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  2. Here https://mega.nz/file/IL4U1Dab#5QPI5lQOOetK1DIDmvgOV4uHWHckmZVFJVdC8HrySAM Name: cncn.7z Size: 1253454 bayt (1224 KiB) SHA256: CA6DCD742360700109D231398223D256212F5F7CBA62474C8E9B2E8BDAD90473
  3. Is 0.8 cpu stable while entering the game or teleporting?
  4. Error is that of mob_proto.txt, all mounts were either linked to the pony or had nothing. I fixed all of them and until then, it showed a significant improvement. Thank you very much, sorry for taking your time.
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  6. Anyone knows if is possible to connect Visual Studio Core to SSH to freebsd? I tried using Microsoft Extensions but it seems that doesn't support Freebsd just Debian/Ubuntu/linux
  7. I told you to check the accumulation inside the run.msa and walk.msa files, not to send me motlist.txt. Secondly, why is your lion mount using the pony folder? he's taking speed values from the pony's accumulation.. That's horribly wrong. The correct folder to use is lion The correct accumulation value for share/data/monster/lion/run.msa is: Accumulation 0.00 -589.63 0.00 The correct accumulation value for share/data/monster/lion/walk.msa is: Accumulation 0.00 -278.46 0.00
  8. mob_proto.txt 20118 "lion2" "KING" "NPC" "MELEE" 1 0 "STUN,SLOW,CURSE,TERROR" 0 "pony" 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 120 3 1 0 0 12 4 100 100 0 2000 150 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 data/monster/lion_2/motlist.txt GENERAL WAIT wait.msa 90 GENERAL WAIT1 wait1.msa 9 GENERAL WAIT2 wait2.msa 1 GENERAL WALK walk.msa 100 GENERAL RUN run.msa 100 GENERAL COMBO_ATTACK attack1.msa 100 GENERAL COMBO_ATTACK1 attack2.msa 100 GENERAL COMBO_ATTACK2 attack3.msa 100 GENERAL FRONT_DAMAGE front_damage.msa 100 GENERAL BACK_DAMAGE back_damage.msa 100 GENERAL DEAD dead.
  9. Fix your accumulation in your mount's run animation file, inside "../share/data/monster/MOUNT_FOLDER/", it's too low.
  10. There is no record, I checked them all, I did tests for all the maps, I compared some files with other sources, but without success so far Yes, in particular it occurs with Leão, but with the others it is also occurring, but with a shorter delay, I have already put an updated "data / monster" folder, without success. :/ main problem is that no log and / or error log appears, I don’t know where to start checking more
  11. Usually it can happen when you are on a mount that goes too fast (Manni / White Lion). Or when you miss the adequate motlist and serverside animation-related stuff (accumulation).
  12. There is no syserr in the client (I guess) but what about the server?
  13. Problem: There is a delay in the "appearance" of the monsters, if I walk around village 1, for example, with a mount, I arrive at a certain location and only after 2/4 seconds the monsters appear on the map / minimap. Is there a way to correct and / or minimize this delay? Moving (No monsters appear): Standing (after a few seconds the monsters appear): - There is no syserr - RAM / CPU usage of dedicated below 1% - Occurs with a few / many online, with many, it seems to aggravate the situation PS: I don't know if it's r
  14. Dear metin2dev community, Rodnia2 is looking for a game developer to help us improve our systems/create new ones and to help us solving in-game bugs. If you are interested, please send a message to: Destiny#0704 (Discord)
  15. DailyBoss.cpp: In member function 'bool CDailyBoss::IsDay()': DailyBoss.cpp:184: error: 'DailyBossSettings' is not a class or namespace DailyBoss.cpp:184: error: 'DailyBossSettings' is not a class or namespace You solve this?
  16. cmd_general.cpp:3931: error: 'class CHARACTER' has no member named 'IsCombOpen' cmd_general.cpp:3931: error: 'class CHARACTER' has no member named 'IsOpenMailBo x' cmd_general.cpp:3931: error: 'class CHARACTER' has no member named 'isSashOpened ' cmd_general.cpp:3931: error: 'class CHARACTER' has no member named 'isSashOpened
  17. Hello there, i have searched everywhere but it seem not to find any 2.8 conversion to anything. I have a gr2 convertor from 2.4/2.6/2.9 to 2.11, but it doesn't seem to work with 2.8 I have even tried path changer with conversion as well, to 2.9 or 2.11 but the conversion still doesn't work. If somebody can help me, i would appreciate so much! Thank you! the files: https://mega.nz/file/5vgG2K6C#6DnOcOPj4LrgTABVKGwpBvY8cLCEibzd9VRcNgZiWuU https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/7b8d5818d1a4ab0948345d30fb9fca01803ddb3795c1e3f28a43fd0ef8c4bc71/detectio
  18. how much inv do you have? search guide how to 4 inv and check all files or try make 5 inv, just for testing
  19. i have 0.8% cpu with three persons in game, 2gb and 1vcpu (vps)
  20. I have the same problem, I tested it there already, even changing the client / game, still not refining. I have another problem too, I can only sell one item at a time, even if it is stacked ...: /
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  23. is that normal that i can Pn offline user that have PN block on ? and if that users log in they still have pn block on but every user can pn him he have to refresh pn block.
  24. HackTrap is being detected by many antiviruses as a Trojan. I am using Bitdefender - which is also detecting HackTrap as a Trojan. A lot of players have issues on servers that are using HackTrap's services, as their antiviruses detect Trojans in the files. I tested it and it comes from HackTrap's two .exe files. Please look into fixing it. If your anticheat software isn't actually a virus, it shouldn't be too difficult making sure it doesn't get flagged. People are paying for this service and the fact that your anticheat is getting caught as a virus is making servers lose playe
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