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  1. I would like to mention here a minor bugfix about the update packets which cause the lags on changing attributes (maybe with manual mouse drag only? dunno). I hope it is visible on the video, if not just test it by yourself. What you need to do with these microlags is easy, just open the interfaceModule.py and there inside the Interface class you will find a function which is the RefreshInventory. Every different window which has refreshable item grid, it runs down from there even if the windows isn't opened. This cause the fps drop which is visible even with human eyes. The solution is, you have to put an (IsShow) if statement before they run down like the way how it looks like on my side: def RefreshInventory(self): self.wndTaskBar.RefreshQuickSlot() if self.wndInventory and self.wndInventory.IsShow(): self.wndInventory.RefreshItemSlot() if app.ENABLE_DRAGON_SOUL_SYSTEM: if self.wndDragonSoul and self.wndDragonSoul.IsShow(): self.wndDragonSoul.RefreshItemSlot() if app.ENABLE_EXTEND_INVEN_SYSTEM and app.ENABLE_SEPARATED_EXTEND_INVEN_WINDOW: if self.wndInventoryEx and self.wndInventoryEx.IsShow(): self.wndInventoryEx.RefreshItemSlot() if app.ENABLE_MOVE_COSTUME_ATTR or app.ENABLE_MOVE_SASH_ATTR: if app.GetMoveAttrWindowOpen(): if self.wndItemCombination and self.wndItemCombination.IsShow(): self.wndItemCombination.RefreshCombSlotWindow() if app.ENABLE_SHOULDER_SASH_SYSTEM: if player.GetAcceRefineWindowOpen(): if self.wndAcce and self.wndAcce.IsShow(): self.wndAcce.RefreshAcceWindow() if app.ENABLE_CHANGE_LOOK_SYSTEM: if player.GetChangeLookWindowOpen(): if self.wndChangeLook and self.wndChangeLook.IsShow(): self.wndChangeLook.RefreshChangeLookWindow() if self.wndAttr67Add and self.wndAttr67Add.IsShow(): self.wndAttr67Add.RefreshAttr67Window() if app.ENABLE_AURA_SYSTEM: if player.IsAuraRefineWindowOpen(): if self.wndAura and self.wndAura.IsShow(): self.wndAura.RefreshAuraWindow()
  2. GF v21.4.1 Patch (Metin2 Download) Contains: root-meta, dumped binary, protos. 2021 Halloween costumes w/ weapons, pet, mount. New dungeon map, monsters, minigame gui assets. All files are unpacked in a folder.
  3. It depends. Shall we need the functionality of the ALT in the game to change the quickslot page and show the names around our character when the window is opened or not? Due the fact the keydown process is not executing during the change, I think the best solution is to block the keyup function too when the board is opened. Ofc it need some checks too, although the keychange processed with the OnKeyDown function.
  4. I just discovered a small bug with the OnKeyDown function in python which is there even on the official servers too. It will never execute the binary side OnKeyDown with the ALT key when the KeySettingBoard is opened. Howover the OnKeyUp always executes. So the quickslot paging will be decreased all the time when you hit the ALT key.
  5. @Draveniou1 Apparently you have no clue what I was talking about neither how this process works, and how it can be exploited. As I can see @TMP4 was faster to answer, and explained my point of view.
  6. Basically it just blocks the clientside popup message, right? So if I send the packet anyway, the players whom are showing the items going to get screwed up.
  7. BR Patch 28.09.2021 (Metin2 Download) Contains:
  8. On the official there are no differences between left and right shift, alt nor ctrl. All of them are bound to left+key. In your code I've seen you made it for both, but in the locale files there are no reference to them.
  9. Nice . If I know well (not sure, but) on the official it stores the attributes when the player get kicked or warped or whatever, on the next login the window will show up again like the luckybox. I've done it like that way, even when shutdown or reboot happens. Even if this isn't the official way, it's a player friendly feature.
  10. BR Patch 07.09.2021 (Metin2 Download) GF v21.3.7.0 Patch (Metin2 Download)
  11. It's a very nice feature, I've done this as well couple of years ago. Keep it up
  12. GF v21.2.10.0 Patch (Metin2 Download) Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, protos(out of date, types/values will be checked later). 2021 Summer costumes, new pet. All files are unpacked in a folder.
  13. Thanks for share, here are some missing ones. Ship Defense (Hydra) Chinese Zodiac Temple (12zi) Elemental Realm Plateau of Illusions Conquerors of Yohara Curse of the Serpent Queen Legend of the White Dragon Dawn of the Lycans
  14. GF v21.2.8.0 Patch (Metin2 Download) Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, protos(out of date, types/values will be checked later) New map with dungeon and monsters, npcs, objects. New weapons, pet(2x textures), new mount. All files are unpacked in a folder. Demo.

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