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[ Dead Download Link ] World of Metin2 beta client (34k) [ We Need You ]

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Hi guys,


Since people are asking for a 34k client I have decided to release the World of Metin2 beta client from early last year. Many people have contributed to this release, namely the whole WoM team which as you may know is pretty big, but particularly Tim who created most of the scripts and the compiling stuff.




The package includes:


bin folder: this is where you actually run the client. The client includes tim's granny 2.8 DLL and a .mix file that allows attacking on mounts made by Paylasici (DynamicPatcher.mix).


Warning: metin2.bin may be identified by your antivirus as a threat. It's just packed with Themida. Why packed? because otherwise Tim's dll doesn't work.


You will need to create the epk files first. A patch maker/uploader script is also included in this folder.


data folder: the contents of the Eterpack archives, unpacked. Includes batch files to create the packs, an automatic XML generator (make_xml.py, configurable through make_xml.xml) and root/uiscript/locale pyc compiler.


The data folders contain every official file (costumes pets etc) up to March 2013, and a few of our own.


tools: includes FileArchiver, Tim's lz, and python22 (used by the compiling scripts). 


launcher: includes everything necessary to create your own official launcher





Unpack wherever you want

Install Python2.7(if you don't have it already) and add your Python27 installation folder to the System Path

Add the tools folder to the System Path




Edit the client to your liking and then run the appropiate make_*.bat file to compile the pack into the bin/pack folder.

When done, make a copy of metin2.bin called metin2client.exe so you can test the client locally.


Patch maker


There is an official patch maker included under bin/make_patch.py configurable through Patch_config.txt, it will read an online crclist and a list of files / archives and create a zip file containing the updated archives (lz'ed) and the updated crclist.




make_patch.py [-f filename] [-a packname] [-p patch (see PatchConfig.txt)]




python make_patch.py -f pack/Index -a root -a uiscript -p patch_test


Then you just need to upload this zip file to your patch root and unzip it.





World of Metin2 Client for metin2dev.org - Base.7z 95.9 MB


World of Metin2 Client for metin2dev.org - Extra.7z 486.2 MB
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Thanks for share. This is a good client for who want start new server. And you write everything on topic, i think users dont ask anymore. :P


this  client for r34083 server files.

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Are you uploading to mega.co.nz ? Just asking and a big THANKS for this release!

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Yeah MEGA I hope that's ok.


edit: uploaded first part (locale, root, uiscript, binaries, tools & scripts)

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Extra contains all the client data files besides locale, uiscript and root. This is basically every file produced by YMIR until March 2013, with duplicates and unused stuff removed. Therefore a good base for your own client, as there's not a lot of modifications.


Note the models are converted to granny 2.8 format.

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Again Thanks for this release Monday i'l give a good look at the files and test it with the 34083 sf.

Btw mega.co.nz is good because i can dl the files as i work or when im on the road with my smarthphone 

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i dont know what i have to do to modify the root to connect to my server dont know how to repack

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You only need to follow the instructions and run make_root.bat make_locale.bat and make_uiscript.bat

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It's a 34k client, from March last year to be precise, therefore it doesn't have belt system or dragonsoul.

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You would need to use a 40k client binary and modify the root. It's perfectly possible because we already did it.

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shogun i dont know what you mean with system path?

can you help me over skype?


is it C:WindowsSystem ?

or C:WindowsSystem32 ?


Have i to put the hole folder tools in it.


My python ist only on C:

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