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  2. I added switchbot system from turkish forum. This is client syserr and this is switchbot system and virustotal. Help me pls
  3. Changelogs 1.0.11 • The quiver for the Ninja has been inserted • An issue with character deletion has been resolved • New emotions have been added • A new system has been added to quickly change your equipment • The disappearance time of items has been reduced from 3 minutes to 5 seconds • All potions and elixirs within the PvP tournament have been blocked • A new system has been added to check statistics during guild wars. It can be opened with the TAB key https://gyazo.com/1ceec359aeb55215d27a1265526e8030 https://gyazo.com/abb671b610e1bca0493034b5b22672fe https://gyazo.com/dac0e9ebac585a05f50cb67c570c6160 https://gyazo.com/c7976a07bd08d1f473b21789825c04b3
  4. as i said i had this problem even before i modifyed the dead function, but only when you one shot someone with a poison skill. i can redo my dead function modify and it will also bug when killed with one shot which has 100% poison rate
  5. @DrTurk Thanks I'll try. But why did you remove that functions instead of calling Dead(); function? It should be the same thing as we call the Stun(); am I right? But mystery is why Stun(); function is able to remove these affects without editing something.
  6. Isnt that a normal m2 problem with bleed/poison/fire when you one shot someone with it? I fixxed this before i did this change. Just add if (ch->IsDead()) { ch->RemovePoison(); } like that: EVENTFUNC(poison_event) { TPoisonEventInfo * info = dynamic_cast<TPoisonEventInfo *>( event->info ); if ( info == NULL ) { sys_err( "poison_event> <Factor> Null pointer" ); return 0; } LPCHARACTER ch = info->ch; if (ch == NULL) { return 0; } LPCHARACTER pkAttacker = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindByPID(info->attacker_pid); if (ch->IsDead()) { ch->RemovePoison(); } int dam = ch->GetMaxHP() * GetPoisonDamageRate(ch) / 1000; if (test_server) ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE, "Poison Damage %d", dam); if (ch->Damage(pkAttacker, dam, DAMAGE_TYPE_POISON)) { ch->m_pkPoisonEvent = NULL; return 0; } --info->count; if (info->count) return PASSES_PER_SEC(3); else { ch->m_pkPoisonEvent = NULL; return 0; } } same thing with fire: EVENTFUNC(fire_event) { TFireEventInfo * info = dynamic_cast<TFireEventInfo *>( event->info ); if ( info == NULL ) { sys_err( "fire_event> <Factor> Null pointer" ); return 0; } LPCHARACTER ch = info->ch; if (ch == NULL) { return 0; } LPCHARACTER pkAttacker = CHARACTER_MANAGER::instance().FindByPID(info->attacker_pid); if (ch->IsDead()) { ch->RemoveFire(); } int dam = info->amount; if (test_server) ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_NOTICE, "Fire Damage %d", dam); if (ch->Damage(pkAttacker, dam, DAMAGE_TYPE_FIRE)) { ch->m_pkFireEvent = NULL; return 0; } --info->count; if (info->count) return PASSES_PER_SEC(3); else { ch->m_pkFireEvent = NULL; return 0; } }
  7. Server1 web: https://ddmt2.net/ Server2 web: https://anachron.ddmt2.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ddmt2.pserver Server 1 running since 2009 October! Exp/Yang rates varies, ~500-1000 depending on events. New characters are allowed to set their level (just introduced), but you need to farm, it's not a PVP server. Max level is 99, but the 105 armors-weapons, are available, just those are taken down to 99 as well. Alchemy are removed due to players wish. Server 2 is a new server, started in May 2021. Exp/Yang rates varies, ~300-500 depending on events. The new server purpose was to recreate the 2011ish DDMT2 feeling, so the max level is 99, and the max equipment is level90 (triton, epic). You can't set your level, you have to level up yourself. The new maps (Cape, bayback etc) and alchemy are not available, you need to level up in Grotto Of Exile just like in the old days. Both server offers vanilla Metin2 experience, back in the days server 1 was as popular as the original hungarian server.
  8. You should NEVER use contabo VPS in production. They do a massive overselling on CPU / RAM / Storage. Your load averages are quite large and I guess they weren't accessed when server had an active Guild War. I recommend to go checkout OVH Game packages or a reseller (like that shown on my banner). Best regards, Florin.
  9. отправить новую ссылку
  10. I search for someone help me handle some things with c++
  11. I just tried your code edits and it has at least one bug with removing char affect like poison. Try to kill the player with ninja char skill Poisoned Arrow, player will die with poison affect on yourself. I tried to call Dead(); function instead of your changes, but there is still the same bug with affects. Dead(); is not removing the poison, bleed, etc. affects. I couldn't find differences between why Stun(); function removing the affects correctly and Dead(); function not. Would be really nice if someone can solve this problem.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hello guys, have someone tested these anti black screen methods to fix black screen when client is minimized for some time? I'm not sure if it works like it should or if it's completely useless. What do you think about it? Thanks for possible answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  14. Ah nice , thank you very much for the info.
  15. So it's not something like everyone likes, also not english, but that's my lifetime favorite since 2012. If I’m tired of everything then I listen it, so I listen pretty often
  16. yeah you´re right. i had this case not in my mind. i will adapt it in next days when i have some free time.
  17. Hello my friends, I have a problem when I challenge a war and big duels between players, there is a delay in hitting and skills Note that the number of players does not exceed 150 players, between 100-120 players Server specification Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)VDS S 3 Physical CoresAMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz 24 GB RAM 180 GB NVMe SSDMore storage available 250 Mbit/s Port 32 TB TrafficUnlimited Incoming From Contabo Can someone tell me the cause of the problem, is it from the hosting or what exactly? I apologize for my bad English
  18. good idea but you forgot to archer skills with multiple hits. Example Arrow Shower will shot only once
  19. Koray already made 2 version of fix for it: The first version is 100% server-sided but sometimes fails. The second version work like a charm. While it is in clientside, 99% of the hackers will not edit your metin2client.bin in assembly so you're good.
  20. Hello metin2dev The title "ATTR Hack Protection" may be self-explanatory for many but I will explain it to those who do not understand it. In WorldEditor you can place save / block and water. But there are several other options that you can adjust yourself, you just have to know how and where to start. My question is, is it possible to create an ATTR in which if someone transgresses it is banned immediately or at least gets an hourly ban? I mean that you could mark places with this ATTR where normal players can not get, even they use wallhack. I am sure that it is possible. What do you think? Kind regards
  21. I've redone the function and works fine for me! PyObject* playerCheckAffect(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { int dwType; BYTE bApplyOn; switch (PyTuple_Size(poArgs)) { case 2: if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &dwType)) return Py_BadArgument(); if (!PyTuple_GetByte(poArgs, 1, &bApplyOn)) return Py_BadArgument(); break; default: return Py_BuildException(); } int iAffIndex = CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetAffectDataIndex(dwType, bApplyOn); return Py_BuildValue("b", iAffIndex != -1); } Hope it helps
  22. Join my discord server for more news, leaks from my current work and also for some giveaways!!

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