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  1. Due the loss of backup or whatever is happened, here are the last patches: GF v20.4.9 Whole client GF v20.4.9 Metadata GF v20.4.10 Patch
  2. I have found a reference long time ago. PythonPlayerSkill.cpp > CPythonPlayer::__ProcessEnemySkillTargetRange:
  3. ? Btw, whom have more sockets they should know if they use an external addon that is different and doesn't compatible with their codes, so they need to change it. This is a rule on every each addon.
  4. Useless or not I don't mind, the code is there in the public source as in the official binary still, as you can see on the picture so I just put it there too. Btw the metin2 private server owners or devs are not rocket scientists, so they don't really know which packet is in used neither which is not, oh yeah they don't even care them .
  5. Hello, Small performance snippet from the official binary after some reverse engineering. I did not make huge tests, but it seems just fine for me, if you have any problem, let me know in comment below. 1.) Get rid of every __LoadMap function + calls from the introLoading.py file. Also you can completly remove the function net.Warp as well. 2.) Modify the following functions in the CPythonNetworkStreamPhaseLoading.cpp this way: bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvMainCharacter() { // [..] Add to the bottom the Warp function Warp(MainChrPacket.lX, MainCh
  6. Start with the basics to learn the logic behind of programming, exercise a lot, without basics you can do nothing. Don't jump into the deep water if you can't swim.
  7. Revert the codes back and don't do what you don't understand.
  8. Yo' folks! Here is a small gui extension from the official v20.4.0 binary, which is kinda trash, but can be useful for some guis to point out some stuffs. Webzen finally started to use their old codes, this is one of they have never used before. Preview: Animation is not binary sided, it's via python, the testScript.py is attached, the injection is on you, there are many examples how to test a script, there are also many loaders to it. Have fun, Download
  9. BR v20.4.0 whole client. Contents/news: root+meta, locale+protos, useless dumped binary for RE/debug Battle Royale assets. Challenge Minigame assets - Stone, Paper, Scissors game ps.: I just wanted to put the patches only, but the patcher rewrote the attributes of the new files(dates and so on) so I didn't know which files have been updated. edit:
  10. It depends how you want to do it, mixed with items you want to place for sale and some items for showcase only, or all the items are just for showcase. Both ways are possible, but you can wait until 2038 that somebody will code it for you especially for free ?. The principle of operation can be simple or complex, depends how you code it. Basically the best option is when you set an extra variable for every each item, that it is sellable or not, then block the buy function on those items where that flag has been set. Also you can mark those items on clientside, to let
  11. I would recommend to extend the function with a hint as well then when the problem is fixed revert the codes back to the original. By the way this SelectItem sometimes messes up some codes, as you can see in the official codes about the sashes, you need to select an another item(the drained) to query some informations about that, then to not mess up the rest of the codes what comes after the external function call, you need to select the original vnum back after you are done. This is just an example about the weakness of the SelectItem function, highly possible none of you are
  12. GF v20.3.4 patch. Contents: root+dump, locales+protos, useless dumped binary for debug/RE only Reworked FindM event implemented Other unknown modifications
  13. On a well managed server this cannot happen. Players are not able to get polymorph item with empty sockets. Anyways, better to make sure about it, thanks for your comment.
  14. I wish I could understand your problem, really.
  15. Anyone who made this, he/she has to stop, and find another hobby.
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