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  1. LOCALE_ERROR in syserr?? Keep the text, fgrep it and lets' fix the zone where is the chatpacket usage or at least show us. We're not chineses to understand the text XD
  2. Amazing idea! Thx you. Let's use more constants and new c++ btw.
  3. char_horse.cpp questlua_pc.cpp for mounts questlua_horse.cpp for LUA calls Be careful to /horse_summon
  4. Like bonus to increase the power of arch attack with "range power". Make a new bonus, go in char_skill, manipulate the range variable by increasing with newbonus. Idk now exactly all need to do, but I think is the most easy solution.
  5. You can't easily, there is the range constant on the skill_proto. You should make a new bonus and use it in the char_skill to increase the sql value.
  6. Change: char name[MAXNAMLEN + 1]; to char name[512]; char dir[128]; to char dir[256]; Idk why you're getting these warning, need other infos btw try to do what compiler said upgrading the sizes.
  7. Can you please post the whole file on pastebin so we can check lines and functions. You show us void log_file_delete_old (const char* filename) but seems different in the compiler. Need log_file_rotate() too
  8. char name[255 + 1]; The other warning there is not code ...
  9. 3 Like official, you don't need to work for remove
  10. Worth. When you have a problem in your life, comment it.
  11. WeedHex

    Pick up distance

    Korean shits... PythonPlayerInput.cpp DWORD CPythonPlayer::__GetPickableDistance() { CInstanceBase * pkInstMain = NEW_GetMainActorPtr(); if (pkInstMain) if (pkInstMain->IsMountingHorse()) return 500; return 300; } + item.cpp could be enough
  12. //Basic attack value from weapon if (pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[3] + pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[4] > 0) //Basic magic attack value from weapon if (pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[1] + pkItemAbsorbed->alValues[2] > 0) Item_proto weapons: VALUE0 = empty VALUE1 = MIN MAGIC ATTACK VALUE2 =MAX MAGIC ATTACK VALUE3 = MIN ATTACK VALUE VALUE4 = MAX ATTACK VALUE VALUE5 = ADDEND TO INCREASE VALUE Use brain that god gave you, thanks.
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