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  1. Sorry, im not really sure how to use it >.<
  2. Hello! I have this daily quest script that works well. It give the player a daily quest based on its level, but the reward its always the same. Someone know how can i make it to give rewards based on the lvl like the "function works" does? Thank you! quest daily_quest begin state start begin when login with pc.getqf('daily_day') ~= tonumber(os.date('%d', os.time())) or pc.getqf('daily_month') ~= tonumber(os.date('%m', os.time())) begin local w,c = {},daily_quest.works() for i = 1, table.getn(c) do if pc.get_level() >= c[i][1] and pc.get_level() <= c[i][2] then table.insert(w,i) end end if table.getn(w) == 0 then chat('Actualmente no hay nuevas misiones!') return end pc.setqf('daily_number', w[number(1,table.getn(w))]) pc.setqf('daily_day', tonumber(os.date('%d', os.time()))) pc.setqf('daily_month', tonumber(os.date('%m', os.time()))) pc.setqf('daily_counter', 0) set_state(daily_run) end end state daily_run begin when letter begin send_letter('Mision Diaria: '..os.date('%A', os.time())) end when button or info begin say("Este es el texto para la mision diaria.") say("") say_reward('Derrotar: '..mob_name(daily_quest.works()[pc.getqf('daily_number')][3])) say_reward('Cantidad: '..daily_quest.works()[pc.getqf('daily_number')][4]..' times') say_reward('Derrotados: '..pc.getqf('daily_counter')) end when kill with npc.get_race() == daily_quest.works()[pc.getqf('daily_number')][3] begin pc.setqf('daily_counter', pc.getqf('daily_counter')+1) if pc.getqf('daily_counter') >= daily_quest.works()[pc.getqf('daily_number')][4] then say('Felicidades, mision completada con exito!') say('Recompensa:') local z = number(1,table.getn(daily_quest.rewards()[1])) say(daily_quest.rewards()[1][z]..' Yang!') pc.change_money(daily_quest.rewards()[1][z]) pc.setqf('daily_counter', 0) pc.setqf('daily_number', 0) clear_letter() set_state(start) end end function rewards() local t = { [1] = {200000}, } return t end function works() local t = { [1] = {1,10,103,100}, [2] = {10,15,110,100}, [3] = {15,20,111,100}, [4] = {20,25,301,100}, [5] = {25,30,301,200}, [6] = {30,35,404,100}, } return t end end end
  3. Just restored my last backup from years ago (lot of memories omg) and found the cities like that. Need to be improved, but it looks good?
  4. Ok soo, it looks like solved. As you told me yesterday on pm; i decid to try using mysql55 instead mysql56. Soo, just followed these instruction: Remove mysql8.x or other if you installed... pkg install mysql55-server rename/delete the default /var/db/mysql folder service mysql-server stop upload and extract the mysql folder to /var/db with tar -xf xymsql.tar.gz ( tar -xf did not work to me. So i used tar -zxvf ) service mysql-server start (after this i had to make a reboot because navicat was showing old data, idk) Also i had to edit ports on client files. Did not touch any ports from server side. Now the serverinfo.py looks like this. PORT_1 = 13002 PORT_2 = 13010 PORT_3 = 13020 PORT_4 = 13030 PORT_AUTH = 11000 PORT_MARK = 13001 By now everything works fine. If want i can make a guide on how to install 40k reference files on a clean VPS. I can write it and send it to you soo you can improve or solve any mistake. Thaanks! Just reinstalled mysql using 55 instead 56. Solved, thank you!
  5. Thanks! I just deleted the .err file and run again the server. Again i had the same problem and the new err file say this. 210928 11:49:35 mysqld_safe mysqld restarted 210928 11:49:54 mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/db/mysql/Metin2Test.pid ended Also just found this topic. He say that the error is solved with service mysql-server restart. But did not work to me. On this topic someone said about this solution. But the topic is from 2015 and im not sure if this solution is outdated.
  6. Sorry, maybe a noob question but now i dont know what to do. just installed the 40k reference files on a VPS and i was able to login in the game. Soo, i done another account and reboot. After that it looks like start fine but the mysql just stop. Even navicat cant enter, if i start the mysql service navicat can connect but the game dont. If i put a wrong account it say that id or password wrong but if i put the admin account it just tell connection error. Ive been looking on syserr and syslog from auth, channel1, db and game99 but nothing really clear.

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