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Linking items in chat with other's equipment



I can Tag back in chat any item sent by anyone.. 



Here is my input_main.cpp for Item_prism: ( if any changes need to be done, i want the Prism to not be needed in chat item linking)

int ProcessTextTag(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * c_pszText, size_t len)
	//개인상점중에 금강경을 사용할 경우
	//0 : 정상적으로 사용
	//1 : 금강경 부족
	//2 : 금강경이 있으나, 개인상점에서 사용중
	//3 : 기타
	//4 : 에러
	int hyperlinks;
	bool colored;

	GetTextTagInfo(c_pszText, len, hyperlinks, colored);

	if (colored == true && hyperlinks == 0)
		return 4;

	if (g_bDisablePrismNeed)
		return 0;
	int nPrismCount = ch->CountSpecifyItem(ITEM_PRISM);

	if (nPrismCount < hyperlinks)
		return 1;

	if (!ch->GetMyShop())
		ch->RemoveSpecifyItem(ITEM_PRISM, hyperlinks);
		return 0;
	} else
		int sellingNumber = ch->GetMyShop()->GetNumberByVnum(ITEM_PRISM);
		if(nPrismCount - sellingNumber < hyperlinks)
			return 2;
		} else
			ch->RemoveSpecifyItem(ITEM_PRISM, hyperlinks);
			return 0;

	return 0;



Thank You :D

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