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  1. Hello, i finally did it Before: After: For me it worked I have a personal problem: If i set 30006 (orc tooth) to upgrade item and i click on it, the orc tooth will not be in the cube window (i have extra inventory, and the orc tooth is going to extra inv) but with every other item which is inside the normal inventory, it working fine. Thanks for the post!!!
  2. Thanks for answer! i have USE_CHANGE_COSTUME_ATTR in my uiinventory.py
  3. Hello! I have a problem with costume bonusing. Its not working on helmet costume, armour costume, and weapon costume. here is a gif about the bug: [Hidden Content] Can someone help?
  4. Try the @TMP4 idea if its not working, send me DM and i will try to help you.
  5. Are u using a free storage just for test? Cuz this will not work I tried with a lot of free cloud storage, but nothing worked. I bought a cloud storage for 1year (cost me 12€) and it worked instantly.
  6. Did you read this part? : "im not a coder, but its working."
  7. Already restarted everything with clear files, and slowly reuploaded my files into it. Working (i didnt tried your answer, but thanks!)
  8. Take a look on the DT quest, and re-write it, i did it and it working. Trying will not affect your server. So if you edited your quest, CTRL+S, and ./qc blabla.quest or (for me make.sh, cuz i dont need ./qc) sh make.sh, ingame: reload q. And you can test it
  9. Hello! I just came back from work and depression, and i want to continue my server development. I wanted to compile my server to see, its working or not. First time, i did, and it worked, nothing wrong with it. Two days later, i wanted to compile again, and it not worked. (did nothing in this 2 days with my server, only playing with other game.(only changed 2 item-description)) pic: [Hidden Content] Info about freebsd: 9.2-RELEASE i386 I dont know what is this error, cuz i dont have this location: /usr/local/bin/ld (maybe this is the problem, i really dont know, i never met with this type of errors) Appreciate if you can help me.
  10. Hello! I have a bug. Which is: When i equip my weapon costume, the effect is invisible. On armor, and weapon its working, except weapon costume. I tryed it with an older files, and there is no problem. I launched the client from the same directory, BUT i changed my client.exe, with my currently used clien.exe, the effect are invisible. Where should i search for the bug? or can someone help me please?
  11. Thanks for answer, i will try it now! I will give feedback if its working or not! EDIT: ITS WORKING!!!! U just saved my whole life. THANKS!!! How can i give you reputation?

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