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It's time to go?!

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In 2009, began my incredible adventure in the wonderful world of Metin2. However, after 14 years, my desire and my motivation have diminished... As the owner of French and international communities on Metin2, I must be clear and transparent with you about my intentions for the future.

Throughout these years, I have evolved as a member, engineer, moderator, administrator or even owner of these communities. I developed and created to bring them to life, and to make these forums friendly and quality places. My main success is in particular the automatic downloading of screenshots on the storage server (Topic) and the systematic backup of shares (Topic) (Manual...).

Today, I'm tired and I no longer have this motivation, I no longer want to manage these communities in such an active way. Indeed, for several months now, I have been forcing myself to offer you new features and updates in order to remain an active community.



The communities aren't intended to be closed, at least as long as advertising earnings, subscriptions and donations will pay for the server and the domain names. This could be the case when the communities will be in deficit.



As you may have understood, I'm withdrawing from the frontal management of these communities and I will mainly maintain them technically in order to no longer be in the foreground. Indeed, the frontal and social management of communities no longer motivates me. I have more fun developing a Discord bot or developing a download platform, a platform referencing Metin2 private servers than managing entire communities. Allowing me to take a break and take a step back from it all.

In order to compensate for this absence, I would like to recruit an administrator (Topic) with a similar mindset (I insist, it’s important...). Thus, this administrator will also be able to develop and maintain communities and propose a new vision of communities (This doesn't mean that I give the domain name and all access). I will be there to support, give my opinion, advice in order to best manage these communities together. If no one is interested, too bad... Like a flame, communities will go out as soon as they run out of oxygen.

If you are motivated and interested, contact me on Discord and we can discuss the terms. This remains volunteering, the communities don't generate enough money to benefit from it and thus be paid each month.



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Oh no! Now the second administrator is leaving, and I still don't have VIP status! I registered just 2 days after DEV was founded. This is so frustrating, oh man.

So, I'm really sad that we won't have your order here anymore. You've done a lot and given a lot. I think if you don't have motivation, you can't force it, especially when you have so many other things in real life that may require motivation. Thank you for your "support" in quotes because you didn't give me VIP. As mentioned above, some people here will miss you. ?

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Ymir Entertainment was founded in 1999 in Seoul, Korea and 
is currently headed by Byoung Gwan Kim as CEO. The company 
started developing its first 2D online game Metin the same 
year it was founded. The game was commercially launched in 
Korea a year later and received a prize from the Korean 
                    Ministry of Information and Communication in December of the 
                    same year. Following the success of their flagship game Ymir 
                    Entertainment immediately started work on the game’s sequel 
                    Metin 2, which went into Closed Beta in Korea in May 2004. 
                    The game was officially launched in Korea and China in March 
                    2005 before being launched in Asia, Europe and North America 
                    in the years that followed. In January 2011 all of the company’s 
                    shares were bought by Webzen Inc., a Korean game giant known for 
                    their popular MMORPG, MU Online. The company was also awarded 
                    Gameforge’s Global Best Partner of the Year in 2011.
                    Source: https://mmos.com/publishers/ymir-entertainment
                    Thank you ymir ? ❤️ and F*** you Gameforge, 2011 you ruined it.


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  • Management

You have until the end of the month to send me your applications / questions.

You are free to ask me any questions you deem useful for applying.
Therefore, answer the following questions for your application :

  • How do you see the role of administrator?
  • Do you have short and long term plans?
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  • 3 weeks later...
  • Management

Sunday, 23h59m59s (UTC+2), is the latest deadline to contact me.
After that all applications will be ignored.

Then the new administrator will be promoted and announced next week.

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