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  1. GF v21.1.3.0 patch Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, protos New chat filter GUI resources New pet, new costume(Ramadan) + Hairstyle All files unpacked in a folder Soon comes the Looting System resources. Well.. They are so geniuses.
  2. @klars99 Oh, I forgot that those are also new stuffs. #Updated
  3. A small update has been added to the the first post.
  4. BR v21.1.1.0 Patch Contents: root-meta, dumped binary some extra informations about the upcoming features inside the binary, uiscript and meta. GF v21.0.8 Full Client - AllInOne
  5. GF v21.0.8 Patch (Full client) Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, locales with protos new monsters, maps, dungeon, armors, 2021 easter costumes and mount the package contains the separated folders(m00xxx) and the unpacked files together in one folder.
  6. Hmm.... Except the network usage at every activate deck, it seems good.
  7. Did you just linked the author of the adjustment, didn't you? As far as I know this one has not been released yet, however it isn't hard to code it.
  8. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello everyone. Yesterday @Doonqa asked me if I could reverse this function of the game from the official binary. Known fact these functions are necessary and obligatory for the multilanguage systems and I have them since years ago, here they are. Download Edit: I have found something related to the arabic codepage, so I just post it here: <! It has not been tested. !> Any problem appears, comment box is down below ⬇ Cheers!
  9. Those have not got leaked until now. You can use some informations from the dump I used to add to the official packs and some exercise to make it done how it is working.
  10. Do you have the ThinBoardCircle class in your ui.py file?
  11. After couple of requests and a bit of reverse engineering here is the snippet for the new appearance of level, if you need it.
  12. GF v20.6.5 Patch Contents: Locales with decrypted protos root+meta, uiscript, dumped binary About the protos: I'm not sure if the structs are 100% right because I did not find any reference in the binary about the new values but here are the changes I found: Item proto: Sockets increased to 6 from 3 | Added elemental refine element values Mob proto: Definetely unsure, sungmahee stats and exp, reorganised raceflags string arMRFVRaceFlag[] = { "ANIMAL", "UNDEAD", "DEVIL", "HUMAN", "ORC", "MILGYO", "INSECT", "DESERT", "TREE", "DECO", "HIDE",
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