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  2. hello, I've been looking for some time for a source code so I can block the horse in map1, and in the war map, if you are cute I would like you to leave me a tutorial that is functional
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  4. MEHOK

    Christmas pets

    download https://mega.nz/file/sjYzGSqA#AnXSLnlLvD1kCTpouh_kKZE1EUT9pnY1olKuLAuLr5Y
  5. Where do i find this "main_quest" file, i tried to activate my main quest for 2 days and didn't find anything
  6. No, this function ignores the gloves, and other item bonus effects.
  7. I am not a pro in 3D at all so feel free to correct me but I want to answer. Metin2 use some kind of an old skeletton, it's fairly old and bugged. Also the animations they use are probably motion-captured animations. I think the game would benefit from new more modern skelettons.
  8. I think you need edit mob_drop_item.txt Change kill_drop with { Type limit Mob 2315 level_limit 80 1 11299 1 } You need lv80 for recibe this ítem
  9. Where do i find in the source the level difference check of the drop? I mean the "+-15" levels https://imerr.github.io/m2dropcalc/
  10. @edit: solved. blackdragonx61 using his quest translator
  11. Hi devs, as i said compiler cant find (i guess) boost and give me error the problem ; ClientManager.cpp: In member function 'void CClientManager::Destroy()': ClientManager.cpp:68:7: error: 'itertype' was not declared in this scope 68 | for (itertype(m_peerList) i = m_peerList.begin(); i != m_peerList.end(); ++i) | ^~~~~~~~ ClientManager.cpp:68:52: error: 'i' was not declared in this scope 68 | for (itertype(m_peerList) i = m_peerList.begin(); i != m_peerList.end(); ++i) | ^ ClientManager.cpp: In member func
  12. "New systems" cit. Nothing new as I see
  13. I want to remind you that applications are still open and we are looking for translators for the following languages: HU | PL | PT | CZ
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  15. We now have +1000 files saved on our server for over +181 GB of storage used! It's also more than +1100 screenshots which were reuploaded! Programming & Scripts & Systems: 5 / 24 remaining pages... A Filesmap is available! Filesmap
  16. what kind of animated skeleton is used in Metin 2? (For the characters)
  17. GF v20.6.2 Patch All files together Separated folders m_* New pet, mount, costume + hairstyle root metas Who knows
  18. Is this a private system? i think this system owned by metin2 the official version?
  19. The author of this system is ZeNu,I don't think you'll get any help with ot around here since it's leaked.
  20. hi devs i have a problem with this event https://gyazo.com/8549a68a59ec639a5354feb6b8b5b3fa after i selected the first card on play board i can't select any other card or even continue the game any help ?
  21. here my uitarget.py https://pastebin.com/93bwSGRT When i click on the button client dont crash but appear in ch1 sysser: OnClick: Shinigami.OnClickFailure(Suager) - target is PC
  22. i Try rewrite quest, another quest and its same.. idk where is problem..
  23. @ASIKOOhttps://mega.nz/file/x4RQRJSS#Cbes7Wi1POtHkcP6KoQaBb3SXPYQS7rEcL-aucPTDnE
  24. @ASIKOO https://mega.nz/file/AwJSVDLB#LO6clvejr22WaU26oedxi8GF-C-9ZZsS0402K8LGPeo
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