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Cube w/o - /Cube Command

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Some days ago I saw here Think's post about the /cube crash.


So, this system was made with the purpose of helping those who still don't use the metin2 source files, since the /cube command misses some needed checks, that allow a normal player to send the whole server down. I don't know if there're diff to fix it, so that's why I made it.


This system doesn't uses the /cube command. It works by a quest and lua functions that communicate with the client through cmdchats. So if you want to use it, first make sure that your cube command is deactivated via diff or CMD.


Note that this system may have some bugs and it has been tested on a 34083 environment, I don't know if it works with 2089 - it should -, or less (who use them anyway?).


Known bugs/not included features:
    - If we insert more than the items needed to create an item, it'll return "Not enough material" - So.. We must insert the EXACT amount of items to refine smth.
    - If at the cube.txt we have at the same npc the same reward item, but different needed items to create it, the system will only include one of them and use the "or" feature. And use the first material icon. E.g:

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There's also a kind of guide of the python-side in the download to install it.



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when you return 0 and server doesn't boot:


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