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  1. This line is in your paypal automatic payment script, if you don't have automatic payment on your website then you won't find it.
  2. sys_log: [GM]Dev attack hack! time (delta, limit)=(0, 161) hack_count 10 if (CheckSpeedHack) { int iDelta = (int) (pinfo->dwTime - ch->GetDesc()->GetClientTime()); int iServerDelta = (int) (dwCurTime - ch->GetDesc()->GetClientTime()); iDelta = (int) (dwCurTime - pinfo->dwTime); // ½Ã°£ÀÌ ´Ê°Ô°£´Ù. ÀÏ´Ü ·Î±×¸¸ ÇصдÙ. ÁøÂ¥ ÀÌ·± »ç¶÷µéÀÌ ¸¹ÀºÁö üũÇؾßÇÔ. TODO if (iDelta >= 30000) { sys_log(0, "SPEEDHACK: slow timer name %s delta %d", ch->GetName(), iDelta); /* ch->GetDesc()->DelayedDisconnect(3); */ } // 1ÃÊ¿¡ 20msec »¡¸® °¡´Â°Å ±îÁö´Â ÀÌÇØÇÑ´Ù. else if (iDelta < -(iServerDelta / 50)) { sys_log(0, "SPEEDHACK: DETECTED! %s (delta %d %d)", ch->GetName(), iDelta, iServerDelta); /* ch->GetDesc()->DelayedDisconnect(3); */ } } @FlorinMarian bool IS_SPEED_HACK(LPCHARACTER ch, LPCHARACTER victim, DWORD current_time) { if (ch->m_kAttackLog.dwVID == victim->GetVID()) { if (current_time - ch->m_kAttackLog.dwTime < GET_ATTACK_SPEED(ch)) { INCREASE_SPEED_HACK_COUNT(ch); sys_log(0, "%s attack hack! time (delta, limit)=(%u, %u) hack_count %d", ch->GetName(), current_time - ch->m_kAttackLog.dwTime, GET_ATTACK_SPEED(ch), ch->m_speed_hack_count); if (test_server) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "%s attack hack! time (delta, limit)=(%u, %u) hack_count %d", ch->GetName(), current_time - ch->m_kAttackLog.dwTime, GET_ATTACK_SPEED(ch), ch->m_speed_hack_count); } SET_ATTACK_TIME(ch, victim, current_time); SET_ATTACKED_TIME(ch, victim, current_time); if (ch->m_speed_hack_count >= 10) /* ch->GetDesc()->DelayedDisconnect(3); */ return true; } } SET_ATTACK_TIME(ch, victim, current_time); if (victim->m_AttackedLog.dwPID == ch->GetPlayerID()) { if (current_time - victim->m_AttackedLog.dwAttackedTime < GET_ATTACK_SPEED(ch)) { INCREASE_SPEED_HACK_COUNT(ch); sys_log(0, "%s Attack Speed HACK! time (delta, limit)=(%u, %u), hack_count = %d", ch->GetName(), current_time - victim->m_AttackedLog.dwAttackedTime, GET_ATTACK_SPEED(ch), ch->m_speed_hack_count); if (test_server) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Attack Speed Hack(%s), (delta, limit)=(%u, %u)", ch->GetName(), current_time - victim->m_AttackedLog.dwAttackedTime, GET_ATTACK_SPEED(ch)); } SET_ATTACKED_TIME(ch, victim, current_time); if (ch->m_speed_hack_count >= 10) /* ch->GetDesc()->DelayedDisconnect(3); */ return true; } } SET_ATTACKED_TIME(ch, victim, current_time); return false; }
  3. Hello everyone! I have a problem, the ninja of my server, when hitting too fast it is disconnected. Does anyone have a solution?
  4. mob_proto and item_proto, the 2 do not update. Okay, rest, when you can answer, I appreciate it. Obs: Google translator
  5. Hi, My item_proto (db) does not update, when I update the item_proto.txt How can I fix this? Thanks
  6. Helo! I am studying a little about file encryption. I would like to clarify some doubts. 1º I encrypted the intrologin.py file So when running the game, I get this error: compile() expected string without null bytes That is a system.py warning error. The question is, how do I do the responsible files, then read this encrypted file? How does this "start" of system.py work Thanks
  7. Hello Devs! I had some problems with the paypal. Payments were being completed but the cash/md was not being delivered. Until I found the solution. Problem: The solution is very simple, you need to think first that every payment has a status. So here we see all the payment statusof the paypal. [Hidden Content] – PayPal is reviewing the,d like to cancel it. And check "On hold and Temporary hold" This security status is for the paypal whether your transaction actually occurred and the product was delivered. This can occur primarily if your account is NEW. For our case, the service is digital and delivery needs to be made. Payment is only released after a few days or manually. Solution: check your script paument "Paypal" = Completed Change to Enjoy ps: usage Translator xD
  8. You talk about how you develop for a game that has no source.
  9. The idea is not to click on anything. It already enters directly, and to remove this option, it would be deleting the text file generated at the client root.
  10. Hi, Would there be any way to record the last login, last character and enter the game directly? Just like a website, when we click keep connected. Basically, clicking on execute will directly enter the game.
  11. Hi friend How can I make notice all work like this? Example: quest function: notice_all_yellow questlib.lua function notice_all_yellow(name) notice_all(color256(255, 255, 0)..name..color256(255, 255, 0)) end quest notice_all_yellow("bla bla bla bla yellow")
  12. Hello! How do I disable or remove the usage check lzo? Source Binary
  13. Hi, Fix? [Hidden Content]
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