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  1. This isn't the best solution against it. You just messed with your clients who already bought it from you. You should not make business from this with this behavior.
  2. v20.1.3 Locales + Protos root(msm+txt files) + dumped metadata w/ builtins New mounts, new costumes Some new gui elements for the upcoming new skills
  3. I did post already about this here: At the official the numbers in the txt file are the scale values there, multiplied with 0.01f and there the scale goes. I modified a bit the client to show you what I mean: (ehehe somebody tried to steal my nickname ) Right now the positions of the sashes are calculated by c++ as you can see on the pseudo code above.
  4. v20.0.6 root & builtins are dumped protos are dumped into 2 formats, fixxed flags, extended applies I didn't do deep check into the whole packs what metin2team released, but couple of files are missing from the packs.
  5. Will be released in the next few days. I didn't have time to finish the installation guide yet.
  6. Yes they did, but diffent way.
  7. v19.6.15 Valentine update New pet with 2 textures New sash locales with protos In the item_proto.txt there is a false tabulator character as '\T' instead of '\t', a simple replace in file solves it. In the item_proto_my.txt there are missing from the header line the applytype3 and applyvalue3 field names. It will be solved whenever I wil have the time for that.
  8. I thought the same at first I've read his bullshit painted message. As he sold his shit for hundred thousands of dollar now he can open a kebab-stand and be unique. Better to not answer to him, just ignore like all of the idiots must be ignored. Like this:
  9. This why I said not the best solution. I would tell to the IME let me input key chars near the numbers. Aka SetNumberMode2
  10. Why are you addicted to quest? I don't get it I didn't want to open any quest for this, this why I put the description on the gui, without description the players would do stupid things and complain after. When you accept the exchange, a question dialog appears to confirm the action how much won you would like to sell or buy for how much yang. I understand your point too, I prefer horizontal view, you do prefer the vertical, it's not a problem, the function supposed to work, later you can redesign the dialog however you want. Meantime I've got a bit wider taskbar button set from @Tatsumaru which is look like this: If it isn't against him, I'm gonna share both design. The thinner and the wider too.
  11. I wrote it deliberately like this way to avoid the quest. Btw, is there any function to the warehouse keeper on private servers still? Also faster if you can open it anywhere you are, you don't need to get to the npc to do the exchange tho.
  12. Hey y'all. Question has been given, let me know.
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