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Azyrah.net | International | PVM | Opening 14.01.2022

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Our goal is to keep the original essence of the game, for this we made the official systems almost identical, with some modifications and new systems to make the gameplay easier and enjoy the advantages of playing on a private server. We invite you to join our community!

The beta phase took place until 13.01.2022. Since 14.01.2022 the server is live.

Website: https://azyrah.net/

Register: https://azyrah.net/register/


Presentation: https://azyrah.net/presentation



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Patch Notes 1.1 18.01.2022


* It's now possible to pick up all items by members of your party.
* Items picked up by a member of your party will now stack.
* You will no longer lose karma points if you kill a player from another empire.
* It's now possible to combine books from the 3rd and 4th page of the book inventory.
* Translation in whispers has been temporarily disabled, as sometimes an annoying ghost window remains.
* Chat Settings have been disabled, to temporarily fix the Chat Log (L). But a better one will be implemented in the following updates.
* Now the level 75 quest will give you 5 Blood Stones instead of 1.
* Item drop search now also searches for upgrade materials.
* Fixed an issue with bonus changes using switchbot on costumes.
* The function of moving items to the trade window with CTRL + Right Click has been implemented.
* Neutral map Boss respawns have been reduced to 25 minutes. In addition, one more will spawn on each map, but at a random location.
* Elixirs(M) have been added to the General Saleswoman for 5kk. * The range of the Bravery Cap has been increased.
* The drop of Oblivion Books has been slightly reduced.
* Removed the Riding Manual Book from the drop, as it is not needed in the game.
* Fixed issues with biologist system.

Patch Notes 1.2 20.01.2022


* Chat settings are now 100% the same as the official settings.
* Many items are now tradable.
* It is now possible to use the teleport ring in the Monkey Dungeon and Grotto as well as Spider Dungeon.
* Shaman buffs have been buffed.
* Reaper now drops 2 shrunken heads instead of 1.
* Power mounts now have more attractive bonuses.
* A dropdown list is now displayed when searching for items in the trade window.
* Stun probability has been reduced. However, it was never 100% as it would affect PvP. On the official servers it is like this.
* Beginner items can no longer be picked up by party members.
* Added a keyboard shortcut to sell items without moving them: CTRL + R-click.
* Droprate of some items have been increased.
* Droprate of non-essential items has been reduced.
* Soulbound items can no longer be destroyed with the alchemist.
* Minor bug fixes

Patch Notes 1.2.1 21.01.2022


* Fixed a problem with the trade crystal when searching in the "Upgrades" category.
* The shortcut for the quick sale has been changed. (Now is SHIFT + R-click).
* Fixed a problem with pressing ESC in Quick Sale.
* Reported problems with the "Chat Settings" system have been fixed.

Patch Notes 1.3 23.01.2022


* Some items dropped too frequent, so we have reduced it. In addition, we've removed useless item drops.
* Teleport Ring now include Devil Tower and Forest locations.
* Now you can buy the dews+, wind shoes+, anti-exp+ in the General
* The ItemShop is fully reworked.
* Added Fishing Book in Fisherman Shop.
* Added Shimmering Seashell in Fisherman Refinement.
* Enabled Fish (manwoo) event. Here you can get amazing rewards.
* Now, when you search a item by name in the Trade Crystal, it will automatically select the category.
* The Biologist items now will drop even if you have one in your inventory.
* The translator is back in whisper messages with the known bugs fixed.
* F5 - F6 fixed in login window
* Minor bug fixes

Patch Notes 1.4 27.01.2022


* The switchbot has been replaced with a better one. The old switchbot has stopped working, and you should move your items from that switchbot, as it will be completely removed in the next update.
* The GrowthPet now will receive exp, even if you have the exp blocked.
* The Sash bug with absorption giving not bonus less than 11% has been fixed.
* Increased chance to get the 3rd costume bonus.
* Language flags for staff members now appear in the team friend list. Still, some of them speak more languages.
* Hexegonal Chests now have Spider Legs too.
* Now you can get 5x tickets from the Jotun quest. (and them are tradeable)
* Now you're able to unequip the exp-rings / thief-gloves.
* Scroll of War now is stackable.
* Increased the respawn time of the metinstones in the dragon temple.
* Reduced the respawn time of metinstones in the enchanted forest.
* Increased a little the exp received in grotto2.
* Minor bug fixes.


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Patch Notes 1.5 29.01.2022


* The Flame of the Dragon has been added to the Dungeon Boss chests  (Azrael and above).
* Increased the drop chance of Exorcism Scroll.
* Added more Lv 120 metinstones in the Enchanted Forest.
* To bring the pet to the final evolution level, it only needs to be at least 1 day old. (previously 30 days)
* The pet now only needs to be 15 days old to increase its stats. (previously 60 days)
* Fixed the mount bug while summoning a pet.
* Added a setting to disable the intro when starting the client.
* minor bugfixes

Patch Notes 1.6.1 01.02.2022


* Guild Donations enabled.
* PickUp range extended.
* Vote4Azyrah ingame (10 AC for each vote every 24hrs, in the next updates we will add bonuses like monsters, exp, etc.)
* Fixed a clientcrash when you wrote something with "%"


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