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  1. perhaps: Models: Npc, Monster, Pet, Sasches, Hairstyle, Animations, Effects, Tutorials and so on..... by this I mean Npcs, pets, monsters and also weapons and armor Objects: Model, Animations, Effects, Building, Tree's, Tutorials and so on..... this is only about objects that can be placed on the map. Neither npc's nor equipment come in here Package: AIO would be a package here, so there should only be packages to be found. When everyone publishes tutorials in one area, confusion can easily occur.
  2. Hello dear interested parties and hello dear critics, It's been about 1 month since I posted something here, so here's a little update about what I do in my free time, when I have free time. You can read the following text completely or ignore it Here is a small picture of the current Pserver section It's the structure, so come with your ideas. best regards
  3. thank you all guys, and a big thanks to martysama
  4. I never understood why you let clients crash when pictures are missing. The pictures should simply be invisible, and good is. take just the function out where your client crashes if your pictures are not there.
  5. Very good that it was released. We called it AI back then. With a shortcut, we could click on an NPC, monster, or player and then walk with their body and use skills. We used that to use patrols around map1 .. I mean one npc or more that controlled Map1. This system is very useful for a story. We also used it with Pets. For example, we had a dungeon, the entrance of which was very narrow for the players, and so you could "swap bodies" with pet. As a pet you could of course complete the quests or teleport yourself.
  6. i cant update my topic, why?
  7. did you check the format of your .dds file? it's a weird problem now X) it's something else, someone who can python could help. It somehow loads the minimap twice, so maybe it can be that something is not deleted or something. for example, the old minimap.. I don't know.. don't know me about this one so sorry.
  8. In "game/char.cpp" //Search for: // 기본 값들 SetPoint(POINT_MOV_SPEED, 100); SetPoint(POINT_ATT_SPEED, 100); PointChange(POINT_ATT_SPEED, GetPoint(POINT_PARTY_HASTE_BONUS)); SetPoint(POINT_CASTING_SPEED, 100); //change like you want: // 기본 값들 SetPoint(POINT_MOV_SPEED, 200); // 200 move speed SetPoint(POINT_ATT_SPEED, 500); // 500 attack speed PointChange(POINT_ATT_SPEED, GetPoint(POINT_PARTY_HASTE_BONUS)); SetPoint(POINT_CASTING_SPEED, 1000); // league of legends urf mode here you'r. Thanks going to Kyuso /..
  9. can you formulate your problem in a bit different way? I don't get smart from this text.. I am sorry. maybe I can help you better.
  10. And how will it change our lives? when we die, we'll find out what's going on up there. Instead of wasting these billions into such meaningless things, I would rather put my world in order. Whoever celebrates Elon has little brain cell, just like Elon. but back to your question: in the worst case we will be discovered and wiped out.
  11. Ace

    Fishing Map

    so edit the attr

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