungeons (deviltower, catacombs, etc) ->fisher ->give_basic_weapon ->goto_empire_castle (if you use this) ->All guild (building, alter of power etc) ->All horse (horse menu, levelup, summon, etc) ->Item_change_sex ->teleport ->marriage_manager ->mining ->mounts/mounts prolongation (if you use mounts) ->newPetStaff o all pets (if you use pets) include PetSytem ->OxEevent ->Pony buy and pony_levelup ->priv_empire (event) ->reset_scroll, reset_status etc) ->skill_group ->spider dungeon 2 and 3 (if you use 3 if not all spider dungeon 2) ->training_grandmaster_skill ->warehouse ->and other quest you want for example, drops, new events, or something
  8. ##Update With Won and Offline Shop by Great, special thanks to @Draveniou1 to help me anytime, and give me many ideas to working this 1-If you used Offline Shop by gret, go to shop.cpp on source game, and search all : replace with: now compile, and you can use "0" to put items. 2-Now go to uiCommon.py and search: Now replace with 0 or 1, this means that when they put an item, the value 0 or 1 or the one that you put comes out automatically. Now search: and add with other functions: Search: replace with: Now, if you don't use Won, replace this function: with: If you use Cheque_won replace all function: 3-Open uiToolTip.py and search : Before add: Now Search: and replace function with: Now search : And replace function with: Now this: replace with: 4-Open uiPrivateShopBuilder.py and search this function: inside this function find: and replace : now search: and replace with: 5-Now Open networkmodule.py and find: after add: 6-Now Open uiShop.py and find: replace all function with: And now you have adapted with Great and Cheque system. Notes: #1-If you want change "0 yang" when put item go to uiToolTip and find "0 yang" and change for example "This item is not Avaliable" you can find in def SetInventoryItem and def SetShopItem , def SetPrivateShopBuilderItem #2-I'm working in fix to put item in "edit section" but not update item, but if you want add item with 0 won and 0 yang, go to uiNewShop, and change all if int(text) <= 0: with if int(text) <= -1: #3-In Normal private shop, if you click to buy item work, great, in Offline shop, when you click to buy work great but say "you don't have yang" (not problem is only visual ) this problem is coming from SHOP_ERROR_DICT -> SHOP_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY i'm working in this too. #4-I try to use a negative values, like -1 yang for not using 0 but i can't so remember your players, you need 1 yang to put items, :), ignoring this all work great, thanks again.
  9. Thanks, Work Great would there be any way to add color? for curiosity
  10. I would appreciate it, now I'm not on pc but then I'll show you how to edit it, but still I can't get it to execute the buyfree line, so if you can give me any ideas I'd really appreciate it, I use the won check from here from metin2dev!! And thanks again
  11. Hello again, i add system, work great!! [Hidden Content] i can't see "This item is not available" but is because i'm using won, so i'm fixing this, when i have a fix i put here, but thanks, all work great!
  12. Hello again! :), go to shop.cpp and search: replace all: Open now in uiprivateshopbuilder.py and search change with: and you can put 0 yang on shop thanks to Draveniou1 because he put a system to not sell items and you need 0 yang to put, but my idea is correct!!! so thanks me too XD!! tell me something if you try regards bro.
  13. Amazing!! thanks for the potho i come back when i add and thanks, and good job!!
  14. Sorry i don't understand well, the system is for showing a "item" but you can't buyed, this is for don't put item for exmaple " sword +9 99wons and 99999999yang" and send you MP to buy item?

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