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  1. 1. Faster and cleaner boot: [Hidden Content] 2. Alias for shortcuts such as paths and executions. [Hidden Content] UPDATED! 12.10.2021 3. Disable Send Mail - Credits to: @ martysama0134 (Not waiting after Send Mail Service on boot, it will reduce your boot time with 10 more seconds) [Hidden Content] Hope it's usefull. It was for me Hope you have a great day! Shahin
  2. Can you help us out with this one @ martysama0134?
  3. Hello there! Can someone redirect me to this ones? Thank you!
  4. found it! [Hidden Content] thank you as well for the help. i appreciate it
  5. if you find the problem, please leave the fix over here. it might help to improve the "black screen issue" topic, so it will be an upgrade to what @ Distraught left for us.
  6. Hello, i have a code but it is in a diff format and i saw a few months back that some users were offering a website for their code which was compressed in a diff line. Does anyone know that website? part of code below:
  7. Shahin


    Highly recommended! I bought maps and weapons from him, even on requests he has fast delivery. I love his work! Bless your hands, Mehok!
  8. i started working on the design side for a few days and after that i found that i screwed up the Atlas dimensions. I tried to find the file that has the coordinates for it but without success. Can anyone give me directions please?
  9. use the button for solved threats
  10. Can you tell us the real world difference? in detail please. Performance wise, do you feel it?
  11. This is Shining System by Sanii. His website is not working atm, so here it is: The product is free on his website for anyone asking. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] With this you can add effects on any armor/weapon/costume etc. with one simple way: 1. You will have a text file named shiningtable.txt in your pack/locale/xx folder, in which you add the shining path along with the item vnum. Example: 10 "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_8_s.mse" Don't forget to use Tabs between vnum and path Also: you can set up to three effects on an item. That's it. No more binary and proto stress.
  12. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! Thanks for the effort put in to explain how things work
  13. So the easiest solution which is also not conflicting with the other time functions on update would be the : ? I am still benchmarking the "fix" received by @CHKRZ, but i think on a lower spec pc would run players crazy with the usage. I have 50% Gpu utilization with only one client minimized, 80% with tree clients minimized, on a i7 6700k integraded GPU "HD 630" (which is a high graded integrated PC Gpu, so the difference is huge when we talk about laptop i3/i5 integrated gpu users). I am taking integrated GPUs as a measurement because 70% of players are using a laptop, and most of them have only integrated GPUs. The base idea is to Optimize, not to use more performance to fix a minor problem. (i'm still talking about the above fix) So, what would be your suggestion as the best solution, and if you can walk me through it.

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