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Good Morning, Bonjour, صباح الخير, Hallo, Witaj, Salut, Merhaba, Здравствуйте, Buongiorno, Buenos dias, 여보세요, 你好, Olá...




 Important update of Metin2 Dev! 


 The End... Dead Download Links & Dead Screenshots! 


I am announcing the end of several weeks of work which began in 2020. You may have noticed that recently I have re-published many topics on the forum, many releases. I saved the releases archives and I have divided topics for better ordering. Over the past few weeks, I have done a systematic check of all the tutorials and releases in Metin2 Dev.

Metin2 Dev is made up of more than 1800 tutorials and releases dispersed in several categories, more than half of which are downloadable resources... These resources are necessary for the proper functioning of the forum and our favorite game! All the screenshots where are-uploaded when they were not hosted on our image host!

All the archives have been saved on Metin2 Dev's servers, all our download links will now start with: https://metin2.download/, we always keep the original links! Your browser may get an alert when a file is not uploaded regularly, don't worry, it's safe to download!

What does that mean? This means that every release, every download link will be functional in releases category! I will save the new download links myself, Funky Emulation or Metin2 Dev, every link works and I will save every new share!



  • +1800 Verified Topics 😵
  • +1500 Confirmed Topics 😎
  • +300 Topics need to be Fixed 😭
  • +1091 Files Saved 👻
  • +1200 Screenshots Saved 😱


 What actions did I take? 


  1. If the topic had a dead download link: We Need You
  2. I saved the file
    1. If the topic had game improvement scripts in code tags, I created archives for Metin2 Download Center while keeping the original topic, it was a mini system
    2. All Githubs
    3. All Archives
    4. Quests in .lua format
  3. I uploaded it to Metin2 Download Center
  4. I named the file, assigned a developer and a category on Metin2 Download Center
  5. I assigned the topic ID of Metin2 Dev / Funky Emulation for each file
  6. I edited the topic to add the Metin2 Download Center banner and the new download link
  7. I also saved the screenshots, I downloaded the image to my computer
  8. I uploaded the image to our image host and replaced the old images with the new ones
  9. I have reformatted some topics
  10. Made With ❤️


 A spring cleaning and a summer sweetness... 


This allowed us to clean up the forum topics, we moved many topics that were either obsolete or incomplete or the presence of a damaged download link did not allow us to restore it. I took the opportunity to try to restore the screenshots of the releases, it is always nice to have a preview before downloading, no? I also deleted the passwords from the archives that are downloaded from our servers!


 That's not all... 


We continue to rewrite the topics! Our concern today is quality. Unfortunately, this will not happen in a week. You can however participate and propose rewritings! I can't name you all individually, a huge thank you, a thank you to the community, which also participated in the restoration of some topics where the download link was dead. A thank you to @Veltor88 for saving topics, they will not be forgotten in the abyss of Metin2! As a thank you, he gets a rank similar to Honorable Member. He is now a Distinguished Member! Thanks also to @Tatsumaru for the Christmas logo!


 #DeadDownloadLink   #NeverAgain 



download smile GIF by renderfruitupdate GIFcnn trump GIFdoctor who GIFIts Beautiful Reaction GIFangry season 1 GIF by ThePassageFOXtrump daughter GIFWe Got This GIF by swerk




 Without you, we are nothing! 


PS: I had to buy several computer mouse by dint of clicking...


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Congratulations on this. It took you many many hours to download, upload, sort, add tags, create mini-tutorials, all of this to avoid dead links in the future. I am not even talking about the structure you've made.


You did really great, congratulations!

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coming soon

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