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    In the video there is a pseudo code for the invisible time of attack, might be probably for the shaman attackspeed bug, I had that code since years now, I even forgot about it, probably this why I haven't faced this shaman bug before :D

    		if (m_isMain) // #0000794: [M2KR] Ćú¸®¸đÇÁ - ąë·±˝Ě ą®Á¦ ŸŔÎ °ř°Ýżˇ ŔÇÇŃ ą«Ŕű ŸŔÓŔş °í·ÁÇĎÁö ľĘ°í ŔڽŠ°ř°Ýżˇ ŔÇÇѰ͸¸ ĂĽĹ©ÇŃ´Ů
    			rVictim.m_fInvisibleTime = CTimer::Instance().GetCurrentSecond() + fMAX(c_rAttackData.fInvisibleTime, c_rAttackData.fInvisibleTime / __GetAttackSpeed());


    Literally they have been going through some serious changes, with these kind of modifications, regarding to the late implemented scaling and stuff.

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