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Community Answers

  1. That is a very brilliant fix! I just finished doing all the changes I could and ended up with pretty good results! I haven't fully finished yet (have to find a way for CopyDragonSoulItemGrid function), but the results so far are good. I also noticed a bug, it can be from my side but I prefer to report it for anyone, I am sometimes unable to switch an equipment part, on my warrior it was the weapon and the helmet, on my shaman it was only the armor. It doesn't happen when I revert my changes. (Edit : Do not bother trying, it was me. I was tired != != ==)
  2. Hi, When I did the Yohara Window I noticed it and made it work. You just have to remove the check if the server is Korean, the first if, then add some reasonable text. What it does is just showing a little tooltip with your class info when hovering the face on the top left.
  3. Hello, Just for the record, the same thing happens when you Windows + Arrow left or right when you have two monitors with different resolutions, or when you change your DPI (Even when I've updated the method to handle the DPI change it still did the same).
  4. As far as I remember, this topic fixes it and play around with the playable area. I personnally use this to get my metrics. Note that I am using W11 and that Taskbar isn't really easy to tweak without going into regedit. Only available option is to hide it and the metrics catch it greatly.
  5. Because someone I've talked with had an issue with his width in the metin2.cfg. This is the main issue as width is the issue and I wanted people to double-check that they had no issue there. Height on the contrary has nothing to do with the bug, that's why I've kept it normal in my example. Also, the width of the client should be your full monitor width, unless you have your sidebar on the side.
  6. It is the size of the "playable area", not the size of the whole application. For example:
  7. Oh, yes, this isn't a bug this is a feature. Ymir did that on purpose. You can use @Abel(Tiger) fix for this, every window will open on the center of the screen (which is what most modern games do).
  8. I've talked about this with Intel and yeah, the whole check is clumsy, it works only for the second window and if you open it during a specific timestamp. However the fact that it opens at the opposite of the second one is an approach I could understand, but centering it would erase any clumsyness I personally had no issue with the second window, but here you are. Undo the original tutorial and do this (it will render the whole if useless though so you can as well remove it):
  9. Thanks for your share but that's what I said, to adjust to your needs. At first I was going for 7 then needed 8, Haios needed 9 for example. Also, you can add it into "bAnotherWindow" condition if you have the bug more than once with multiple clients.
  10. Hello! Many people complained about a "7 pixel bug" on some clients. For example the client will open a few pixels too far from the left-side of the screen. Usually between 7 and 9 pixel on the right. I still do not know why it happens for some people and not for other. I thought about a visual studio toolset, a screen configuration or whatever but it turns out to be harder to know why it actually happens, I also had only two people talking about this so I cannot get accurate data. Anyway, let's get started it's really easy. The bug looks like this, take from the official client it looks like 1 or 2 pixels only. But it looks almost exactly like it at some moments. First, make sure your metin2.cfg is correct and does not display a weird resolution (like 1913 * 1080). Then just add this small line in PythonApplication.cpp: SetPosition(-8, 0); Right after this one: AdjustSize(m_pySystem.GetWidth(), m_pySystem.GetHeight()); EDIT: If you happen to have it on the second window as well, move the line under the bAnotherWindow check. Just like this: And voilà, it's fixed. Don't hesistate to add or remove one pixel if needed. It's really small and looks like a workaround but I did it really quickly. I didn't test this fix on clients / computers not having the actual bug. If it is a client issue it shouldn't cause any problems, if it's a computer issue, I might need more data to fine-tune the fix. Don't forget to share some data if you have.
  11. This is wonderful and it goes toward a better game
  12. Yeah, it is leaked and it lacks many features and has some issues related to rendering (and categories and whatever). But I think only one version is around

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