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  1. I've read some stuff in this forum today and figured this out: - By default the files can compile only on 32bit. - But after compilation they can run on 64bit too. - Some files like the updated Kraizy can also compile on 64bit because they are manually migrated to do so. About wether 12.2 or 13 I think it also depends on the used files but more if the OS supportes the older required versions of needed software. But I'm not in the position right now to figure that out by myself. Will go with a 32bit 12.2 VM for now and try to figure it out later when I'm deeper into this whole topic. :)
  2. I'm just starting out with this whole Metin2 P-server thing and want to setup a fresh FreeBSD VM by myself as a base. Which version should I pick? 12.2 or 13.0? Will 13.0 work? edit: Also, should I get 32 or 64 bit? Thanks in advance.
  3. You wrote one should install the latest available version of FreeBSD. The latest stable release is FreeBSD 13.0. Will this work or should I go with FreeBSD 12.2? I'm asking because somewhere I've read that one should avoid FreeBSD 13.0 for Metin2.
  4. I switched to a host only network and now it is working. Dunno why bridge isn't workin in this case. I'm using bridge mode for several other things without any problems.
  5. First of all: Thanks for sharing. I downloaded the files and setup the VM exactly as showed in the video. The VM's network adapter is in bridge mode. Then I added the IP to the root/serverinfo.py and regenerated/replaced it. However I cannot connect to the server: "Error while connecting to the server" Any ideas where could be the problem? Thanks
  6. Hello, Most of you maybe know the exploit in combination with inventory sorting and channel changer, but it's also possible with a small script and no other systems involved. Thanks to Fliegex3 / Colossus. [Hidden Content] char_item.cpp in bool CHARACTER::MoveItem(TItemPos Cell, TItemPos DestCell, WORD count) find if (!IsValidItemPosition(DestCell)) { return false; } add if (Cell.cell == DestCell.cell) return false;
  7. @Hi Ley Other known accounts: @Grimmjow Jaquez @Hi Ley @BroMusic Sanction: banned indefinitely order to stay away ( domestic authority ) Reasons: scamming reselling other works multi-account
  8. Metin2 Dev


    @Nino Other known accounts: Sanction: banned indefinitely order to stay away ( domestic authority ) Reasons: reselling
  9. It would be nice if you can provide some hints or solutions on how you solved the problem. It might help other people tackling the same problem.
  10. Do you get any syslog/syserr messages? Can you show us you cube file? Might be a format problem.
  11. I don't see any visual bug? Can you explain what you mean with "visual bug"?
  12. Can you show us your project settings? Did you adapt the source code to work with VS19? Make sure you set the platform toolset to v142 and adapt the includes.
  13. Glad to hear you solved the problem! Can you elaborate a bit more about your solution? Which compilers did you use? That might help others when they are faced with a similar problem
  14. The error message comes from this part of the code: int CPythonPlayer::GetStatus(DWORD dwType) { if (dwType >= POINT_MAX_NUM) { assert(!" CPythonPlayer::GetStatus - Strange Status Type!"); Tracef("CPythonPlayer::GetStatus - Get Status Type Error\n"); return 0; } return m_playerStatus.GetPoint(dwType); } Did you maybe change the maximum number of status points?

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