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Fix Cheque / Won and Gold Exchange


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Hey all,

easy to fix but I'm releasing because I realized many of servers(and devs) have this problem


problem description: when you enter decimal number in Won Exchange window (like 1.5) it will be exchanged for 150,000,000 but it will remove 1 won only so you got yang more than you should get.


after checking some cheque systems (including WLsj24 ones)

in quests they have check like:

if ((amount < 1) or (amount >19) or (amount == nil)) then

and it's true except that check from 1 to 19 includes decimal numbers too

so if you write 1.5 it will be exchanged to 150,000,000 and only remove 1 Won

so you should put a check for INT, you can modify it to be:

if ((amount < 1) or (amount >19) or (amount == nil) or (math.floor(amount) ~= amount)) then

(if the floor of amount is equal to amount so it's INT, otherwise it's not int)

Best Regards.

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3 hours ago, Bizzy said:

hmm when a make it like 1,5 or 1.5 nothing happend 


your problem is clear, "attempt to compare nil with number"

if you can't solve just put the quest

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