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  1. Who doesn't have the OnOverIn / OnOverOut here are the functions and declarations of them:
  2. Just remove the scale, is not necessary anyway.
  3. @xxxEroSxxx Seems legit if you say so. Did you just register to spit here because you failed to break it or what?
  4. Wow! This was on my endless TODO List, now it's done, so cool, thank you!
  5. That is not stable yet, so it is not included. I have to make lot of checks, fixes about it.
  6. I assume you bought this system, so you shouldn't show the code here, you should talk to the person who made the system. Probably the error is on serverside, and not clientside. Check the server syserr/syslog of the current channel you are on and the database too. It might be when you logout the server doesn't save the state of the emotions into the database. I recommend to remove the code what you pasted here, it has nothing about your problem anyway.
  7. Hello everybody. I was not planned to offer this for sale neither to release it, but couple of persons were asking for it and since it seems to be stable for a month now it is on a live server, so here it is. As you all know there are some visual problems with the sashes on tall mounts or with the motion of die, with this they are gone forever. Some examples: I am offering the sash scaling+positioning together with character/mob/npc/pet aka world-scaling for 50€ If you need the scaling expanded onto effects too, that is +20€. Implementation + 10€. Discord: dotpngr#3873 Be specific with your message you are sending to me, and at least if you don't speak english well let me know at the beginning, usually I don't reply to the "i need system i pay" kind of messages. Also, my laptop is online 24/7, even when I am not in front of it I am online, this doesn't mean that I am available too.
  8. Sure. https://mega.nz/#!v84kQKLa!I6Vx20dRZZ-AV-Bz0fETAZd_xlVwQ-XExtLf6_0Dsss ymir work\effect\etc\soul\
  9. Where the hell should we know how the code looks like what you are trying to add? description = description(float(value)) But.. This code expects a variable in the description of the affect. Which means if the description of the affect supposed to print out the value then you have to set the SA as the 3rd token, otherwise SNA must be there. But to figure out which affect number generates this error, you need to debug it, or print the affect number out when the error occurs. If this system has a new affect and its description is like this: TOOLTIP_DS_SET_AFFECT blablabla You need to add SNA: TOOLTIP_DS_SET_AFFECT blablabla SNA
  10. It seems you don't have the interface bound into the ExpandedMoneyTaskBar class. Search this line in the interfaceModule.py: "self.wndExpandedMoneyTaskBar.LoadWindow()" and add below this: self.wndExpandedMoneyTaskBar.BindInterface(self) Then open the uiTaskBar.py and put the following line into the ExpandedMoneyTaskBar.__init__ function: self.interface = None Last the following function anywhere inside the ExpandedMoneyTaskBar class: def BindInterface(self, interface): from _weakref import proxy self.interface = proxy(interface) But I don't get it, how did you get 'Interface' instead of 'interface'.

    1. WeedHex


      Nice effects and design, well done.

  12. Very nice picture, I think I am going to use it as my desktop wallpaper, thank you.
  13. Recommended. Trustful person, professional code left behind. The best anti cheat system so far.
  14. Nice and useful, would be more nice with scaling. Rubinum gives some new ideas, doesn't it?
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