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Fix Login Cancel Button

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Hey guys, so there is a thing that really annoys when loggin in to a closed server.. whenever i try to cancel loggin in, the Processing Popup closes, but the popup with the error still appears after a few seconds...

So here is how you stop it from appearing:

Open intrologin.py

Add somewhere in __init__ function:

self.isLoginCanceled = False

Add somewhere in Close function:

self.isLoginCanceled = None


def OnConnectFailure(self):

Search for:

if self.isNowCountDown:

Add under:

if self.isLoginCanceled:
            self.isLoginCanceled = False


def Connect(self, id, pwd):

Search this:

self.stream.popupWindow.Open(localeInfo.LOGIN_CONNETING, localeInfo.UI_CANCEL)

Replace with:

self.stream.popupWindow.Open(localeInfo.LOGIN_CONNETING, self.OnProcessingCancel, localeInfo.UI_CANCEL)

Add under the Connect function this:

def OnProcessingCancel(self):
        self.isLoginCanceled = True


Save, and its done.

I know this is useless and easy to make but its meant to the people who find it anoying and dont know how to solve.

Kind Regards,


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