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Community Answers

  1. can you explain more ? Because I took a full proto line from another client that does not have this issue and nothing has changed
  2. Hi dev's How can I stop this ?
  3. thnx bro but how can i solve that error ?
  4. Sorry , but do u mean that any pet or mount that I want to hide I will have to put his Vnum in the blockID[] ?
  5. Hi guys , How can I hide the mount and pets on the minimap?
  6. Is this a private system? i think this system owned by metin2 the official version?
  7. hi devs i have a problem with this event [Hidden Content] after i selected the first card on play board i can't select any other card or even continue the game any help ?
  8. Hi i'm looking for that system , if any one have it [Hidden Content]
  9. I am looking for an expert developer to provide paid services Contact me via Discord B7aR#6320
  10. The problem has been resolved , Thanks to Vegas Edit: The problem was in uitaskbar.py, syntax problem, and bad location of function.
  11. Hi I installed " Metin2-Skill-CoolTime-Update-master " system The system works well, but when I die the skill unlock time is not renewed. But when I wake up I can open it again though This is the syserr 1029 16:57:51350 :: File "game.py", line 4041, in SkillClearCoolTime 1029 16:57:51351 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 695, in SkillClearCoolTime 1029 16:57:51352 :: AttributeError 1029 16:57:51352 :: : 1029 16:57:51352 :: 'TaskBar' object has no attribute 'SkillClearCoolTime' 1029 16:57:51352 :: game.py [Hidden Content] interfaceModule.py [Hidden Content]
  12. Many attempts but I can't find a solution for now
  13. I have a problem with the acc system I added in the Character files in root and added in item " name & proto & list " and in acc.txt file in server There is no scale file in local But the scarf does not appear and does not accept Merge Should I do anything more? The gr2 file path i'm sure it's correct

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