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  2. Already found it. Last worked on server since 2016. It was kinda hard to find unpacked version of item_names etc. specially in our language (Czech). Thanks
  3. The syserr is empty. That bug appear when I've updated the client to granny 2.9 and I've converted all models with a tool that I found here.
  4. Hello gents, I just finis to implement Offline Shop by great and I have few error on clinet.When i try to login on server, after i select character the game is crashed and i have this errors on syserr.Can someone help me to resolve this please? 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: GameButtonWindow.LoadScript - 'GiftIcon' 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: =================== ========================= =========================== ========================= ================ 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: Abort !!!! 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: ============================================ == ==================================================== == ================ 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: Abort !!!! 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: ============================================ == ==================================================== == ================ 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: Abort !!!! 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: ============================================ == ==================================================== == ================ 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: Abort !!!! 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: ============================================ == ==================================================== == ================ 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: Abort !!!! 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: ============================================ == ==================================================== == ================ 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: Abort !!!! 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: File "networkModule.py", line 232, in SetGamePhase 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: File "game.py" , line 100, in __init__ 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 411, in MakeInterface 0405 15: 49: 19099 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 279, in __MakeGameButtonWindow 0405 15: 49: 19100 :: AttributeError 0405 15: 49: 19100 ::: 0405 15: 49: 19100 :: 'Interface' object has no attribute '_Interface__OnClickGiftButton' 0405 15: 49: 19100 ::
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  6. with pc.get_level() >= 1 Wow level can be also <=0 ?
  7. Hello. How can I change it. My item contains 4 stones. Item acceptance, 4th stone disappears. How to fix? thx
  8. Hi, Check your syserr, some effect file is missing
  9. I had this problem, I replaced the 3D models and the animations. Don't forget to modify the .msa files so that the paths match... ( My client is custom )
  10. Hello, continues bugged Do you have the ride.quest?
  11. Hi Dev! I have a little bug or something.. So i trade another player, and marking his item, not mine. Img: Please help for me Best regards
  12. Hi all, https://imgur.com/a/LogPWn5 How can I resolve this problem ?
  13. how he said "it can be a shortage of resources issue, in this case a ram bottleneck." or u can check SWAP memory and if is 1GB u can add 4GB is better ,or if is 100% that can cause mysql crash Command: for gigabytes swapinfo -g for megabytes swapinfo -m
  14. You need to check mysql.err and .log, it may have some relevant info explaining its crash Also (because you said it works fine with just one ch and when the others are turned on it starts that behavior) it can be a shortage of resources issue, in this case a ram bottleneck.
  15. bool GetDropPct(LPCHARACTER pkChr, LPCHARACTER pkKiller, OUT int& iDeltaPercent, OUT int& iRandRange); Show the quest where you're using pc.get_killee_drop_pct( and maybe your item_manager.cpp too.
  16. Trying to recover the mounts from my client (pack / file : M2P_mount)... All mounts works. Download : Here ( French Client )
  17. Hello metin2dev I have the following problem. So i have the sash system on my server but the problem is when i try to add an item to that sash it doesn't allow me to put it on provided space and it doesn't show me any error. Can someone explain how can i fix this?
  18. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.0.4 News - Easter Event; Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  19. Keep in mind: FreeBSD 12.1 64 , mysql 5.6 fresh installed. this problems since day one. CH1 runs well if i open only that channel, but when i attend to open more than one, it closes all auth for even ch1 and none of them are working ch1 autorun: ch1 syserr: auth config: i have set "x" so i can hide my id, ip and pass, but they are there in my files auth autorun: Output : Only CH1 opened PS output and i can login ingame no problems So, because of my mysql stopping the connection may cause the rest of channels to drop, maybe. and how can i fix my mysql to be up? If anyone can help me with this, add me on discord please "Revenge Arena#4229".. i'm 28hours awake already pushing on this problem with no solution..
  20. Procedure: Reset FreeBSD root user password Step # 1: Start FreeBSD server/workstation. Step # 2: Press Enter key at boot loader. At Welcome to FreeBSD! boot menu press spacebar key to pause default booting Type number 4 key (type 4 number) to boot into single user mode Next you will see the following prompt from system:When prompted Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh: Press Enter key to boot into a single user mode. Next, you will be immediately dropped into a single user mode without a root password. You need to remount / (root) file system in read and write mode with mount command, type the following commands: mount -u / mount -a Setup a new password with the passwd command for root user: passwd
  21. 15 year old game bla blaa. This is not an excuse. Just go another forums and see " 15 year old game" How does the forum develop if we do not criticize? When i login this forum, i only see a dead forum. Forum can create a share team. They can take good topics from other forums and share them here as everyone does. With this way we can keep the forum alive
  22. Considering that Metin2 is 15 years old I'd say this forum is very active with quality content and the work of the new team has a lot to do with this. What else do you expect them to do? Spam the forum link with bots ingame?
  23. Ace

    Forever Metin2

    @Shogun Wow you really took your time. Thank you first Shogun. Yes, you have rights. The missing objects appear "useless" because you have to search them in different folders via notpad ++. That with textures is quite a good idea, which I could also incorporate here if I got the code for C #. For now, what I have is enough for me. Instead of writing down each object individually and forgetting a few times, it helps a lot. I would like to provide your code for later updates in the tool, if you allow me.
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