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Community Answers

  1. If you run gmake it will only compile files you have modified, not everything from the beginning if file dates aren’t fucked up - ya smart boi
  2. Unfortunately, many users don't know how to use crypto I see some servers using e-payouts or paygol (I also see some minecraft server using them) I was able to find this:
  3. I want to integrate new payment gateways in my CMS so I'm running this quick poll. Which payment gateways are you using to accept payments for your server? Many payment gateways do not accept game servers because they are considered high risk business.
  4. Maybe some item is missing in the item list?
  5. I can say that probably the bug is in uitooltip.py
  6. I tried this in the past, it doesn't support FreeBSD at the moment
  7. when 9003.chat."Warp me" begin if not pc.can_warp() then say("Please wait 10 seconds before teleporting") return end say("You need this item...") rest of your quest here... end You need to use the function pc.can_warp()
  8. You can use the lua function notice_all notice_all("message")
  9. Are you using martysama files? Here is the fix:
  10. Do you have the same values on your mob_proto? What is the value of dam_multiply column?
  11. I know that it can be improved. I didn't put much effort in it and C++ isn't my cup of tea. Everyone is free to take this code as a working base and improve it according to his needs

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