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How To Delete entire Folders inside the Client on Launch

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This is useful for deleting an entire folder and all the contents within it, when your client is launched. It doesn't seem to add any issues when launching or leaving the game open nor does it cause problems if the files don't exist. The normal method using python in the Metin2 client would cause the client to not launch properly because it's missing the files it's trying to delete.
This is why you need something called shutil. It will automatically delete an entire folder in your client as soon as the game runs. I used this to delete hshield from all my player's clients.
First create a file in your root archive called shutil.py with this content:


"""Utility functions for copying files and directory trees.

XXX The functions here don't copy the resource fork or other metadata on Mac.


import os
import sys
import stat

__all__ = ["copyfileobj","copyfile","copymode","copystat","copy","copy2",

def copyfileobj(fsrc, fdst, length=16*1024):
    """copy data from file-like object fsrc to file-like object fdst"""
    while 1:
        buf = fsrc.read(length)
        if not buf:

def copyfile(src, dst):
    """Copy data from src to dst"""
    fsrc = None
    fdst = None
        fsrc = open(src, 'rb')
        fdst = open(dst, 'wb')
        copyfileobj(fsrc, fdst)
        if fdst:
        if fsrc:

def copymode(src, dst):
    """Copy mode bits from src to dst"""
    if hasattr(os, 'chmod'):
        st = os.stat(src)
        mode = stat.S_IMODE(st[stat.ST_MODE])
        os.chmod(dst, mode)

def copystat(src, dst):
    """Copy all stat info (mode bits, atime and mtime) from src to dst"""
    st = os.stat(src)
    mode = stat.S_IMODE(st[stat.ST_MODE])
    if hasattr(os, 'utime'):
        os.utime(dst, (st[stat.ST_ATIME], st[stat.ST_MTIME]))
    if hasattr(os, 'chmod'):
        os.chmod(dst, mode)

def copy(src, dst):
    """Copy data and mode bits ("cp src dst").

    The destination may be a directory.

    if os.path.isdir(dst):
        dst = os.path.join(dst, os.path.basename(src))
    copyfile(src, dst)
    copymode(src, dst)

def copy2(src, dst):
    """Copy data and all stat info ("cp -p src dst").

    The destination may be a directory.

    if os.path.isdir(dst):
        dst = os.path.join(dst, os.path.basename(src))
    copyfile(src, dst)
    copystat(src, dst)

def copytree(src, dst, symlinks=0):
    """Recursively copy a directory tree using copy2().

    The destination directory must not already exist.
    Error are reported to standard output.

    If the optional symlinks flag is true, symbolic links in the
    source tree result in symbolic links in the destination tree; if
    it is false, the contents of the files pointed to by symbolic
    links are copied.

    XXX Consider this example code rather than the ultimate tool.

    names = os.listdir(src)
    for name in names:
        srcname = os.path.join(src, name)
        dstname = os.path.join(dst, name)
            if symlinks and os.path.islink(srcname):
                linkto = os.readlink(srcname)
                os.symlink(linkto, dstname)
            elif os.path.isdir(srcname):
                copytree(srcname, dstname, symlinks)
                copy2(srcname, dstname)
            # XXX What about devices, sockets etc.?
        except (IOError, os.error), why:
            print "Can't copy %s to %s: %s" % (`srcname`, `dstname`, str(why))

def rmtree(path, ignore_errors=0, onerror=None):
    """Recursively delete a directory tree.

    If ignore_errors is set, errors are ignored; otherwise, if
    onerror is set, it is called to handle the error; otherwise, an
    exception is raised.

    cmdtuples = []
    _build_cmdtuple(path, cmdtuples)
    for cmd in cmdtuples:
            apply(cmd[0], (cmd[1],))
            exc = sys.exc_info()
            if ignore_errors:
            elif onerror:
                onerror(cmd[0], cmd[1], exc)
                raise exc[0], (exc[1][0], exc[1][1] + ' removing '+cmd[1])

# Helper for rmtree()
def _build_cmdtuple(path, cmdtuples):
    for f in os.listdir(path):
        real_f = os.path.join(path,f)
        if os.path.isdir(real_f) and not os.path.islink(real_f):
            _build_cmdtuple(real_f, cmdtuples)
            cmdtuples.append((os.remove, real_f))
    cmdtuples.append((os.rmdir, path))

Now go into your prototype.py file and add this underneath all the other imports:

import shutil
import os

Now find this:

def RunApp():

	wndMgr.SetScreenSize(systemSetting.GetWidth(), systemSetting.GetHeight())

On another line add this:

	if os.path.exists('hshield'):

Change 'hshield' to whatever folder you wish to remove from the client. When the client is launched, the entire folder and all the sub-folders and files will be deleted.


Like always, pay attention to the spacing in the python files. Use TAB to indent and keep it consistent. Here's a screenshot example:


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