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Hello metin2dev community!


I have promised that I will release mob_proto too, so now I have finished it and I want to share it with you.

I have made the same for item_proto, see the thread there.



(this tutorial is only for people using 40K+ mob_proto without TXT files (for example vanilla core))


What we are going to do:

1. Unpack mob_proto (so we will get XML file)

2. Convert this XML to SQL (for Navicat query)

3. Convert SQL back to XML (so we can pack it again)

4. Pack mob_proto (from XML) 


What we will need:

1. Proto archiver (download) - 

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2. My XML to SQL converter I have written (no download) - 

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3. My SQL to XML converter I have written (no download) - 

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How to do it:

1. First of all we need to download and extract mp_proto_archiver.rar (use WinRar or 7zip)

2. Then we need to move our mob_proto to folder, where we have extracted mp_proto_archiver.rar

3. Run unpack_mob_proto.bat and mob_proto.xml will appear

4. Open mob_proto.xml

5. Open XML to SQL converter

5. Make sure, that lines from mob_proto.xml looks like example in XML to SQL converter (for example there must be column locale_name)

6. Paste the content of mob_proto.xml into textarea in XML to SQL converter.

7. Click Convert and wait for action to be done

8. Fix errors if any and try again (for example you can have , in name column so converter will think that that name are 2 columns separated by ,)

9. After you have your conversion done, you can make query to your mob_proto table.

10. Do what you want (changes in DB, additional queries, ...)

11. Now you need to dump SQL file (right click to mob_proto table - dump SQL file)

12. Save it somewhere and open it

13. Delete everything on the start so only lines with INSERT INTO will remain

14. Copy everything and paste it into SQL to XML converter and click Convert

15. Everything should be ok now, so copy your XML result and save it into file mob_proto.xml

16. Run pack_mob_proto.bat and it will make from new mob_proto.xml packed mob_proto



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