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[Summary Thread] Operating Systems

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Summary Thread
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Operating Systems
40 Topics

[Summary Thread] Operating Systems@ASIKOO
Advanced Automatic Backup (SF+DB)(Local+Remote)@Papix
Load balancing with Nginx@Shogun
Protecting your website from Layer 7 DoS attacks@Shogun
Setup Webserver on VPS (CyberPanel + OpenLiteSpeed)@Papix
FreeBSD ~ PF Firewall With GEO Block@Papix
FreeBSD - Change default text editor@Papix
FreeBSD 13.0 Release - Build a Source - Game Run - GCC8/GCC9/GCC10 - MySQL5.6/MariaDB10.3 - Python2.7@Gardon611
Backup script (SF+DB) (Local and Remote)@Papix
How to setup nginx and php on FreeBSD to host your website@Cappuccino
Clear All Log / Automatic Cron@ByLost
Optimizing MySQL for performance@Shogun
Keeping logs tidy with newsyslog@Shogun
Monitoring your servers with monit@Shogun
MySQL Backup Script + SSH@Karbust
Shellshock Bash Vulnerability@Metin2 Dev
How to reset the root password on FreeBSD ?@Pablo Escopăr
Login Message and Weather - Clean and Shiny!@megatixos
How to enable root login on FreeBSD 10 ?@TyWin
How to install TeamSpeak on FreeBSD ?@TAUMP
How to install a Web Server Secure on FreeBSD ?@Reboot
Two-Factor Authentication On FreeBSD@Ken
LEMP Server installation on Debian 7@Rumor
SSH Key Authentication on Debian 7@Rumor
How to install mysql56 ?@TAUMP
How to upgrade pkg ?@TAUMP
How to install htop on FreeBSD 9@Rumor
FreeBSD - Sysadmin cheatsheet@Shogun
Setting up ssh key authentication@RoxaLyssa
Keeping your FreeBSD up to date@Shogun
How to install SSHGuard in FreeBSD@F'Corono'
FreeBSD - Helpful tricks@Coniesan
Debian 6 / Apache2 - Protection against Slowloris attacks@Coniesan
FreeBSD Gnome2 Installation + Remote Connect@Mehti
How to install a KDE desktop on FreeBSD ?@Grantix
Basic SSH Security@Shogun
FreeBSD - Sysctl settings for DOS mitigation@Shogun
PF Firewall and other AntiDDoS measures@Shogun
MySQL Backup Script + FTP@MadTiago
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