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Problem : Delayed beating and skills in wars



Hello my friends, I have a problem when I challenge a war and big duels between players, there is a delay in hitting and skills

Note that the number of players does not exceed 150 players, between 100-120 players

Server specification

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS)VDS S

3 Physical CoresAMD EPYC 7282 2.8 GHz


180 GB NVMe SSDMore storage available

250 Mbit/s Port

32 TB TrafficUnlimited Incoming

From Contabo 

Can someone tell me the cause of the problem, is it from the hosting or what exactly?

I apologize for my bad English

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You should NEVER use contabo VPS in production.

They do a massive overselling on CPU / RAM / Storage.

Your load averages are quite large and I guess they weren't accessed when server had an active Guild War.

I recommend to go checkout OVH Game packages or a reseller (like that shown on my banner).

Best regards, Florin.

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