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Set Speed for Riding Mounts

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Open questlua_pc.cpp and search for the pc_mount function.

Overwrite the whole function with this:

	int pc_mount(lua_State* L)
		if (!lua_isnumber(L, 1))
			return 0;

		int length = 60;

		if (lua_isnumber(L, 2))
			length = (int)lua_tonumber(L, 2);

		DWORD mount_vnum = (DWORD)lua_tonumber(L, 1);

		if (length < 0)
			length = 60;

		LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr();


		// ¸»ŔĚ ĽŇČŻµÇľî µű¶ó´Ů´Ď´Â »óŶó¸é ¸»şÎĹÍ ľřľÚ
		if (ch->GetHorse())

		int ertek = 0;
		if (lua_isnumber(L, 3))
			ertek = (int)lua_tonumber(L, 3);
		if (ertek <= 0)
			ertek = 0;
		ch->AddAffect(AFFECT_MOUNT, POINT_MOV_SPEED, ertek, AFF_NONE, length, 0, true, true);
		return 0;

Then you can use it in quests like

pc.mount(ID, duration, speed)



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