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  1. Thanks, applied. 2021.10.24: - Applied a fix regarding a sound issue: [Hidden Content]
  2. Give me your link in DM and I'll have a look. Edit: @GoldCash Your patchlist.txt is wrong, you have to remove the D:/Client/ from every line. Also when I first opened the link, it said website unavailable for like 5 second then Chrome refreshed. I'm sure there are some protection / pre-filter enabled in your webserver. I never used LiteSpeed so can't tell more.
  3. Maybe your site have a redirect from http to https or something. In that case, use https link in the patcher.
  4. You can use the domain name and that's a better option.
  5. If you open your link in a browser does that work? If not, it's not related to the patcher. You need a working webserver.
  6. Small update, mostly convenience. 2021.10.18: - Changed "localhost" to "" in Ch3-4 CONFIG files (just to be uniform with Ch1-2). - Changed the test server numbers from 11-12 to 21-22 in serverinfo.py to avoid state conflict. - Changed folder "horse_event1" to "pony" in mob_proto (20119 & 20219) so they will work better. - Commented 2410 from metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_02/regen.txt since that group_group not exists. - Fixed metin2_map_skipia_dungeon_01/boss.txt (changed Yonghan with Mighty Ice Witch, 8 hours). - Applied two fix regarding the client position & playarea size: 1. [Hidden Content] 2. [Hidden Content] - Added the old Tim extractor because Eternexus can't extract every file. (Eternexus_readme.txt)
  7. Type Visual Studio Installer in your windows's search box, then you can install it from there retrospectively. You need the "C++ MFC for latest v142 build tools".
  8. Speaking to Jxxkub excuse that I've seen this modification too somewhere, but ofc this does not mean you just reposted it. This forum have a strict rule about leaks/reposts, and while the rule needed, it evokes this attitude in some people. Anyway good code, keep it up
  9. Download Or Google Drive: Download Empire War Rework + Automation I find the original forked_road strange and a mess so I made my own version. It is written in lua-only, even the automation. I wanted to keep things simple. Quest available in English and Hungarian language. For the map, I used metin2_map_sungzi_milgyo. It should be there in every client but I made some modification in it (ex. no-pvp zones at spawn) so I attached it for you. You can set: Minimum level to join Maximum attender / empire Required kill (point) to win Enable-Disable looser reward How to automate? If you want to automate the Empire War then install events_automation.quest too. The Empire War will run every Friday 20:00. (You can change it in the quest). What is looser reward? The looser empires can stay in the end for the reward (enabled in automation). If someone kill other player, first there is a warning, second kill he will get ported out. I advice to keep looser reward on, then everyone will be encouraged to participate. What is the reward? By default it will load a regen (provided). It have tanakas, golden frogs and fire goblets. Feel free to edit or change it. Have fun, TMP4
  10. After you create your character does they appear in player.player & player.player_index table? If not, you may have mismatched the db source player create function (ex. column names), if they does save to the database just don't appear in your client then the problem is bigger.
  11. Place this to season1/interface/oxevent and you can repack it with Eternexus: [Hidden Content]
  12. Did you set your IP? I have to ask because lots of people setting the IP what I got in the video, but you have to set your IP what you got from your DHCP server.
  13. If there is no syserr, does the core crash where they were? You can check it via the ps command after it happens. It would give an answer why they can only log in after a server restart -> because the core what they are in is offline. If the core crashed, provide a gdb backtrace.
  14. Ymir did not program it because they did not needed it, however it's not that hard: def AppendTimerBasedOnWearLastTime(self, metinSlot): if 0 == metinSlot[0]: if item.COSTUME_TYPE_BODY == item.GetItemSubType() or item.COSTUME_TYPE_HAIR == item.GetItemSubType(): defaultValue = 0 for i in xrange(item.LIMIT_MAX_NUM): (limitType, defaultValue) = item.GetLimit(i) defaultValue += app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() if item.LIMIT_TIMER_BASED_ON_WEAR == limitType: break self.AppendMallItemLastTime(defaultValue) else: self.AppendSpace(5) self.AppendTextLine(localeInfo.CANNOT_USE, self.DISABLE_COLOR) else: endTime = app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() + metinSlot[0] self.AppendMallItemLastTime(endTime)

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