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  1. Hello everyone, as the title suggests, I would need not to remove the item but the function or the fact that if you press ALT + CLICK he links the objects in the chat, I'm working on a really old project and I would like to remove it; thanks to those who will be able to help me! Solved, just go in client -> root, open "uiinventory.py" and comment this line, from: elif app.IsPressed(app.DIK_LALT): link = player.GetItemLink(itemSlotIndex) ime.PasteString(link) to: # elif app.IsPressed(app.DIK_LALT): # link = player.GetItemLink(itemSlotIndex) # ime.PasteString(link)
  2. you have to rename the files placed in /usr/metin2/server/share/conf/
  3. i solved it, i had misspelled this file. I post it 100% working, someone might need it [Hidden Content]
  4. do I have to insert the icon folder of your pack inside an .eix / .epk archive? obviously it must be compacted in the icon archive, I solved; if it can help anyone, here it is 100% working GrpTextInstance.cpp link: [Hidden Content]
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to put this system to make it work with this I follow the instructions to the letter but I don't see the emoji, I see this [Hidden Content]
  6. Hello, can you help me? I have this problem: [Hidden Content]
  7. my notepad ++ is not like this! Do you use any plugins?
  8. can you tell me what program you use? Thanks, I solved it thanks to you using visual studio
  9. I introduce myself to everyone, my name is Peppe, I am 22 years old and I have been playing metin2 for about 10 years. I met your forum thanks to TMP4, a beast of a boy-a whom I respect a lot! Hope to make friends with someone else of you! I'm working on a server, entirely made by me and you will be working alone both server-side and client-side, I will publish it in Italian but it is not certain that, if it is successful, it will become an international one! I apologize for my bad English, but I use google translate
  10. Hi everyone, as the title suggests, I need help implementing a bonus switcher in my server! i downloaded this [Hidden Content], i followed the instructions, but it doesn't work. My client blocks at the loading screen; the client releases me this syerr
  11. I love you, you are number one! If you need a hand I'm here; may I ask you where should I put this file? like quest for file 50513 (Stone of Souls)? Ok, in char_skill.cpp! obviously, it works! here it is edited without korean writing, and 100% chance
  12. The scroll says that the skill is successful, but actually the skill sometimes falls and remains at the same level
  13. Hi everyone, I would like to change the probability from the soul stones to 100% success, can you help me? This is my quest:
  14. You can close, in order to add items to the fishing system you must first go to src / game / src and modify the fishing.cpp file, go to line 108, select a facsimile and copy it by modifying the vnum of the item, example: in after go in the file fishing.txt and add a line after this Using a facsimile like: Now, following this table Edit this, with prob max 10000 and - DIFFICULTY + EASILY

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