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Found 6 results

  1. Hey m2dev You summon a lot of monsters, they attack your character and then you kill or purge monsters, but the damage still continues to be shown visually. Is this a familiar situation? In addition, the damage is shown visually even after the death of the character... I love this game. I haven't seen a fix for this problem, let's try to fix this sh.. [Hidden Content] I'm not saying that this is an ideal solution. If you have any ideas, please write comments. Best regards, Masha
  2. Download Metin2 Download I do this topic for those who have a problem with Unknown Header operating server in France with 800-1k player online and it has been working for 5 days without problems and without kick [Hidden Content]- If you have provlem : Open in game.py search and remove: if constInfo.SEQUENCE_PACKET_ENABLE: net.SetPacketSequenceMode() Now open constinfo.py and search and remove SEQUENCE_PACKET_ENABLE = 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source Client: Search return SendSequence(); change with // return disable;
  3. An annoying bug which need a fix. Gif with the problem (from ѕeмa™) : [Hidden Content] // PythonApplicationProcedure.cpp // After: if (m_isWindowFullScreenEnable) { __MinimizeFullScreenWindow(hWnd, m_dwWidth, m_dwHeight); } // Just add: OnMouseMiddleButtonUp(0, 0);
  4. Introduction I think everyone know about this famous bug. I profiled the game and checked granny documentation why it happens because we also faced this on MAP1s since we have a lot of offline shops. Actually the game not even freezes, it runs well and the updates happen. What eventually happens there is just that update time takes too long so it will skip rendering. What makes update times longer? The answer is granny controls. When you minimize your game, the completed controls never get freed. It's because the game frees them in CGrannyModelInstance::UpdateWorldPose which is called from CPythonApplication::RenderGame in a long way. There are just more and more of them that are never freed and that makes GrannySetModelClock take more and more time so when you open up your client from the minimized state it will never finish the update fast enough to call RenderGame in which they would be freed again. [Hidden Content] Thats all, you won't face the "black screen bug" again! Good luck guys!
  5. Hello! Many people complained about a "7 pixel bug" on some clients. For example the client will open a few pixels too far from the left-side of the screen. Usually between 7 and 9 pixel on the right. I still do not know why it happens for some people and not for other. I thought about a visual studio toolset, a screen configuration or whatever but it turns out to be harder to know why it actually happens, I also had only two people talking about this so I cannot get accurate data. Anyway, let's get started it's really easy. The bug looks like this, take from the official client it looks like 1 or 2 pixels only. But it looks almost exactly like it at some moments. First, make sure your metin2.cfg is correct and does not display a weird resolution (like 1913 * 1080). Then just add this small line in PythonApplication.cpp: SetPosition(-8, 0); Right after this one: AdjustSize(m_pySystem.GetWidth(), m_pySystem.GetHeight()); EDIT: If you happen to have it on the second window as well, move the line under the bAnotherWindow check. Just like this: And voilà, it's fixed. Don't hesistate to add or remove one pixel if needed. It's really small and looks like a workaround but I did it really quickly. I didn't test this fix on clients / computers not having the actual bug. If it is a client issue it shouldn't cause any problems, if it's a computer issue, I might need more data to fine-tune the fix. Don't forget to share some data if you have.
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi devs, today I will release the fix I made for the skill cooldown, already fixed on official servers, this is the bug it self: And this is the fix: Regards! Fix skill cooldown ~ Shang.rar ### root/ui.py ### Search: def SetSlotCoolTimeColor(self, slotIndex, r, g, b, a): wndMgr.SetSlotCoolTimeColor(self.hWnd, slotIndex, r, g, b, a) ### Add after: def StoreSlotCoolTime(self, key, slotIndex, coolTime, elapsedTime = 0.0): wndMgr.StoreSlotCoolTime(self.hWnd, key, slotIndex, coolTime, elapsedTime) def RestoreSlotCoolTime(self, key): wndMgr.RestoreSlotCoolTime(self.hWnd, key) Thanks to @Horinna for report that bug. Here's the fix: """ Find this: elif (not self.__CanUseSkillNow()) or (skillGrade != j): skillPage.SetSlotCount(realSlotIndex, 0) skillPage.DisableCoverButton(realSlotIndex) Add this under:""" skillPage.DeactivateSlot(realSlotIndex) # After the else, paste this: if player.IsSkillActive(slotIndex) and (skillGrade == j): # fix001 skillPage.ActivateSlot(realSlotIndex) # The if should look like this: if (skillGrade == skill.SKILL_GRADE_COUNT) and j == (skill.SKILL_GRADE_COUNT-1): skillPage.SetSlotCountNew(realSlotIndex, skillGrade, skillLevel) elif (not self.__CanUseSkillNow()) or (skillGrade != j): skillPage.SetSlotCount(realSlotIndex, 0) skillPage.DisableCoverButton(realSlotIndex) skillPage.DeactivateSlot(realSlotIndex) # fix else: skillPage.SetSlotCountNew(realSlotIndex, skillGrade, skillLevel) if player.IsSkillActive(slotIndex) and (skillGrade == j): # fix skillPage.ActivateSlot(realSlotIndex)

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