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  2. Maybe try use type drop instead limit.
  3. Hi, i have this table: Group metin { type limit Mob 8001 <---- stone 5 lv level_limit 1 1 525 1 100 2 545 1 100 3 71084 1 100 4 71085 1 100 5 50821 1 100 6 50822 1 100 7 50823 1 100 8 25040 1 100 9 543 1 100 } I want to, drop from this metin (5lv) was for the player with a compartment 1 - 20 lv. Example: I have 1 - 20 lv of character, drop is the same. 1 lv - 9 items drop
  4. Maybe it's just me but...why would you HIDE the error instead of...fixing it?
  5. Yesterday
  6. uiCubeRenewal.py -> here crash -> https://gyazo.com/50fb345a3047c96eee6bc7229366fd98 debug:
  7. I'm not from Germany (but still from the EU). Thank you for your inputs!
  8. ok thanks NEW EDIT : abort(); replase with exit(3110400); --------> now system stop overloads and core stop overloads now system crash core in 3110400// 1 year core overloads stop now you have channel online for 1 year without core overloads #fix 2x abort(); replase with Sleep(31556926); who good from exit(3110400); if have provlem with Sleep ok change with exit 100% work for me replase abort with sys_err("block "); 6 monthic server online without reboot 0% lagg or provlem
  9. If you do this, you can get memory break and the core overloads and wont restart. You have to reboot the whole root server. Maybe for you it works for now, but it can overload the core. Already tried this few years ago and after the abort was called for an crash, the core instead overloads and wont restart. What error in lua exactly you get and can you post the quest ?
  10. If you're from Germany then it's a little bit risky. In other countries the only problem that you could have (if you win tens of thousands), it's with finances. Make a company, pay taxes then you'll be fine, but this have nothing related with gameforge or illegal things.
  11. If you need the pure answer: Working with other's intellectual property without permission is illegal in the most country. Not to mention making money with that. So yeah, pretty much every developer here are doing illegal stuffs
  12. I'm aware that running a server is illegal, I'd like to keep this discussion about developers that make money from selling (especially code-heavy) metin2 systems.
  13. Obviously is illegal from the perspective of the company that have the copyrights to developing any kind of systems, but I don't think they gonna sue a Developer, but they will sue of course the guy that own the server and making the big profit (money). They trying to take down only big servers and as you can see there is not success with that, only a few servers had a problem and I didn't hear that any Developer got sued or smth, mostly is because some personal information getting leaked from somewhere and Gameforge can take action against the person who probably is the owner that's why serve
  14. Hi! A lot of metin2 dev users create wonderful new "mods" for metin2 servers. I want to start a discussion about the legality of creating these mods. Let's say I create a new system for a p-server (for example a completely original offline shop). I make all the graphical assets, I write all of the code for that system. Obviously running the server is illegal, so *if* the p-server that bought a system from somewhere gets closed (or sued), can the creator of the system held liable? I'm not interested in running a server, but I work as a software developer and I
  15. Inside is the worldwide knowledge and the key that unlocks the 100% of your brain.
  16. This is not a solution : yes i know and----> i have 1 provlem with quest cheque lua error and my server crash in 2-3 days server crash my posting this fix my provlem now my server online normal 6 monthic 400 player online without bugg or provlem or crash from lua error
  17. //This is not a solution. You may not have a crash anymore because you hid the real problem. Thank you for your sharing!
  18. Instead of stupid responses we'd just give a proper answer. Those files are plugins for the miles sound system. For example if you don't have mssmp3.asi your miles sound system cannot load mp3 files.
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