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Ultimate Screenshots & Videos Update | Dead Medias? Never Again!


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 Metin2Dev   Metin2Download 


 Important update of Metin2Dev! 


 The end of... Dead  screeshots and dead videos! 

Here, your favorite Administrator, or not. 🥺 Sorry, I got carried away. I announce the end of several days, several weeks of work on Metin2Dev. This project is the continuation of the initial project, to preserve the resources of this community. #DeadDownloadLinks #NeverAgain At the beginning of 2020, after purchasing Metin2Dev, Metin2Shack was created (A duplicate of Funky Shack, the former host of my French forum), an picture host for members of the Metin2Dev community. 😋

My goal was to avoid dead pictures. 💀 Well aware that I can't force anyone to use a platform, I took advantage of the migration from Metin2Shack to Metin2Download to create a cron job that will take care of automatically download and transfer pictures from the forum and replace them with a M2DL link. The migration process is automatic, transparent for members and the community is improved! 🥰

Now, Metin2Download will be the screenshots and videos """ proxy """ for the whole community and screenshots original URLs will be overwritten and videos are converted into GIF, the original video is kept within Metin2Download (and can therefore be re-converted at any time). In some cases, the video can't be converted to GIF, a new route (https://metin2.download/video/{key}/.{extension}) has been created to host these videos.

Indeed, viewing a post and finding that the pictures or videos are dead is frustrating. Now, it's over! 🙂 Of course, pictures and videos that are already dead, will remain dead. :kekw: I don't have the power to raise the dead yet... 🤨 But, I'm working on it... 🥺 Always concerned to offer the best Metin2Dev community. 💪


PS: Let me know if some screenshots or videos were not migrated to Metin2Download, SQL & PHP REGEX should encompass all URLs containing a media.


 Metin2Download is more than 30,000 unique screenshots and videos for more than 29,000,000,000 bytes! 

 #DeadScreenshots   #DeadVideos 



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If you want to contact the Metin2 Dev team, please open a ticket on the Discord server or
you can send a private message, don't forget to include the whole team as the recipient...


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