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      Yes, I agreed with @Mali 😄 Share the base 😄

  4. I'm here since 2014, now the forum gets great updates! Thank you ASIKOO!
  5. Well, good job. But are u gonna share it? this is "release" topic So i was asking for sharing the stuff like this
  6. Hello to everyone! Since this tutorial was released: [Hidden Content] we have a lot of new possibilities open. I would like to thank the creator of the tutorial! We can do animated sashes, wings, weapons, and of course map objects aswell. And this is why i have created this topic. To bring new life into Metin2. I would like to update this topic from time to time and bring you some new objects that can make your environment better. This topic is gonna be only for original metin2 objects, not for anything new. I would also like to ask other people who can do 3D, if they have something or would do something, its more than welcome, i will add it into this topic. So, if I can ask you, don't write comments if its not neccesary, I would like to keep the comment section for the new updates. I will do my best to update it as often as possible. Make sure you have installed granny 2.9 or higher! Otherwise the objects won't work in your client. So, here are first 3 objects (Both Watermill objects and horn_02 model from flame dungeon): Ingame gifs: Download: UPDATE 1 - OX FLAGS by @arlinamid - Thank you! UPDATE 2 - DAWNMISTWOOD MUSHROOMS
  7. Join my discord server for more news, leaks from my current work and also for some giveaways!!

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