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  1. The server is great ! Even better to new players on the Server 2, the community and team is very helpful and warmful to new people.. Events regularly.. New content release very often.. In terms of gameplay, leveling up is the less challenging part, the end game items are the real challenge, but there's no pay2win on it, with a liking for a bit of extra PvM and you'll be fine.. If you need any help, hit me up on Discord ! 'вαgℓєy_ᴅɪᴏɢᴏ#0550
  2. 200+4*lv+(10*iq+4*mwep+number(600,800))*k That's the formula I have on the skill Can you give me a hand with that ? >.<
  3. Hello, When I use Shaman Healing ability, it does nothing.. It doesn't give any heal, neither removes any negative effetcs from the target.. I already compared skill_proto | char_skill | char_affect with other server-files and I can't find the problem.. [Hidden Content] Feel free to ask for any information that might help with finding the problem or solution Thank you in advance.. DotWorthy
  4. Oh, sorry for bothering then.. Thank you tho ^^
  5. Can someone re-upload this please ? Both links are dead ( Download + Fix ) Thank you

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