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  1. unknown header errors are caused by the removal of missing or faulty codes from the server and client. To solve this problem, it is necessary to find out exactly where the error originates. this takes a lot of effort and time, it would be better for you if you develop untouched files in the mainline.
  2. connect to your server with navicat account>account (click) create account samp: ID: 1 login: admin password: *E6CC90B878B948C35E92B003C792C46C58C4AF40 (the password will be only ''1'') common>gmlist samp: mID: 1 mAccount: admin mName: [GM]Admin (This is the name of the character, it must be strictly identical, if it's not yet existing, it does not matter, the important thing here is to choose a name that will be that of your character) mAuthority: IMPLEMENTOR save and exit restart the server (reboot)
  3. Hello, first of all, there are fixed topics for Basic Training / Beginners, I recommend you to review them. If you want to write your own system from the beginning, you need to know c++, python, lua languages, For this, you can learn by watching the lessons of the language you want to learn from google or youtube (of course, it will take some time.) If you want, you can learn by taking paid lessons from experts in the language you want to learn, it completely depends on your desire to learn. If you're learning for a dead game like Metin2 (I wouldn't recommend it) I recommend using freebsd 12 and 12+ it's always good to be up to date. You have to spend a lot of effort to create your own files, of course, it requires knowledge and experience. because to compile kraizy pure mainline source you need to fix errors, create external file you need to set game mysql client etc etc. I do not want to enumerate them here now. A beginner cannot do this. You don't need to waste your time with these. I recommend you to use the TMP4 free reference server file. [Hidden Content]
  4. hello, you need to define 'Is Support' or remove it. game/src/char.cpp search: if (IsPet() || IsSupport()) change: if (IsPet()) search: false == IsPet() && false == IsSupport()) change: false == IsPet())
  5. Can you give me a discord address where I can reach you?
  6. Custom store search system needs adaptation to work in offline market. shared by blackdragonx61 is only for normal market. you can do what you say with a paid developer.
  7. [Hidden Content] etc\ymir work\ui // can you change and try.
  8. yes 32 bit , I would recommend using gcc9 it's always good to be up to date.
  9. of the language you want to use monster names Drag mob_names.txt and mob_proto.txt simultaneously to '' ReleaseDumpProto.exe '' in '' dump '' folder You can reuse mob_proto.txt from your own file Move the created '' mob_proto '' file into locale/fr and change it Do not forget to archive the locale_fr file with the help of EterNexus. with the help of winscp Change and reboot mob_names.txt from '' cd /usr/m2_project/2014.1/resources/locale '' You don't need to change mob_proto.txt. With the same logic, you can do the item names in whatever language you want to use.
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