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How to correctly add a logo to a model.


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The content of this topic is rather directed to people familiar with the field of modelling.


I would like to say something that a lot of people may not know, when applying their logos to models. I have met people who offer to remove the server name or author from the model (for a fee, of course). Do you know how they do it? Those people I met on the metin road couldn't even turn 3D programs into use, but they can remove logos using a specially prepared program by a third person. So I will explain what to do to prevent such people from removing your markings from the model using such a simple method.


This is how the model usually looks, with a special designation of the author. You can see that it consists of two elements, a dragon and a platform. Mark removal programs can easily remove the platform on which the dragon is standing. So if we want to add a logo to a model, we definitely can't do it that way.



It would seem that connecting the dragon to the platform, as in the picture below, would do the trick, right? And in a way it is, but only if there is only one texture for the entire object. Otherwise, no. The platform can still be removed if it consists of a different texture than the dragon.



Only a model prepared in this way will successfully resist a smart guy. In this case, program can only delete the entire object.



PS: In fact, there doesn't have to be one texture for an entire object to thwart someone's evil plan. The most important thing is that the logo is on a texture that is assigned to some important element of the armor, for example the torso (when removing the logo, the torso will also be removed). In short, the logo must be linked to an important element of the model and share the same texture.


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Nice tutorial of course, but even this isn't a perfect prevent against those people who remove logos. 

Yeah, it can prevent someone who, as you said even can't run their 3D program to use.

I met a lot of people on my metin way too, and there are people who removing logos even from big size models like rooms using smoothing of the surface. So they technically won't delete the logo. There is not many people doing that, but they are there.

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