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  2. A small detail appreciated by few, but it is appreciated, thanks! By the way, what method do you use to extract the "correct" skeletons from the characters? I have tried several methods, external programs that allow the extraction of gr2 skeletons, classic converters that have been used for years in the community, some public skeletons that are 'unbugged', some better than others, but I would like to know which methods some of you use, or which one you think works best. Thanks for your time!
  3. Indeed it worked, with a slight catch.. What i had 2 to do is to add more height to all the parent elements, starting from the first parent, and following the nesting
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  5. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) More than one of you has probably noticed crooked legs in a Suraman novice. This condition is not genetic and does not occur in other armours. I performed a small operation and the Suraman can enjoy straight legs. Download: https://mega.nz/file/ik8WBACK#mTTnQx2sx7oJBUD5l1OKI4_s_RzzIamzr2J6aU4_CEU
  6. no.. time('23:59:59') query for database not quest. countdown query
  7. That's about it. I need time to slow down when entering the query.
  8. Hello, guys. I'm needing to do a quest to insert the time into the database. I need you to enter the database when the query row, "time" column has a countdown of 23:59:59. Is it possible?
  9. Another old problem that nobody seems to have reported yet. The world editor seems to have problems displaying objects where transparency has been applied. Such objects are not visible in the program, but they are visible in the game. For an example, you can check this object: D:\ymir work\zone\dungeon\dawnmistwood_dungeon\prayer_banner01
  10. Bruh i just wanted to say gdb fcked up on this 12.1 vm so i can't provide a gdb (bt full) log. Of course i start the game and db by ./game and ./db.
  11. new link https://mega.nz/file/wiRRXIqY#bxztyro6fVe7GXQBSj-8TzDHxHC3rVhrhiM3FIn7gr4
  12. You put the folder "christmas_2016_mammoth" in wrong place (npc or npc2 folder inside ymir work).
  13. @TMP4 I can't tell you why you don't start the game without a gdb, but I can tell you that the gdb problem you encountered does not come from the compilation the game file has undergone, but your jail is "badly updateds or not updates" as it is missing that flag required by gdb, probably in the latest versions You could try updating your freebsd
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  15. wtf? if null ? example? if null != Thanks man
  16. By default your query function should return a value based on its result, should be a NULL value in case of failure.
  17. yes yes, If you do any quest with direct query, to insert, for example coins. So if I can verify the query, if for some reason it fails, I will not let the quest complete.
  18. Error will be displayed in your server error logs.
  19. Hello, How do I check if the query gave an error? Example: if the error query, I would like the quest to give me a warning. say etc. Thanks
  20. Curse of a pirate! I chose this theme for this summer! I will do my best to make as many stuff as i can in the best qualitty i can do! This is first preview of one of the dungeon floors (still not done).
  21. You must increase the parent's window height. If I had to guess, most likely "BeltInventoryLayer" window.
  22. need re-create "mob_proto" in your metin2 client with dump proto tool
  23. Updated the topic with new products. DirectX9 & Post Processing Update Instance Scale System Launcher Application
  24. I'll pay you a dinner, come on
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