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Community Answers

  1. Make ProcessDamage return with a boolean value. Return false if the damage queue is empty and return true at other returns and at the end of the function. [Hidden Content] And in CInstanceBase::Update put ProcessDamage in a loop like this. [Hidden Content]
  2. What if you just handle all the damage effects in the queue in every update so that they won't stack up?
  3. Asserts are only compiled in debug builds anyway. Putting that extra check there only in debug mode and not even asserting is the worst case. It just hides errors during the development process but they can appear on live.
  4. Land of Heroes is looking for Game / Game Economy Designers What skills should a game designer have? • creativity • experience with a lot of games (mostly MMORPGs) • understanding different types of gamers, their needs and the way they work (Bartle taxonomy) • ability to think outside the box and then sync those ideas to fit in the game • minimal knowledge for Excel as we have all our data and game settings in xlsx files that game designers edit What skills should a game economy designer have? • good with numbers • ability to oversee the whole game's balances • experience at designing loot systems, designing the strength and settings of items and monsters, and forecasting the impact of new features on the game and its economy • defining and maintaining the values of currencies (soft and hard) and preventing inflation • understanding F2P monetization, boosting ARPDAU This is a part time job and we provide weekly payments. You can apply at https://forms.gle/aC3Yrc4ntdgxHVUr5
  5. At Land of Heroes we have ingame voice-chat, but people rarely use it.
  6. How can you be just so so so so so stupid? If your server kicks you out it's because you don't even know what you are doing. Not my fix is the problem, it's more like your knowledge... Actually marty just repeated half of what I wrote down before and you're saying what I wrote is not working while licking his ass clean at the same time. (don't get me wrong, it's not against marty, it's against you and other incompetent stupid-ass motherfuckers like you) Sorry for the language... But for nothing else... The effects you use on your maps are not managed by EffectManager. They are managed by the Area itself.
  7. In EterLib/GrpScreen.cpp find CScreen::RestoreDevice and in the if (FAILED(hrReset)) condition add (and don't forget to include comdef.h) _com_error ce(hrReset); const TCHAR* errMsg = ce.ErrorMessage(); So it should look like: Now put a breakpoint there or print out the error message somewhere so we can get more info why your device couldn't reset. By the way it's really another topic and not what this thread is about.
  8. Move the update of EffectManager to UpdateGame from RenderGame where it should be.
  9. Introduction I think everyone know about this famous bug. I profiled the game and checked granny documentation why it happens because we also faced this on MAP1s since we have a lot of offline shops. Actually the game not even freezes, it runs well and the updates happen. What eventually happens there is just that update time takes too long so it will skip rendering. What makes update times longer? The answer is granny controls. When you minimize your game, the completed controls never get freed. It's because the game frees them in CGrannyModelInstance::UpdateWorldPose which is called from CPythonApplication::RenderGame in a long way. There are just more and more of them that are never freed and that makes GrannySetModelClock take more and more time so when you open up your client from the minimized state it will never finish the update fast enough to call RenderGame in which they would be freed again. [Hidden Content] Thats all, you won't face the "black screen bug" again! Good luck guys!
  10. I really really don't like OG but in Spanish it sounds kinda good. Tengo un trato lo mio pa' mi saco
  11. Actually the copyright problem was after they registered the trademark of Metin3 which GF tried to buy from them first but they said no. After this GF sued them and took everything else too. Magic to Master was just after everything (it was gonna be Metin3), they had to release it as a half-complete game because of money issues after the GF stuff. They tried to sell the game to the Metin2 community but they didn't really like it so they went bankrupt.
  12. Yes it was me. Originally it would be the last X Factor in Hungary and RTL tested if pre-organized scandals work. It did so they bought the license for 2 more periods as we see (1 period is 3 years).
  13. Hey The description said "Here is the area where you can talk about you..." and there's nothing I like more so I made this topic haha
  14. We have made our HU server multilanguage so now and English localized client is available to download from our website! Why is Land of Heroes interesting? Flying: conquer even the skies! Susanoos (war ghosts): you can have war ghosts which attacks your enemy with you (you can also equip their unique weapons to them) In-Game Voice Chat: create a group and you can talk to your teammates in the game And many-many more... Interested? Come and check out our presentation: https://landofheroes.eu/presentation Website: https://landofheroes.eu Discord: https://discord.landofheroes.eu

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