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  1. Dear metin2.dev community, such a text, as it will follow here now, is absolutely not my strength. So please excuse some shortcomings. It has been more than three years since I joined the team as an administrator. In these three years a lot has happened. Be it the changes that we have made to the forum since then, or the developments that Gameforge has made regarding the private servers, or your participation in the Metin2 underground (especially this community). I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who, whether on metin2.dev or any other forum, have helped to advance the underground. You are great people, keep it that way! I'd also like to thank everyone I've dealt with in the past and who've worked hard to create something good out of all this nonsense, no matter if it were own projects or the participation in a common cause like for example metin2.dev But now is the time for me to move on. After a lot of years passed by, got to know a lot of people and gaining experience in different fields i quit metin2. There are still some things planned for the future on metin2.dev, which hopefully will be released in the future too. So be curious about everything that's coming. A first corresponding step has already been taken with the Discord. For everything else, @DevChuckNorris and @Raylee will serve you with their best, as always. Maybe we run into each other from time to time. Until then, with sincere thanks, pollux
  2. pollux


    @Koray Other known accounts: - Sanction: banned indefinitely Reasons: scamming
  3. You did not. Enable this and re-check your file:
  4. Gib mir noch 2 Wochen und ich hab ne bessere KD als du in Black Squad ❤️

  5. When it comes to working with source code files (C++, LUA, Python) you will encounter a situation where you want to compare files. To help you comparing files there are two tools which we can recommend for that: Beyond Compare With Beyond Compare you are able to compare files and folders and easily find any mismatches. But you have to install another program to use it. Notepad++ Compare Plugin If you already have notepad++ installed, the compare plugin comes in handy. (Thanks to @Johnny69 for this recommendation.)
  6. Dear members, there are a few new features that we would like to tell you about: 1) metin2.dev Discord Server Yeah, you heard right. We now also have a Discord server! After we received many requests concerning this, we decided to open the Discord Server. You can join it under the following link: https://discord.metin2.dev/ - Please note that ALL FOUR STEPS are necessary to get the corresponding ranks on the server (and to see some more channels). 2) FAQ section Last week we started the section "Frequently Asked Questions". This section will gradually be filled with a series of guides that will make it easier for beginners to create their own server. We as the metin2.dev team have already started with some small things and are now happy about contributions from the community - from you! This contribution can be an already existing topic in the forum or a completely new contribution. Please note that we want to establish a certain quality standard in the FAQ and thus qualify all text and instructions individually. So either send us a private message with your contribution or the link to the corresponding topic and we will include it in our FAQ if it meets our standards. 3) New Rank: Honorable Member metin2.dev has been online for almost 7 years now. During this time some releases and tutorials have been collected. In order to honour those who stand out from the crowd and are not in debt, we have introduced the new rank 'Honorable Member' some time ago and look again and again, which of our members has earned this rank - maybe you are next soon! The first three members to receive this rank are: - @.plechito' - @martysama0134 - @xP3NG3Rx Who looks at the contributions of these persons, will notice fast, on which we set value on. 4) metin2.dev private bin We now have a private bin. PrivateBin is a minimalist, open source online pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES. Also file uploads are possible. You're free to use it at it is. You can find it at https://metin2.dev/bin/ Thank you for being part of metin2.dev and making this a great place every day! Sincerely, pollux & the metin2.dev team
  7. How do I install the world editor? - created by @Raylee - - 1: Download the WorldEditor ReMIX: - 2: Create on your D:\ Drive a folder named "ymir work" and place the Downloadfiles there. - 3: Copy the following files from your client in the "ymir work" folder: - 3.1: It should look like that: - 4: Unpack the following files from your client and put it in your "ymir work" folder: - 4.1: If you unpack the files, be sure that you take the right folder! Example: pack\effect\ymir work\effect - 4.2: It should look like that: - 5: Create in your "tree"-folder a new folder named "shye" and in there a new folder named "officials". After you are done, copy all your .spt files from "tree" in your new "shye"->"officials" folder. - 5.1: It should look like that: - 5: If you want to see your character in the WorldEditor add following things. - 5.1: It should look like that: For rendering/refresh all objects + shadows: First press the "T" key to make sure your camera is alligned at the angle where it captures the whole world. Then press the "F6" key to re-render the minimap and shadows - 5: Create in your "tree"-folder a new folder named "shye" and in there a new folder named "officials". After you are done, copy all your .spt files from "tree" in your new "shye"->"officials" folder. - 5.1: It should look like that: This is not needed anymore.. I tested it actually and it worked fine without do the "shye" modification. Now you should have everything together to run the "WorldEditorRemix_MfcRelease_v34.exe"! Don't forget to take a look in the WorldEditor.txt textfile for further informations. You can read there a lot of useful informations.
  8. Which programming languages do i need to start a private server? Quests: LUA ( + common quest functions) Database (MySQL / MariaDB): SQL Source Code (Server & Client): C++ UI / Client: Python 2.7 Website: PHP 7+, HTML, CSS, Javascript Tools (e.g. a Patcher): C#
  9. There are a bunch of tools you need to work on your private server. This is only an overview. If you want to know how to work with these programs please use google. There are a lot of tutorials out there. Please notice: Some of these programs do need a valid license which you have to buy. Yes, there are cracks on the internet but sometimes it's worth the money. You decide! Filetransfer (FTP / SFTP) Managing your server (console, ssh) Managing your database (MySQL / MariaDB) Working on text files (there are a lot of them in your sever) Working on image files (there are a lot of them in your client) Oh, one advice at the end: If you want an easy solution on how to install all these programs you just should have a look on [Hidden Content].
  10. This is a list of 680 functions you can use in your quests. And you can create your own if you have knowledge of C++ and the sourcecode. addimage addmapsignal add_bgm_info add_goto_info add_ox_quiz affecr.remove_all_collect affect.add affect.add_collect affect.add_collect_point affect.add_hair affect.remove affect.remove_bad affect.remove_collect affect.remove_good affect.remove_hair arena.add_map arena.add_observer arena.get_duel_list arena.is_in_arena arena.start_duel ba.start block_chat bool_to_str building.get_land_id building.get_land_info building.has_land building.reconstruct building.set_land_owner BuildSkillList CancelTimerEvent char_log chat clearmapsignal cleartimer clear_letter clear_named_timer clear_server_timer cmdchat color command complete_quest complete_quest_state confirm d.check_eliminated d.clear_regen d.count_monster d.exit d.exit_all d.exit_all_to_start_position d.getf d.get_kill_mob_count d.get_kill_stone_count d.get_map_index d.is_unique_dead d.is_use_potion d.join d.jump_all d.jump_all_local d.kill_all d.kill_unique d.new_jump d.new_jump_all d.notice d.purge d.purge_unique d.regen_file d.revived d.select d.setf d.setqf d.set_dest d.set_exit_all_at_eliminate d.set_regen_file d.set_unique d.set_warp_at_eliminate d.spawn d.spawn_goto_mob d.spawn_group d.spawn_mob d.spawn_move_group d.spawn_move_unique d.spawn_name_mob d.spawn_stone_door d.spawn_unique d.spawn_wooden_door d.unique_get_hp_perc d.unique_set_def_grade d.unique_set_hp d.unique_set_maxhp dance.event_go_home delay dl.startRaid dragonlair.startRaid dungeon-set_quest_flag dungeon.all_near_to dungeon.check_eliminated dungeon.clear_regen dungeon.count_monster dungeon.exit dungeon.exit_all dungeon.get_flag dungeon.get_kill_mob_count dungeon.get_kill_stone_count dungeon.get_map_index dungeon.is_unique_dead dungeon.is_use_potion dungeon.join dungeon.jump_all dungeon.kill_all dungeon.kill_unique dungeon.new_jump dungeon.new_jump_all dungeon.notice dungeon.purge dungeon.purge_unique dungeon.regen_file dungeon.revived dungeon.select dungeon.set_dest dungeon.set_exit_all_at_eliminate dungeon.set_flag dungeon.set_regen_file dungeon.set_unique dungeon.set_warp_at_eliminate dungeon.spawn dungeon.spawn_goto_mob dungeon.spawn_group dungeon.spawn_mob dungeon.spawn_move_group dungeon.spawn_move_unique dungeon.spawn_stone_door dungeon.spawn_unique dungeon.spawn_wooden_door dungeon.unique_get_hp_perc dungeon.unique_set_def_grade dungeon.unique_set_hp dungeon.unique_set_maxhp empire.info enable_over9refine end.oxevent find_npc_by_vnum find_pc find_pc_by_name find_pc_cond fish_real_refine_rod forked.getbosskillcount forked.getdeadcount forked.getlevellimit forked.getpassmapindex forked.getpassmapindexbyempire forked.getpasspath forked.getpasspathbyempire forked.getpassstartposx forked.getpassstartposy forked.getsungzimapindex forked.getsungziposx forked.getsungziposy forked.get_dead_count forked.get_pass_path_by_empire forked.get_pass_start_pos forked.get_sungzi_start_pos forked.incbosskillcount forked.init forked.initforked forked.initkillcount forked.initmobkillcount forked.init_kill_count_per_empire forked.isforkedmapindex forked.issungzimapindex forked.is_forked_mapindex forked.is_registered_user forked.is_sungzi_mapindex forked.pass_mapindex_by_empire forked.pass_mapindex_by_empire forked.purge_all_monsters forked.register_user forked.setdeadcount forked.set_dead_count forked.sungzi_mapindex forked.sungzi_start_pos forked.warp_all_in_map frog.to_empire_money game.drop_item game.drop_item_with_ownership game.get_event_flag game.get_guild_name game.get_safebox_level game.get_warp_guild_war_list game.open_mall game.open_safebox game.request_make_guild game.set_event_flag game.set_safebox_level game.web_mall getnpcid get_empire_privilege get_empire_privilege_string get_global_time get_guildid_byname get_guild_privilege get_guild_privilege_string get_locale get_locale_base_path get_quest_state get_server_timer_arg get_time give_char_privilege give_empire_privilege give_guild_privilege goldbar.quest guild.around_ranking_string guild.change_master guild.change_master_with_limit guild.get_any_war guild.get_ladder_point guild.get_member_count guild.get_name guild.get_rank guild.get_reserve_war_table guild.get_warp_war_list guild.high_ranking_string guild.is_bet guild.is_war guild.level guild.name guild.war_bet guild.war_enter highscore.register highscore.show horse.advance horse.feed horse.get_grade horse.get_health horse.get_health_pct horse.get_hp horse.get_level horse.get_name horse.get_stamina horse.get_stamina_pct horse.is_dead horse.is_mine horse.is_riding horse.revive horse.ride horse.set_level horse.set_name horse.summon horse.unride horse.unsummon input is_test_server item.can_over9refine item.change_to_over9 item.get_cell item.get_count item.get_id item.get_level item.get_name item.get_over9_material_vnum item.get_refine_vnum item.get_size item.get_socket item.get_sub_type item.get_type item.get_value item.get_vnum item.has_flag item.next_refine_vnum item.over9refine item.remove item.select item.select_cell item.set_socket item_log item_name kill_all_in_map left_image loop_timer makequestbutton marriage.divorce_time_check marriage.end_wedding marriage.engage_to marriage.find_married_vid marriage.get_married_time marriage.get_wedding_list marriage.in_my_wedding marriage.join_wedding marriage.marry_to marriage.remove marriage.set_to_marriage marriage.warp_to_my_marriage_map marriage.wedding_client_command marriage.wedding_dark marriage.wedding_is_playing_music marriage.wedding_music marriage.wedding_snow math.ceil math.floor math.max math.min math.mod math.random member.chat member.clear_ready member.set_ready mgmt.monarch_change_lord mgmt.monarch_state mob.spawn mob.spawn_group mob_name mob_vnum monarch.bless monarch.defenseup monarch.defenseup_event monarch.notice monarch.powerup monarch.powerup_event monarch.transfer monarch.transfer2 monarch.transfer2_event monarch.warp next_time_is_now next_time_set notice notice_all notice_in_map npc.dec_remain_hairdye_count npc.dec_remain_skill_book_count npc.getrace npc.get_empire npc.get_guild npc.get_race npc.get_remain_hairdye_count npc.get_remain_skill_book_count npc.is_near npc.is_near_vid npc.is_pc npc.is_quest npc.kill npc.lock npc.open_shop npc.purge npc.unlock npc_get_job npc_is_same_empire npc_is_same_job number oh.candidacy oh.candidacycount oh.candidacy_list oh.candidacy_name oh.election oh.frog_to_empire_money oh.isguildmaster oh.ismonarch oh.monarchbless oh.monarchdefenseup oh.monarchpowerup oh.notice oh.spawnguard oh.spawnmob oh.takemonarchmoney os.date os.execute os.time oxevent.close oxevent.end_event oxevent.end_event_force oxevent.get_attender oxevent.get_status oxevent.give_item oxevent.open oxevent.quiz party.chat party.clear_ready party.getf party.get_flag party.get_max_level party.get_near_count party.is_leader party.is_party party.run_cinematic party.setf party.setqf party.set_flag party.set_quest_flag party.show_cinematic party.syschat pc.aggregate_monster pc.can_warp pc.changealignment pc.changegold pc.changemoney pc.change_alignment pc.change_empire pc.change_gold pc.change_money pc.change_name pc.change_sex pc.change_sp pc.clear_one_skill pc.clear_skill pc.clear_sub_skill pc.countitem pc.count_item pc.dec_skill_point pc.delqf pc.del_quest_flag pc.destroy_guild pc.diamond_refine pc.enough_inventory pc.forget_my_attacker pc.getarmor pc.getcurrentmapindex pc.getempire pc.getf pc.getgold pc.getguild pc.gethp pc.getleadership pc.getmaxhp pc.getmaxsp pc.getmoney pc.getname pc.getplaytime pc.getqf pc.getsp pc.getweapon pc.getx pc.gety pc.get_account pc.get_account_id pc.get_alignment pc.get_another_quest_flag pc.get_armor pc.get_change_empire_count pc.get_channel_id pc.get_dx pc.get_empire pc.get_empty_inventory_count pc.get_equip_refine_level pc.get_exp pc.get_flag pc.get_gm_level pc.get_gold pc.get_guild pc.get_horse_hp pc.get_horse_level pc.get_horse_stamina pc.get_hp pc.get_ht pc.get_iq pc.get_job pc.get_leadership pc.get_level pc.get_local_x pc.get_local_y pc.get_logoff_interval pc.get_map_index pc.get_max_hp pc.get_max_sp pc.get_money pc.get_name pc.get_next_exp pc.get_part pc.get_player_id pc.get_playtime pc.get_premium_remain_sec pc.get_quest_flag pc.get_race pc.get_real_alignment pc.get_sex pc.get_skill_group pc.get_skill_level pc.get_skill_point pc.get_socket_items pc.get_sp pc.get_special_ride_vnum pc.get_st pc.get_start_location pc.get_vid pc.get_war_map pc.get_weapon pc.get_x pc.get_y pc.give_exp pc.give_exp2 pc.give_exp_perc pc.give_gold pc.give_item pc.give_item2 pc.give_item_from_special_item_group pc.give_lotto pc.give_or_drop_item pc.give_polymorph_book pc.give_poly_marble pc.hasguild pc.has_guild pc.has_master_skill pc.have_map_scroll pc.have_pos_scroll pc.in_dungeon pc.isguildmaster pc.is_clear_skill_group pc.is_dead pc.is_engaged pc.is_engaged_or_married pc.is_gm pc.is_guild_master pc.is_horse_alive pc.is_married pc.is_monarch pc.is_mount pc.is_near_vid pc.is_polymorphed pc.is_riding pc.is_skill_book_no_delay pc.learn_grand_master_skill pc.mining pc.mount pc.mount_bonus pc.ore_refine pc.pc_attract_ranger pc.polymorph pc.refine_equip pc.removeitem pc.remove_from_guild pc.remove_item pc.remove_polymorph pc.remove_skill_book_no_delay pc.reset_point pc.reset_status pc.revive_horse pc.save_exit_location pc.select pc.select_pid pc.select_vid pc.send_block_mode pc.set.skill_level pc.setf pc.setqf pc.set_another_quest_flag pc.set_change_empire_count pc.set_flag pc.set_part pc.set_quest_flag pc.set_skillgroup pc.set_skill_group pc.set_skill_level pc.set_warp_location pc.set_warp_location_local pc.teleport pc.unmount pc.upgrade_polymorph_book pc.warp pc.warp_exit pc.warp_local pc.warp_to_guild_war_observer_position pc_find_skill_teacher_vid pc_find_square_guard_vid pc_get_exp_bonus pc_get_village_map_index pc_is_novice purge_area q.done q.getcurrentquestindex q.no_send q.setstate q.set_clock q.set_clock_name q.set_clock_value q.set_counter q.set_counter_name q.set_counter_value q.set_icon q.set_quest_state q.set_state q.set_title q.set_title2 q.start q.yield quest.done quest.no_send quest.setstate quest.set_another_title quest.set_clock_name quest.set_clock_value quest.set_counter_name quest.set_counter_value quest.set_icon_file quest.set_title quest.start quest_create_server_timer_event quest_create_timer_event quest_server_timer_event quest_timer_event raw_script refine_pick regen_in_map RegisterMonarchFunctionTable resetdelay restart_quest say ScriptToString select select_item select_table send_letter send_letter_ex server_loop_timer server_timer setbgimage setcolor say_color setdelay setleftimage setmapcenterposition say_size setskin setstate set_named_loop_timer set_named_timer set_quest_state set_server_loop_timer set_server_timer set_skin set_state set_timer show_horse_menu skill_group_dialog spawn.guard spawn.mob spawn_mob string.format string.len syschat syserr syslog sys_log table.foreach table.foreachi table.getn table.insert table.remove table_get_random_item takemonarchmoney target.clear target.delete target.id target.npc target.pc target.pos target.vid test_chat timer time_hour_to_sec time_min_to_sec time_to_str tonumber top_image tostring type under_han wait warp_all_in_area_to_area warp_all_in_map warp_all_to_map_event warp_all_to_map_my_empire_event warp_all_to_village warp_all_to_village_event warp_all_to_village_except_my_empire warp_to_village __fish_real_refine_rod __get_empire_priv_string __get_guildid_byname __get_guild_priv_string __give_char_priv __give_empire_priv __give_guild_priv __refine_pick
  11. Welcome to metin2.dev! We're currently working on a discord server. Stay tuned!
  12. This doesn't matter in the end. And even if it does, you still used the client and all the resources (sounds, models and so on).
  13. Getting something from a thief also doesn't make you the new owner. Neither changing most of it. If you think like that, you are - and sorry that i have to state this out - a little bit dumb (or naive).
  14. So stealing a car and painting it in another color makes it legally your car? ?

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