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    File Name: WorldEditor ReMIX File Submitter: martysama0134 File Submitted: 27 Aug 2014 File Category: Tools Intro: This WE is a version compiled directly by me which includes infinite fixes and features. It's certain that you won't longer use the worldeditor_en! To make it simple, I wrote all the details about this feature and the common WE inside the relative config file: (called WorldEditorRemix.ini) ; Info: ; -) 100% translated ; -) granny2.11 ; -) F6 as Insert alternative ; -) many default features not present inside the worldeditor_en (probably, that binary was taken out from an SVN long time ago and resource hacked) such as Ins for all regions and skyboxes ; -) WASD UPLEFTDOWNRIGHT to move around (+asynchronous diagonally movements) ; -) UP-LEFT-DOWN-RIGHT to move around*10 (+asynchronous diagonally movements) ; -) config file for few things ; Output options by default ; few others such as default WASD movement ; whether or not Insert should let you go where you were before the press ; no MAI dump when saving atlas ; whether or not DevIL should compress and remove alpha from minimap.dds ; whether or not loading .mdatr building heights ; default textureset when creating maps ; overlapped tabs ; other stuff ; -) several bugfixes ; default title app name ; attempting to write to an empty textureset name when creating new maps ; ViewRadius doubled every load&save ; shadowmap.dds creation ; assert when saving atlas ; crash when adjusting height ; many buffer under/overflows ; *.mdc collision data saving (for game_test) ; not checking output options when loading maps ; water brush waterid bug (the id was increased until 256 each time the function was called; now it's based on the water height just like it should be) ; init texture map reload map crash and last 2px always blank ; square shape even for up/down height brushes ; add textureset texture button (+multiselection) ; remove textureset texture feature (just selecting a texture from the list and pressing DELETE) ; creation of empty textureset with index -1 (changed to 0) ; change baseposition button ; misspelled stuff ; skybox bottom image (nb: you also need a fixed launcher for this) ; removed boring CTRL requirement (to move the camera) when editing daylight/attr ; fixed refresh texture imagebox onKey pressing the down/up keys (like when onClicking them) ; fixed TextureSet file creation if not existing ; fixed new wolfman motion event handling ; fixed crash when editing animation attack bones and 00010.gr2 was missing ; fixed locale/ymir/mob_proto load (it autodetects the most common structures) and <map>/regen.txt load/save ; fixed ./group.txt load ; fixed load/save/edit <map>/regen.txt (very nice for "m" regens, untested for "g") ; load from PACK is available if pack/property is present! Be sure pack/Index exists! ; fixed multi-object selection crash ; fixed crash when previewing a missing texture ; fixed not clearing of old environment (e.g. skybox) when switching maps ; fixed not creating property folders in root tree (object tab) ; fixed object attachment in Model Tab ; fixed newly particles names in Effect Tab ; fixed crash when saving a .mse script with no mesh model ; fixed crash when inserting a lower gradient ; -) created new TextureSet field when creating new maps ; -) created new Change/Delete Texture buttons when double-clicking a texture ; -) created Background Music playback and Shadow Recalculate buttons ; -) created water height "set 0z", "+1z", "-1z" buttons ; -) server_attr generator ; -) every crash will generate a logs/WorldEditorRemix_{target}_{date}.dmp file useful for debugging ; -) implemented a "water path" mapsettings option (the launcher requires additional code) ; -) implemented a "wind strength" msenv option (the launcher requires additional code) ; -) the "encrypt data" feature does nothing (unimplemented) ; Note: ; 0) there are no regressions in this version! a bug here means it'd also be present in older WE versions too! ; 1) the shadow output option is tricky: when UpdateUI is called, shadows are hidden although the check is pressed (i implemented the shadow recalculate function for that) #fixed since v11 ; 2) the bgm player requires /miles and the fadein/out doesn't work until you load the map ; 3) the adjusting height button works only if mdatr height is detected ; 4) the Debug version is laggy when working on maps such as n_flame_dungeon and n_ice_dungeon (by default, because SphereRadius are intensively checked in SphereLib\spherepack.h) ; 5) if you load a map, the script panels (where you load .msa et similia) will have the camera perspective a little fucked up (0z instead of -32767z or 0x 0y -163,94z) ; 6) few tree objects are not movable and/or highlightable after placed on the ground and their selection is invisible (you can still delete 'em) ; trick: draw a square selecting a normal building and 'em, then move the building and you'll see all of 'em will be moved! ; 7) the server_attr generator will clean all the unused flags! attr[idx]&=~0xFFFFFFF8; ; 8) you can read files from pack/Index 'n stuff but be aware that Property will not be considered! #fixed since v15 ; 9) the MonsterAreaInfo features are laggy and buggy as fuck ; 10) even though you can select many textures at once (using ctrl+click on textureset list; for brushing or initializing a base texture), you can't delete more than one at the same time ; 11) the .mdatr height is tricky; if you move a building, the height will not be refreshed until you put a new building or whatever you want to trigger the update event ; 12) by default, the worldeditor tries to render only the first 8 terrain textures of a 32x32px region (nb: a 1x1 map is a 256x256 px region) ; 13) the minimap rendering cannot catch the buildings/trees inside the first 2x2 regions due a ymir cache fault and you need to set the camera to "see" them ; 14) when the textureset, environment, etc load fails, the old filename still remains loaded ; 15) the attr flag "3" (three) has no implementation, so don't use it! ; 16) load from PACK doesn't load texturesets from files for first (if they are already in pack/), and the object placer's object list will remain empty because it takes the list from property/ (and not from pack/property) ; 17) to save the regen.txt you press CTRL+S ; 18) if you enable the wireframe (f4) when on Attr Tab, you see the terrain all white ; 19) the water brush disappears when the camera renders the waterwheel small/big effect ; 20) the monster area info goes under ground if you're outside the relative sectree ; 21) the full skybox may be displayed only after the top picture has been added (if the other textures have already been inserted) ; 22) the slider in the Attr Tab is something like "16 photoshop layers" in which you can split your attrs; not so helpful and quite confusing sometimes ; 23) the fixed model - object attachment attaches static objects (hairs'skeleton will not mirror the playing animation) ; 24) in environment tab, if you insert lower gradients, you may end up with an out of range crash #fixed since v30 ; 25) brushes working out-of-screen/map-range may affect random terrain places ; TODO: ; A) look at more than 8 textures for region -> DONE ; B) create a shortcut to fix the #5 note -> DONE ; C) disable the radius <= GetRadius()+0.0001f check to fix the #4 note -> REJECTED ; the worldeditor_en calls this assert and, if ignored, the lag ceases to exist (this will not occur in source version) ; at least, if the release version is not a problem for you, use that in those few cases when .mse are abused and try to kill the debug one ; D) translation in more languages other than english -> REJECTED ; english should be enough! ; E) alternative path for d: -> REJECTED ; you can mount d as a subpath of c like this: ; subst d: "c:\mt2stuff" ; F) need to fix note #19 #25 -> TODO [shortcuts] ; ### SHORTCUTS ; # ESC(ape) Clean cursor ; # Canc(el|Delete) Delete stuff such as selected buildings ; # Ctrl+S Save map ; # Ins(ert) or F6 Save shadowmap|minimap.dds ; # F3 BoundGrid Show/Hide ; # F4 Render UI Show/Hide ; # F11 WireFrame Show/Hide ; # R Reload Texture ; # Z and X Decrease/Increase Texture Splat by 0.1 ; # CapsLock Show GaussianCubic effect if shadows are displayed ; # L-Shift+1-6 Show TextureCountThreshold flags (&2-7) as colors on the ground ; # L-Shift+8 Set Max Showable texture to 8 (de-fix note 12) ; # L-Shift+0 Set Max Showable texture to 255 (fix note 12) ; # H Refresh MDATR Heights (useful when you move an object) (fix note 11) ; # Y Set Perspective as default (fix note 5) ; # T Set the Camera to catch all the object on the screen (w/a note 13) then you'll be ready to press Insert/F6 ; # DO NOT HAVE AN OBJECT SELECTED WHEN USING THOSE SHORTCUTS (MW1-7) ; # MouseWheel+1 move cursor x rotation ; # MouseWheel+2 move cursor y rotation ; # MouseWheel+3 move cursor z rotation ; # MouseWheel+4 move cursor height base (1x) ; # MouseWheel+5 move cursor height base (0.5x) ; # MouseWheel+6 move cursor height base (0.05x) ; # MouseWheel+7 move cursor ambience scale (1x) ; # MouseWheel+Q move selected object height base (1x) ; # MouseWheel+9 move selected object x position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MouseWheel+0 move selected object y position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RSHIFT+9|0 as above but *10x (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RCONTROL+9|0 as above but *100x (+asyncronous) ; # MouseLeft Insert Objects ; # MouseRight Move camera (it could require CTRL too) ; # SPACE Start move/selected animation in Object/Effect/Fly CB ; # ESC Stop animation in Effect/Fly CB [config] ; ### CONFIG OPTIONS VIEW_CHAR_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_SHADOW_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_WATER_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 ; WINDOW_HEIGHT_SIZE = 1080 ; WINDOW_WIDTH_SIZE = 1920 WINDOW_FOV_SIZE = 45 ; #100 = 1px (minimal px movement when pressing WASD) WASD_MINIMAL_MOVE = 100 ; came back from where you were before pressing Insert/F6 NO_GOTO_AFTER_INSERT = 1 ; disable MAI dumps when saving atlas and/or pressing Insert/F6 NOMAI_ATLAS_DUMP = 1 ; disable minimap.dds alpha saving and enable compression NOMINIMAP_RAWALPHA = 1 ; enable .mdatr height collision loading when moving on buildings or adjusting terrain DETECT_MDATR_HEIGHT = 1 ; disable fog when loading maps NOFOG_ONMAPLOAD = 1 ; refresh all checkbox configurations when loading maps 'n stuff REFRESHALL_ONUPDATEUI = 0 ; set a default mapname prefix when creating new maps ("" to disable) NEW_MAP_MAPNAME_PREFIX = "metin2_map_" ; display a default textureset when creating new maps ("" to disable) ; note: it loads the filepath if exists, otherwise it will create an empty textureset file NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH = "textureset\metin2_a1.txt" ; create a default textureset as "textureset/{mapname}.txt" ; note: this option is not considered if NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH is not empty. [before v24] ; note: this option is not considered if the TextureSet path input is not empty when creating a new map [since v24] NEWMAP_TEXTURESETSAVEASMAPNAME = 1 ; remove the weird attr flags from the generated server_attr SERVERATTR_REMOVE_WEIRD_FLAGS = 1 ; show diffuse lighting to object VIEW_OBJECT_LIGHTING = 1 ; path of mob_proto used for regen MOB_PROTO_PATH = "locale/ymir/mob_proto" ; select monster area info checkbox at startup VIEW_MONSTER_AREA_INFO = 0 ; brush cursor / object selection color RGB float between 0.0 to 1.0 (default: green -> 0 1 0) RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_R = 0.0 RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_G = 1.0 RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_B = 0.0 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/g0r2rlnfewwv4/WE How To Map: This release will not cover this part. Look at CryPrime`s tutorials to understand how to do it. About the ServerAttr Generator: (since v14) This is a beta function but it should work fine. I tested it on gm_guild_build (1x1), metin2_map_a1 (4x5), metin2_map_trent (2x2), metin2_n_snowm_01 (6x6) and the result was the same as the blackyuko map editor. (I use a different lzo version and I clean deprecated and useless flags, so the size is different from this last one but the "final image" will be the same; using game_test to fix his server_attr will let mine and his perfectly equal byte per byte) I also give you the source code of my server_attr generator function. CLICK A server_attr file is based on all the attr.atr files merged into a one raw RGBA image and each one scaled from 256x256 to 512x512. After that, the image will be splitted into sectors of 128x128 px and each one compressed using lzo compression. The server_attr header is composed by the size of the map*4. (e.g. a 4x4 will have a 16x16 size with 256 sectors inside) (gj ymir CLICK) An uncompressed server_attr sector is just like this: CLICK (the sub 4 byte header is the size returned by the LzoCompress which indicates how much the compressed sector data are large) Each attr.atr is just like this: CLICK (the header is composed of 6 byte in total: 3 WORDs respectively for version, width and height; they are always 2634, 1, 1 so don't bother about it) A single attr.atr scaled from 256x256 to 512x512 will be just like this: CLICK You can use the game_test (from source) to perform few tasks like: Create a server_attr from a .mcd file (I won't suggest it) a <collision data filename> <map directory> Regenerate an old server_attr to server_attr.new using the current lzo compression and cleaning useless flag CLICK c <filename> Other stuff such as b to create a character instance or q to quit About the SkyBox Bottom pic fix: (since v21) Both metin2launch.exe and worldeditor.exe should be edited to see the bottom pic of the skybox. Ymir messed up the code wrongly flipping the bottom image. Open ./Srcs/Client/EterLib/SkyBox.cpp and replace: ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); with: ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); then recompile. Credits: old_map_tools__20140718-0420.rar we_remix_v24__20150621-0154.rar
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    Hi guys, I guy reported to me a weird bug about shamans w/m which are skipping collision when they are too fast to attack. On default source files it is still an unresolved bug which appear when the shaman's attack speed is more than 145/150. here a video which show how it is not getting the damage text for each hit on the stone. here the FIX. ATTENTION: Since the problem is the InvisibleTime on Attack.msa which it is too high, we could think to reduce it without need to edit nothing in our source (and it may be more efficient), but honestly i preferred to make a function which calculating the "adjustment" of the invisible time using the speed attack to don't risk to get the reversed problem (2 damage on 1 hit when the attack speed is low) feel free to use one of the two options.
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    Story: This map was used in the first ever Metin2 Closed Beta Test (Korea) in 2004. They probably didn't have the kingdoms created yet at the time, every player was in this map. Luckily they kept this map in the released client in Outdoor.eix-epk named as "metin2_map". Work done: -Misplaced objects corrected (especially a lot of fences) -Trees placed (All the trees were missing for some reason) -Some object placed where i felt empty -Made serverside with npcs and regens like map1 Installation: Video: Download1: https://www65.zippyshare.com/v/TBk8sKMh/file.html Download2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SFTG3j-nJKOz29m7saD8p3kKLM_vMZge Download3: https://www.dosyaupload.com/bxaL Download4: https://data.hu/get/12464269/Metin2_2004_Beta_Map_Rework_By_TMP4.zip
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    Hi there. While cleaning out "my closet", I found this thing I developed between 2014-2015 - maybe(?) - for my, at that moment, server. Since it's now closed, and I won't use it, I'm sharing it with you guys. Note: Didn't do the scrollbar, wasn't needed for me, so yeah. Now, let's start with opening your locale_game.txt and adding these lines: QUESTCATEGORY_0 Main Quests QUESTCATEGORY_1 Sub Quests QUESTCATEGORY_2 Collect Quests QUESTCATEGORY_3 Levelup Quests QUESTCATEGORY_4 Scroll Quests QUESTCATEGORY_5 System Quests Alright, now find your characterwindow.py (uiscript?) and you can either comment Quest_Page children or simply remove them all. Moving on to your interfaceModule.py find this line self.BINARY_RecvQuest(index, name, "file", localeInfo.GetLetterImageName()) and replace it with self.wndCharacter.questCategory.RecvQuest(self.BINARY_RecvQuest, index, name) Ok, then we are at the most, let's say, difficult part of this. Open your uiCharacter.py and just as you did in your characterwindow.py, remove or simply comment any single line related to quests. You can just search for these vars: self.questShowingStartIndex self.questScrollBar self.questSlot self.questNameList self.questLastTimeList self.questLastCountList Once you did that, you just: # Find these lines self.soloEmotionSlot = self.GetChild("SoloEmotionSlot") self.dualEmotionSlot = self.GetChild("DualEmotionSlot") self.__SetEmotionSlot() # And add the following import uiQuestCategory self.questCategory = uiQuestCategory.QuestCategoryWindow(self.pageDict["QUEST"]) # Find this def OnUpdate(self): self.__UpdateQuestClock() # Replace it with def OnUpdate(self): self.questCategory.OnUpdate() And we're done with the client-side. I attached some extra elements needed (such as the main python file (uiQuestCategory.py) and some image resources). Remember to edit the path linked to these images in that file. For the server-side... Well, screw it, uploaded it too. Too lazy to write. It has only a new quest function (q.getcurrentquestname()) and a few things to add in your questlib.lua. Btw, not sure if you have it, but if not, just add this extra function in ui.Button() (ui.py - class Button). def SetTextAlignLeft(self, text, height = 4): if not self.ButtonText: textLine = TextLine() textLine.SetParent(self) textLine.SetPosition(27, self.GetHeight()/2) textLine.SetVerticalAlignCenter() textLine.SetHorizontalAlignLeft() textLine.Show() self.ButtonText = textLine #Äù½ºÆ® ¸®½ºÆ® UI¿¡ ¸ÂÃç À§Ä¡ ÀâÀ½ self.ButtonText.SetText(text) self.ButtonText.SetPosition(27, self.GetHeight()/2) self.ButtonText.SetVerticalAlignCenter() self.ButtonText.SetHorizontalAlignLeft() Forgot the source part, fml, here it is. Add it to your questlua_quest.cpp. int quest_get_current_quest_name(lua_State* L) { CQuestManager& q = CQuestManager::instance(); PC* pPC = q.GetCurrentPC(); lua_pushstring(L, pPC->GetCurrentQuestName().c_str()); return 1; } void RegisterQuestFunctionTable() { luaL_reg quest_functions[] = { { "getcurrentquestname", quest_get_current_quest_name}, { NULL, NULL } }; CQuestManager::instance().AddLuaFunctionTable("q", quest_functions); } Now, finally, have fun and bye! questcategory.7z server-side.7z
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    Hello, This time i grab an old stuff again and bring back to life: Bangsan & Imji Valley. (Jinno's and Chunjo's orc maps) Originally every empire would have had their own orc map, but Bangsan (Jinno) and Imji (Chunjo) never finished nor used. Video: -Demon Tower (Hwang Temple) placed -Heaven Cave's entrance placed -Attrs and textures corrected -Added trees, rocks where it felt too empty -Atlas dumped -Full serveride made with complete regens -Etc Everything included, even quests with the new coordinates. You don't have to make anything Download1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DKks4wYw4x08Lr_qz1A0gnSMolPF8MkH/view?usp=sharing Download2: https://www109.zippyshare.com/v/ATo64c9z/file.html Download3: https://data.hu/get/12491218/Bangsan__Imji_Valley_Finished_By_TMP4.zip
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    Hi, Here i publish my edit of the public Render Target System. I hate it, when people earn money with public systems. https://mega.nz/file/TREH0KQD#3wx1zo5pSxLPQ0tmU41cJjpGzuKsN3bLBKQCawBv250 Original Thread https://metin2.dev/board/index.php?/topic/20550-rlsrendertarget/&tab=comments#comment-111384 https://gyazo.com/f1529844682e872a6c580c27b2daa289 have a look at my comments at UiToolTip.py Bug Fix: UiToolTip-Fix.txt
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    Hi everyone! So, after serveral days of searching a tool that could change the texture path of a .gr2 file, I found the tool(probably all of you know it, the texture changer by marv). After that I tried to change the texture paths of some gr2 models of a weapon, and guess what, it didn't work. I'm gonna reupload the file, because I didn't seen it on metin2dev, and I'm gonna teach you how to use it. First of all, I don't know about others, but for me it didn't work to change anything with this (I'm running windows 7 x64 bit). Some of guys told me that this "texture changer" works only on windows 7 x86 bit, so I reinstalled my windows(I really needed that tool), of course, it didn't work either way. So, go in Start and search cmd, and run it. After the cmd started you'll see a path right there C:\Users\Name (Instead of Name you'll have your username of computer administrator, or the account you're logged in), now that's the path where we can work with the tool. PAY ATTENTION!!! IF YOU START THE TOOL IN OTHER FOLDER INSTEAD OF C:\Users\Name THE TOOL WILL NOT WORK, AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE THE NEW MODEL. Exctract all the files from the archive(I'll post it below), and start Metin2TextureChanger.exe. Now click "Load" to choose a gr2 file you want to change texture path, BUT, the model name can't have spaces in name(devil sword.gr2 for example, it's wrong, the tool won't read it, and you'll not be able to save your new gr2 model), so if you want to change for example devil sword.gr2 you need to rename it into devil_sword.gr2 or devilsword.gr2 or any other name without spaces betwen. Where is "Neuer Texturpfad" we will chose the new path for texture, for example d:\ymir work\test\devil_sword_blue.dds , there you can choose any other path, but you can't modify "d:\ymir work" or you won't be able to see the weapon/armour in-game. Now we save the file wherever we want, it doesn't matter, this way must work for everybody. AGAIN, THIS TOOL WASN'T MADE BY ME. And I made this post because I've searched many days a tool that would work, but neither didn't work, and this tool didn't work for me either just when I used this method. So, this post is for guys who had the same problem like me (they had the tool, but couldn't save the new model) that's why I wanted to help them, and any other people who weren't been able to use it. And about the other tool I've found on this forum, the tool "made" by thunder-core, I didn't find that tool satisfying, it worked, but after the new model was made, I wasn't been able to import it in 3d max, or to convert the model from file format revision 7 to 6. So you were basicaly forced to upgrade your client to granny 2.9, and I found that inconvenient, because, I don't know about others, but I don't use source for binary, and because of that it's imposible to see the model in-game. And of course, the new model you've created, with the tool in attachement, is revision 7, so you need the new granny if you want to see it in-game, but you can use the converter from archive to convert from revision 7, to revision 6 (old), and you'll be able to see it in-game. If you already see it in-game, you don't need to use the converter. If you found this post helpful I'm glad I could help you. Metin2TextureChanger.rar Metin2TextureChanger.rar
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    Hi, It shows in the description of your item that it's possible to add a bonus to it. It works up to 7 bonuses. Tutorial Sincerly, ASIKOO
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    Screenshot Serverside - C++ [*]packet.h: search for HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2 = 20, & paste HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY = 21, under it. [*]packet.h: search for typedef struct command_item_drop2 { [...] } TPacketCGItemDrop2; & paste typedef struct command_item_destroy { BYTE header; TItemPos Cell; } TPacketCGItemDestroy; under it. [*]packet_info.cpp: search for Set(HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2, sizeof(TPacketCGItemDrop2), "ItemDrop2", true); & paste Set(HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY, sizeof(TPacketCGItemDestroy), "ItemDestroy", true); under it. [*]input_main.cpp: search for void CInputMain::ItemDrop2(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data) { [...] } & paste void CInputMain::ItemDestroy(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data) { struct command_item_destroy * pinfo = (struct command_item_destroy *) data; if (ch) ch->DestroyItem(pinfo->Cell); } under it. [*]input_main.cpp: search for case HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2: [...] break; & paste case HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY: if (!ch->IsObserverMode()) ItemDestroy(ch, c_pData); break; under it. [*]char_item.cpp: search for bool CHARACTER::DropItem(TItemPos Cell, BYTE bCount) & paste bool CHARACTER::DestroyItem(TItemPos Cell) { LPITEM item = NULL; if (!CanHandleItem()) { if (NULL != DragonSoul_RefineWindow_GetOpener()) ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("°*È*âÀ» ¿¬ »óÅ¿¡¼*´Â ¾ÆÀÌÅÛÀ» ¿Å±æ ¼ö ¾ø½À´Ï´Ù.")); return false; } if (IsDead()) return false; if (!IsValidItemPosition(Cell) || !(item = GetItem(Cell))) return false; if (item->IsExchanging()) return false; if (true == item->isLocked()) return false; if (quest::CQuestManager::instance().GetPCForce(GetPlayerID())->IsRunning() == true) return false; if (item->GetCount() <= 0) return false; SyncQuickslot(QUICKSLOT_TYPE_ITEM, Cell.cell, 255); ITEM_MANAGER::instance().RemoveItem(item); ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("Du hast %s zerstoert."), item->GetName()); return true; } above it. [*]char.h: search for bool DropItem(TItemPos Cell, BYTE bCount=0); & paste bool DestroyItem(TItemPos Cell); above it. [*]input.h: search for void ItemDrop2(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data); & paste void ItemDestroy(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * data); under it. Clientside - C++ [*]packet.h: search for HEADER_CG_ITEM_DROP2 = 20, & paste HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY = 21, ein. [*]packet.h: search for typedef struct command_item_drop2 { [...] } TPacketCGItemDrop2; & paste typedef struct command_item_destroy { BYTE header; TItemPos pos; } TPacketCGItemDestroy; under it. [*]PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGameItem.cpp: search for bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendItemDropPacketNew(TItemPos pos, DWORD elk, DWORD count) { [...] } & paste bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendItemDestroyPacket(TItemPos pos) { if (!__CanActMainInstance()) return true; TPacketCGItemDestroy itemDestroyPacket; itemDestroyPacket.header = HEADER_CG_ITEM_DESTROY; itemDestroyPacket.pos = pos; if (!Send(sizeof(itemDestroyPacket), &itemDestroyPacket)) { Tracen("SendItemDestroyPacket Error"); return false; } return SendSequence(); } under it. [*]PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp: search for PyObject* netSendItemDropPacket(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { [...] } & paste PyObject* netSendItemDestroyPacket(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { TItemPos Cell; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &Cell.cell)) return Py_BuildException(); CPythonNetworkStream& rkNetStream = CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); rkNetStream.SendItemDestroyPacket(Cell); return Py_BuildNone(); } under it. [*]PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp: search for { "SendItemDropPacketNew", netSendItemDropPacketNew, METH_VARARGS }, & paste { "SendItemDestroyPacket", netSendItemDestroyPacket, METH_VARARGS }, under it. [*]PythonNetworkStream.h: search for bool SendItemDropPacketNew(TItemPos pos, DWORD elk, DWORD count); & paste bool SendItemDestroyPacket(TItemPos pos); under it. Clientside - Python [*]uiCommon.py: search for class QuestionDialog(ui.ScriptWindow): [...] & paste class QuestionDialogItem(ui.ScriptWindow): def __init__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__init__(self) self.__CreateDialog() def __del__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__del__(self) def __CreateDialog(self): pyScrLoader = ui.PythonScriptLoader() pyScrLoader.LoadScriptFile(self, "uiscript/questiondialogitem.py") self.board = self.GetChild("board") self.textLine = self.GetChild("message") self.acceptButton = self.GetChild("accept") self.destroyButton = self.GetChild("destroy") self.cancelButton = self.GetChild("cancel") def Open(self): self.SetCenterPosition() self.SetTop() self.Show() def Close(self): self.Hide() def SetWidth(self, width): height = self.GetHeight() self.SetSize(width, height) self.board.SetSize(width, height) self.SetCenterPosition() self.UpdateRect() def SAFE_SetAcceptEvent(self, event): self.acceptButton.SAFE_SetEvent(event) def SAFE_SetCancelEvent(self, event): self.cancelButton.SAFE_SetEvent(event) def SetAcceptEvent(self, event): self.acceptButton.SetEvent(event) def SetDestroyEvent(self, event): self.destroyButton.SetEvent(event) def SetCancelEvent(self, event): self.cancelButton.SetEvent(event) def SetText(self, text): self.textLine.SetText(text) def SetAcceptText(self, text): self.acceptButton.SetText(text) def SetCancelText(self, text): self.cancelButton.SetText(text) def OnPressEscapeKey(self): self.Close() return TRUE under it. [*]uiScript/questiondialogitem.py: download it & pack it in your pack/uiscript. [*]game.py: search in definition __DropItem for the first itemDropQuestionDialog = uiCommon.QuestionDialog() & replace it with itemDropQuestionDialog = uiCommon.QuestionDialogItem() [*]game.py: a few lines under it you can find itemDropQuestionDialog.SetAcceptEvent(lambda arg=TRUE: self.RequestDropItem(arg)) & paste itemDropQuestionDialog.SetDestroyEvent(lambda arg=TRUE: self.RequestDestroyItem(arg)) under it. [*]game.py: search for def RequestDropItem(self, answer): [...] & paste def RequestDestroyItem(self, answer): if not self.itemDropQuestionDialog: return if answer: dropType = self.itemDropQuestionDialog.dropType dropNumber = self.itemDropQuestionDialog.dropNumber if player.SLOT_TYPE_INVENTORY == dropType: if dropNumber == player.ITEM_MONEY: return else: self.__SendDestroyItemPacket(dropNumber) self.itemDropQuestionDialog.Close() self.itemDropQuestionDialog = None constInfo.SET_ITEM_DROP_QUESTION_DIALOG_STATUS(0) under it. [*]game.py: search for def __SendDropItemPacket(self, itemVNum, itemCount, itemInvenType = player.INVENTORY): [...] & paste def __SendDestroyItemPacket(self, itemVNum, itemInvenType = player.INVENTORY): if uiPrivateShopBuilder.IsBuildingPrivateShop(): chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, localeInfo.DROP_ITEM_FAILURE_PRIVATE_SHOP) return net.SendItemDestroyPacket(itemVNum) under it. [*]locale/xx/locale_interface.txt: add there somewhere DESTROY Destroy release_avenue.rar
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    Hello, Any Questions? here please I thought I was going to release a dungeon for you, and there it is. It is very small and simple. Of course I could have placed some unicorns, but I'll leave the fantasy to you. kind regards
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    https://gyazo.com/c10376e8fec6f5c40536eec0e880f980 https://mega.nz/file/MYdy1YQD#sk6RPL2yPJVVCSiN-eQmaJ0_U6QUlB8GhGWarjBJvVE VT: https://bit.ly/3fdvL3Q
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    GF v20.3.3 patch. Contents: Some re-exported, new mob models. Simple GUI for WorldBoss event, Flower event. Removed FindM event perhaps by mistake. New skill icon for wolfman(?) Probably soon the new skills are coming too. root+dump, locales+protos
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    So i collected every single GM logo which was used on an official server. General: Ymir: Brasil (Ongame): SG (Since ~2015 they are not licensed anymore afaik): Canada (G4Box) (Closed): Hongkong (Closed afaik): Vietnam (Closed): China (Yitian2 - yt2.catv.net) (They are not using this anymore, they use the general): I think it's all, if i forgot something please tell Download in tga format + their mse: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yvEqDpiVCK58gkXhG9-NRyup3rJ3E7gv/view?usp=sharing
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    M2 Download Center Download ( Latest Version ) THIS FILES ARE FOR METIN1 (METIN.CO.KR) NOT METIN2!!!!!! Downloaded from a Chinese forum/website. Year: 2008 They might contain unauthorized program, virus or anything, expect stuff. https://mega.nz/file/55tj1Y4Z#XkCW6oxtDWVEhg-TOFya40ENWTy84JYmU39sZfQjqXk Password: gkr40g3grgk)$j 小窗口登录 -> Windowed 全屏登录 -> Fullscreen Read 安装教程_文字.
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    Hello everyone ! I've been away from metin2 for about 6 months and i've get back from less then a month and made thoes systems , i've start selling them but i didn't sell it to anyone and i got bored from metin2 again so i'm going to release it and go off from metin2 for ever . about the Advance Refine System here some info: so download and have fun Advance Refine System.rar Soul Bind System.rar Cheque System.rar
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    You little boy, Discord Metin2 imp. is my work. So where is my name? I can't see. Edit image and map name, create new topic. wtf? If I update my topic, what will be the significance of this topic?
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    https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Quest-Deleter Some old quests don't have (lua/quest) files. They have only object files. If you use make.sh, they will disappear. Other reason, I don't like use make.sh every time for one quest. Maybe someone wants to use it. Put qdel to game/share/locale/xx Set permissions to 777 ./qdel questname
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    Hey, Today i will share how can you change the Whitemark in Minimap with a new one. I saw that there is a topic in Questions & Answers but seems not complete so. Minimap Whitemark - New Download: Minimap Whitemark.rar
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    Hello There. I publish here this system i hope that this help you a bit with this you can hide your costume if you dont like it here is a gif: (if I forgot something just say it ) (this system is not complete yet you can hide only your costume no hairstyle,sash,weapon) costumewindow.rar (This system is not mine! i just found the source function and made the python codes and quest)
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    Hi ! Today ThunderCore Society will offer you a special tool for Granny3D Models. Note: That tool isn't for begginers and we don't offer suport for that. We hereby inform you that we take the copyrights file and his contents because ThunderCore Society has paid to perform this work. Attention: NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. NoDerivatives — If you transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. VirusTotal: Link Download: texturechanger_thc.zip Archive Password: http://www.thunder-core.com How to use: Kind Regards - Johnny White
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    Hello, Im sharing a pet pack Preview Download
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    When hovering over a skill, it's recharge duration in tooltip is always the same because it ignores player's casting speed. In PythonSkill.cpp search for : DWORD CPythonSkill::SSkillData::GetSkillCoolTime(float fSkillPoint) Replace with: DWORD CPythonSkill::SSkillData::GetSkillCoolTime(float fSkillPoint) { if (strCoolTimeFormula.empty()) return 0; CPoly poly; poly.SetStr(strCoolTimeFormula.c_str()); /* Apply casting speed when calculating the formula */ int iCastingSpeed = CPythonPlayer::Instance().GetStatus(POINT_CASTING_SPEED); int iSkillCoolTime = ProcessFormula(&poly, fSkillPoint); int i = 100 - iCastingSpeed; if (i > 0) i = 100 + i; else if (i < 0) i = 10000 / (100 - i); else i = 100; return DWORD(iSkillCoolTime * i / 100); }
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    EterNexus File Archiver View File File archiver for Metin2 with GUI made by Crysus Technologies. Please note, you will need Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed to use this software. 32-bit download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555 64-bit download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=14632 Screenshots: EterNexus_1.0.3.1a.rar Submitter Rumor Submitted 02/03/14 Category Tools
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    Hey there, I have an Halloween gift for you all. i have been working for a few hours on official like element image on target window(See screenshots below). When you click on a mob if it is defined as elemental, it will open an element image in addition to the target window. Don't forget to hit the like button! (C) Metin2 guild wars - coded by [GA]Ruin - 27/10/2017 (I create custom metin2 systems in c++/python. if you want a custom system send me a pm and we can talk over skype). Client files: element_image_client_files.rar Let's begin! Server Side: Open service.h, add in the end: #define ELEMENT_TARGET Open char.cpp, search for else { p.dwVID = 0; p.bHPPercent = 0; } add below: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET const int ELEMENT_BASE = 11; DWORD curElementBase = ELEMENT_BASE; DWORD raceFlag; if (m_pkChrTarget && m_pkChrTarget->IsMonster() && (raceFlag = m_pkChrTarget->GetMobTable().dwRaceFlag) >= RACE_FLAG_ATT_ELEC) { for (int i = RACE_FLAG_ATT_ELEC; i <= RACE_FLAG_ATT_DARK; i *= 2) { curElementBase++; int diff = raceFlag - i; if (abs(diff) <= 1024) break; } p.bElement = curElementBase - ELEMENT_BASE; } else { p.bElement = 0; } #endif open packet.h, search for: } TPacketGCTarget; add above: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET BYTE bElement; #endif Client side: open locale_inc.h, add in the end: #define ELEMENT_TARGET open packet.h, search for } TPacketGCTarget; add above: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET BYTE bElement; #endif open PythonNetworkPhaseGame.cpp, look for: else if (pInstPlayer->CanViewTargetHP(*pInstTarget)) replace below with the following: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "SetHPTargetBoard", Py_BuildValue("(iii)", TargetPacket.dwVID, TargetPacket.bHPPercent, TargetPacket.bElement)); #else PyCallClassMemberFunc(m_apoPhaseWnd[PHASE_WINDOW_GAME], "SetHPTargetBoard", Py_BuildValue("(ii)", TargetPacket.dwVID, TargetPacket.bHPPercent)); #endif open PythonApplicationModule.cpp, look for #ifdef ENABLE_ENERGY_SYSTEM add above: #ifdef ELEMENT_TARGET PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT", 1); #else PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT", 0); #endif open game.py, look for def SetHPTargetBoard(self, vid, hpPercentage): if vid != self.targetBoard.GetTargetVID(): self.targetBoard.ResetTargetBoard() self.targetBoard.SetEnemyVID(vid) self.targetBoard.SetHP(hpPercentage) self.targetBoard.Show() replace with: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: def SetHPTargetBoard(self, vid, hpPercentage,bElement): if vid != self.targetBoard.GetTargetVID(): self.targetBoard.ResetTargetBoard() self.targetBoard.SetEnemyVID(vid) self.targetBoard.SetHP(hpPercentage) self.targetBoard.SetElementImage(bElement) self.targetBoard.Show() else: def SetHPTargetBoard(self, vid, hpPercentage): if vid != self.targetBoard.GetTargetVID(): self.targetBoard.ResetTargetBoard() self.targetBoard.SetEnemyVID(vid) self.targetBoard.SetHP(hpPercentage) self.targetBoard.Show() open uitarget.py, look for import background add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: ELEMENT_IMAGE_DIC = {1: "elect", 2: "fire", 3: "ice", 4: "wind", 5: "earth", 6 : "dark"} look for: self.isShowButton = False add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: self.elementImage = None inside Destroy method, look for: self.__Initialize() add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: self.elementImage = None inside ResetTargetBoard method, look for: self.hpGauge.Hide() add below: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT and self.elementImage: self.elementImage = None look for : def SetElementImage(self,elementId): add above: if app.ENABLE_VIEW_ELEMENT: def SetElementImage(self,elementId): try: if elementId > 0 and elementId in ELEMENT_IMAGE_DIC.keys(): self.elementImage = ui.ImageBox() self.elementImage.SetParent(self.name) self.elementImage.SetPosition(-60,-12) self.elementImage.LoadImage("d:/ymir work/ui/game/12zi/element/%s.sub" % (ELEMENT_IMAGE_DIC[elementId])) self.elementImage.Show() except: pass Compile server, client source and root pack and that's it! Enjoy! Happy halloween! element_image_client_files.rar
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    Hi ! Today ThunderCore Society will offer you a special tool for 3d MAX Software. Note: That tool isn't for begginers and we don't offer suport for that. We hereby inform you that we take the copyrights file and his contents because ThunderCore Society has paid to perform this work. There exists an "readme" file that contains some informations about how to install the script. Attention: These files are under copyright and licensed by ThunderCore Society. Any violation of the license may result in suing. Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes. NoDerivatives — If you transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material. No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits. THC_MDE_TOOL.zip Link Update.
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    This is a revised version of an old thread. Following this How-To, you will have a better customizable solution for the aspect of your quests. You will be able to choice amongst: quest icon, text color, blink effect (like whisper buttons) How To You just need to replace 2 little things: I) In interfaceModule.py, replace BINARY_RecvQuest with: http://pastebin.com/TAk9bx92 II) In questlib.lua, replace send_letter_ex with: http://pastebin.com/wDYjJdnp Explanation: -the 2° argument of send_letter_ex will support multiple parameters: -green|blue|purple|golden|fucsia|aqua and so on (you can add them in BINARY_RecvQuest by adding new colors 0xFF+#HEX; Color Picker Online) -blink (the quest will flash like the whisper messages) -ex (a dummy tag to separate it from "info" and "item") -the 3° argument is the name of the icon to choose, which the current availables are: -scroll_open.tga -scroll_open_green.tga -scroll_open_blue.tga -scroll_open_purple.tga -scroll_open_golden.tga Examples: send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "green,blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "blue,blink,ex", "scroll_open_blue.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "purple,blink,ex", "scroll_open_purple.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open_golden.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open.tga") send_letter_ex(localeInfo.LanguageOptionTitle, "golden,blink,ex", "scroll_open_green.tga") Note: As you can imagine, the only limitation is that the color in N won't appear. (it will require additional code and work, so just forget it) Download: Check the attachment (colored-quest-scrolls-v2-res.7z) and add metin2_patch_new_questicon in your client. colored-quest-scrolls-v2-res.7z
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    So after 5 years I finally decided to make a map from scratch, which became the new map 1 for romanian players in WoM2: the Deunsang Citadel. Thanks to Ace for many of the models I use here: I am also releasing most of the trees and shrubs I used, these are from Oblivion and I did already release them before (and many people used them in their maps) but I reworked both the lighting and the textures, especially of the trees, and fixed a couple that were not working before. https://mega.nz/#!N1sVwAjB!JxklI1qYBUnzfq-DRcF5ab0mvS08ORbfl1D1oGSIv5I
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    An update is almost ready for the official snow environment
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    Many people nowadays fail to lead a server. They also don't take responsibilities for their failure. There's a huge risk in security in these times where databases are getting leaked and account tables released. That's why I want to give you something for free. I'm not into showing "great c++ skills", it's just the fact that securing private data is the most important thing an admin should do. So. Here is the simple solution. Nothing too fancy but it'll do it's job. A players password is stored with the built-in mysql function "password()". But as you already know people are too dumb to create more complex passwords. And there's always the risk of you getting your database leaked. It's easy to use rainbow tables to restore the original password out of its hash. A simple solution: pepper. Pepper will automatically raise the password length by itself and therefore modify the hash you'll receive at last. It's just a simple "extension" if you want to call it like that. For this we think of a special letter like "test12356789". Now let's simply add it to every password you're using to log in. 1. find CInputAuth::Login in input_auth.cpp 2. above char szPasswd[PASSWD_MAX_LEN * 2 + 1]; we can add: const char pepper[] = "test123456789"; //make sure to change this! And then modify szPasswd[PASSWD_MAX_LEN * 2 + 1]; we earlier found to: char szPasswd[PASSWD_MAX_LEN * 2 + 1 + strlen(pepper)]; 3. Above // CHANNEL_SERVICE_LOGIN we can simply add: strcat(szPasswd, pepper); The code is simple. We declared a char variable and put our text into it. We modified our szPasswd-variable because we want to append our text to it with strcat. Note that strcat removes the old null-termination character, that's why we can safely use strlen without adding +1. That's all. Compile it and you're ready to go. Make sure you're also adapting your homepage to pepper. Just do the same trick. If you're on a running system and want to add pepper, then just force your users to change their paswords. With this addition rainbowtables will most likely be useless. People would have to create new rainbow tables that are adapted to your pepper-variable. Nobody would do that especially since they don't know what you actually typed in there. Just make sure nobody knows what you used as your pepper variable. I know it's nothing that big. But the topic is too serious and I guess most people don't even know the existence of pepper. Oh and there's also a better security than this: Protect your users data. That's all.
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    Hello, Working on some new stuff I found out that current implementation of event looks a bit tricky. Due to this fact I basically deciced to re-implement it in C++11 providing up to date tech. Don`t forget to take a look at this topic before you start: https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/305-src-compile-with-gcc48-c11-and-optimized-flags/ So lets begin. Add include into the main.cpp: #ifdef __NEW_EVENT_HANDLER__ #include "EventFunctionHandler.h" #endif And add this into main function before: while (idle()); #ifdef __NEW_EVENT_HANDLER__ CEventFunctionHandler EventFunctionHandler; #endif Now add this at the end of idle: #ifdef __NEW_EVENT_HANDLER__ CEventFunctionHandler::instance().Process(); #endif Now search for: sys_log(0, "<shutdown> Destroying CArenaManager..."); And add before: #ifdef __NEW_EVENT_HANDLER__ sys_log(0, "<shutdown> Destroying CEventFunctionHandler..."); CEventFunctionHandler::instance().Destroy(); #endif Now open service.h and add this define: #define __NEW_EVENT_HANDLER__ That`s all. Now just download attachment and add included files to your source. Enjoy. EventFunctionHandler.zip http://www71.zippyshare.com/v/XQNjXSKn/file.html
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    Hi there devs, Its been a while since my last release and probably this will not change, but I had this guide in my head for like a year now. In my last ~2 years while I was working in the AE team various devs came and go, and this kind of guideline would have been a huge help and could prevent lots of errors. I have been in the dev scene for more than 10 years now and (as some of you may already noticed) one of my main interest has always been making more and more user friendly and complex UI objects/interfaces and along the road gathered tons of experience. You won't end up with another shiny system that you can use in your server this time by reading this article, but instead maybe I can prevent you from making windows that stays in the memory forever, opens infinite times, prevents other window's destruction, and many more. Who knows, maybe you will leave with some brand new never ever seen tricks that you can use in your future UIs. But first of all lets talk about some good2know stuff. UI layers Layers are root "windows", their purpose to hold all kind of interface windows while managing the z order of the windows (z order = depth level of the windows, which one is "above" the other). By default there are 5 layers (from bottom to top): "GAME": this is only used for the game window (game.py), and when you click on it the game will translate the click position to the map "UI_BOTTOM": this is used for shop titles "UI": this is the default layer, we would like to put most of our windows into this layer, like inventory, character window, messenger, pms, etc, so they can overlap each other "TOP_MOST": every window, that should always be in front of the player, so other windows would not overlap them from the lower layers, so for example the taskbar is placed in this layer "CURTAIN": this is for the curtain window, which is actually a black as a pit window, that is used to smooth the change from different introXX windows (like between login and charselect) This is the outest layer and goes before the other 4. So when the render happens, the 1st layer and its childs will be rendered first, then the 2nd layer, then the 3rd, etc, so by this we will get our comfy usual client layout. In the other hand, when we click, everything goes in reverse order, first the client will try to "pick" from the curtain layer's child windows (also in reverse order), then the top_most layer, etc. Ofc there is no layers beyond the game layer, so usually the "pick" will succeed there, and we will end up clicking on the map. UI windows Now lets talk a little bit about the parts of an UI window. It has a python object part and a c++ object part. When you create a basic Window (from the ui.py) basically 2 things happen: a python Window object is created first, then through the wndMgr.Register call a c++ CWindow object is created. These 2 objects are linked, in python the handle for the CWindow is saved in the self.hWnd variable, while in the CWindow the python object handle would be stored in the m_poHandler. What are these handles for? If you want to call a method on a window from python, you have to specify which window you want to perform that action on. Remember, the python part is just a "frontend" for the UI, the actual magic happens in the cpp part. Without python, its possible to create windows, but without the cpp part there is no windows at all. On the cpp part, we need the python object handle to perform callbacks, like notifying the python class when we press a key, or pressing our left mouse button. By default the newly created window will take a seat in one of the layers (if provided through the register method, otherwise it goes to the UI layer). In a healthy client we only put useful windows directly into a layer. For example you want to put your brand new won exchange window into the UI layer, but you don't want to put all parts of a window into the UI layer (for example putting the base window into the root layer then putting the buttons on it to the root layer too, then somehow using global coordinates to make it work). Instead, you want to "group" your objects, using the SetParent function. You may say that "yeah yeah who doesn't know this?", but do you know what actually happens in the background? The current window will be removed from its current parent's child list (which is almost never null, cus when you create it its in the UI layer, so the parent is the UI layer) and will be put into the end of the new parent window's child list. Why is it important, that it will be put into the end? Because it will determine the Z order of the childs of the window. For example if I create 2 ImageBox with the same size of image on the same position and then I set ImageBox1's parent before ImageBox2's parent, then I will only see ImageBox2, because that will be rendered after ImageBox1, because its position in the childList is lower than ImageBox2's. For normal window elements (like buttons) its very important, because after you set the parent of a window, you can't alter the z order (or rather the position in the childList) unless you use the SetParent again. No, you can't use SetTop, because its only for windows with "float" flags on it, which you only want to use on the base of your window (the root window that you put your stuff on it and use it as parent for most of the time). Window picking "Picking" is performed when we move the cursor. This is an important method, because this will determine the result of various events, for example the OnMouseOverIn, OnMouseOverOut, OnMouseRightButtonDown, etc. To fully understand it, you must keep in mind that every window is a square. Do you have a perfect circle image for a button? No you don't, its a square. Do you have the most abstract future window board design with full star wars going on the background? No, you DON'T. ITS A SQUARE. By default, a window is picked if: the mouse is over the window AND the window is visible (Shown) AND the window doesn't have "not_pick" flag set AND the window is "inside its parent's square" on the current mouse position, which means if the parent's position is 0,0 and it has a size of 10x10 and the window's position is 11, 0, the window is outside of its parent's square. This is really important to understand, lots of UI has fully bugged part because of ignoring this fact. I think every one of you already experienced it on some bad illumina design implementation, when you click on a picture, and your character will start to run around like a madman, because the game says that A-a-aaaaa! There is NO WINDOW ON THAT POSITION It is useful to use the not_pick flag whenever you can, for example on pure design elements, like lines and flowers and ofc the spaceships on the background. Lets say you have a size of 10x10 image that has a tooltip, and you have a window on it that has a size of 5x5. When the mouse is over the image, the tooltip will be shown, but if its over the 5x5 window, the tooltip won't appear, unless you set it to the 5x5 window too. But if you use the not_pick flag on the 5x5 window, the 5x5 window won't be picked and the tooltip would be shown even if the mouse is over the 5x5 window. Window deletion, reference counting, garbage collector, proxying The window deletion procedure starts on the python side, first the destructor of the python object will be called, then it will call the wndMgr.Destroy that deletes the c++ object. By default, we have to store our python object, or this time our python window, to make sour it doesn't vanish. Usually we do this via the interface module, like "self.wndRandomThing = myModule.RandomWindow()". But what is this? What is in the background? Python objects has reference count. Let me present it with the following example: a = ui.Window() # a new python object is created, and its reference count is 1 b = a # no new python object is created, but now b is refering to the same object as 'a', so that object has a refence count of 2 del b # b is no longer exists, so its no longer referencing to the newly created window object, so its reference count will be 1 del a # the newly created window object's reference count now 0, so it will be deleted, calling the __del__ method To be more accurate, del-ing something doesn't mean that it will be deleted immediately. If the reference count hits 0 the garbage collector (btw there is garbage collector in python if you didn't know) will delete it, and that moment the __del__ will be called. It sounds very handy isn't it? Yeeeeah its easyyyy the coder don't have to manage object deletion its sooo simple.... Yeah... But lets do the following: class stuff(object): def __del__(self): print "del" def doStuff(self): self.something = self.__del__ # here we could just simply do self.something = self too, doesnt matter a = stuff() a.doStuff() # and now you just cut your leg del a #you are expecting the "del" print, but that will never happen You may say " oh please who tf does something stupid like this? It SO OBVIOUS that its wrong whaaaaaaat????" But in reality, I could count on only one of my hand how many devs don't make this mistake. Even my codes from the past decade are bad according to this aspect, since I only realized this problem about a year ago, when I was working on the AE wiki. Even the yimir codes contain tons of this kind of errors, however there was definitely a smart man, who implemented the __mem_func__. Okay, I see that you still don't understand how is this possible to make this kind of mistake, so let me show you a real example: class myBoard(ui.Board): def __init__(self): super(myBoard, self).__init__() self.makeItRain() def __del__(self): super(myBoard, self).__del__() print "I want to break free. I want to breeaaaaaak freeeeeeeeeeee" def doNothing(self): pass def makeItRain(self): self.btn = ui.Button() self.btn.SetParent(self) self.btn.SetEvent(self.doNothing) #boom a = myBoard() del a # but where is the print? Thats not that obvious now right? What happens here? We create a myBoard object, which in the __init__ calls to the makeItRain func, which stores an ui.Button object, and sets the button to call for the myBoard class's doNothing function with the self object pointer in the OnLeftMouseButtonDown function, which means that the reference count will never be zero, because the btn referenced in the myBoard but myBoard is referenced in the btn but the btn is referenced in the.... so you know, its a spiral of death, that our best friend garbage collector can't resolve. Okay, but how to do it correctly? Lets talk about proxying. In python, proxies are weak references, which means that they don't increase reference count of an object, which is exactly what we need. #let me show this time the console output too class stuff(object): def __del__(self): print "del" >>> from weakref import proxy >>> a = stuff() #newly created object >>> b = proxy(a) #create weak reference to the new object (note that the weak reference object is also an object that stores the weak reference) >>> b #what is b? <weakproxy at 02DB0F60 to stuff at 02DBFB50> # b is a weakproxy object that refers to a which is a "stuff object" >>> del b # what if we delete b? # no "del" message, the stuff object is not deleted, because its reference count is still 1, because its stored in a >>> b = proxy(a) # lets recreate b >>> del a # now we delete the only one reference of the stuff object del # and here we go, we got the del message from __del__ >>> b # okay but whats up with b? <weakproxy at 02DB0F60 to NoneType at 7C2DFB7C> # because b is a weakproxy object, it won't be deleted out of nowhere, but it refers to a NoneType right now, because the stuff object is deleted (also note here that NoneType is also a python object :D) >>> if b: #what if I want to use b? ... print "a" ... Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> ReferenceError: weakly-referenced object no longer exists # in normal cases no need to trycatch this exception, because if we do everything right, we will never run into a deleted weakly-referenced object But how do we proxy something like self.doNothing? Actually, what is self.doNothing? self.doNothing has 3 parts: The first part is not that obvious, it has a base class pointer, which is points to myBoard. It has a class object pointer, that is basically "self". It refers to the current instance of myBoard. It has a function object pointer, called doNothing, which is located inside the myBoard class. And now we can understand ymir's ui.__mem_func__ class, which is exactly meant to be used for proxying class member functions: # allow me to reverse the order of the definitions inside the __mem_func__ so it will be more understandable class __mem_func__: def __init__(self, mfunc): #this happens when we write ui.__mem_func__(self.doSomething) if mfunc.im_func.func_code.co_argcount>1: # if the doSomething takes more than one argument (which is not the case right now, because it only needs the class obj pointer (which is the 'self' in the 'self.doSomething')) self.call=__mem_func__.__arg_call__(mfunc.im_class, mfunc.im_self, mfunc.im_func) #lets unfold the python object to the mentioned 3 parts else: self.call=__mem_func__.__noarg_call__(mfunc.im_class, mfunc.im_self, mfunc.im_func) #this will be called for the 'self.doSomething' def __call__(self, *arg): # this line runs whenever we call apply(storedfunc, args) or storedfunc() return self.call(*arg) class __noarg_call__: # this class is used whever the python object we want to proxy only takes one argument def __init__(self, cls, obj, func): self.cls=cls # this one I don't really get, we won't need the class object later also its not proxied, so its probably here to prevent delete the base class in rare cases self.obj=proxy(obj) # here we proxy the object pointer which is what really matters self.func=proxy(func) # and then we proxy the class func pointer def __call__(self, *arg): return self.func(self.obj) # here we just simply call the class function with the object pointer class __arg_call__: def __init__(self, cls, obj, func): self.cls=cls self.obj=proxy(obj) self.func=proxy(func) def __call__(self, *arg): return self.func(self.obj, *arg) # here we just simply call the class function with the object pointer and additional arguments Pros, cons, when to, when not to, why? Now you may ask that "Okay okay that sounds good, but why? What can this cause, how big the impact could be, is it worth to even bother with it?" First of all, you must understand that this is kinda equal to a memory leak. I would actually call these non-deleted windows as "leaking windows". Every time you warp, new and new instances will be generated from those objects, and ofc, one instance of a window means like about +50/100 instances, depending on the window complexity, how much childs it has. Usually these windows are at least remain in a Hide state, and hidden windows don't affect update and render time, but they will remain in the root layer, and may stack up depending on how much time the player warp. Still, the number of leaking root windows / warp is around 50-100, which is really not much for a linked list (the type of the childList). However, the memory consumption is much greater. One year ago AE had 10k leaking windows growth / warp. One base class (CWindow)'s size is 140 bytes, which means the memory growth is at least 1,3MB/warp and it does not contain the size of the python objects size for those windows, the linked_list headers and other necessary stuffs. After some hour of playing this can easily reach 100+MB of leaking memory. On worse cases the old windows are not even hidden, and on rewarp players may see multiple instances of the mentioned windows, like double inventory, double messenger window, etc. In this cases those windows can affect the render and update times too. Pros: your code will now work correctly regarding to this topic you may gain some performance boost you may find stuff in your client that even you don't know about you may find enough kebab for a whole week you can save kittens by removing leaking windows and proxying objects you can build my respect towards you and your code and you can even calculate the actual number using the following formula: totalRespect = proxysUsed * 2 + ui.__mem_func__sUsed - proxysMisused * 3.511769 - ui.__mem_func__sMisused * pi - 666 * ui.__mem_func__sNotUsed Cons: depending on how bad the situation is and how skilled you are, the time needed to find and fix everything could be vary, from few hours to several days if you are satisfied with your client as it is right now there is not that huge benefit regarding how much time it could take to fix all the windows Detecting leaking windows DON'T BLOCK THE BACKEND!! At first glance python code looks like you are invincible, you can do whatever you want, you are not responsible for the performance because python has a bottomless bucket full of update/render time and if the game freeze sometimes its definitely not your fault, the game is just BAD. Lets talk about OnUpdate and OnRender, whats the difference, when they are called, what to and what not to put in there. So as their name implies, they are called from the binary every time it performs an Update or Render action. In Update, the binary performs non-rendering actions, like updating the positions of walking characters, updating window positions, and every kind of calculation that is necessary for a render action, to make every kind of data up to date, reducing the cpu operations required for render as much as possible while keeping track of the time. In Render, the binary performs non-updating actions, calling only directx device rendering methods that builds up a picture of the current world, including the UI, using the current, up to date positions. If you try to count the number of stars in our galaxy to accurately simulate your star wars going on in the background of your inventory window, no matter where you do it, (render or update) you will start hurting the game. For example if you have an ui with tons of elements, generating all the elements under one tick can cause HUGE client lag. In my AE wiki, I only load one or two entity for the current page under an update tick, so it will still load quickly, but won't block the game. Notice that doing something like this is an UPDATE operation. Lets be nice and don't interrupt our rendering whit this kind of stuff. You should only use calls to render functions inside the OnRender, for example like in the ui.ListBox class, where we actually ask the binary to render a bar into our screen. Around 20% of time spent in an Update tick was consumed by the UI update (calling to a python object through the api is kinda slow by default) in the AE client one year ago. Removing the rendering and updating of the gui for testing purposes actually gave a huge boost to the client, so who knows, maybe one day someone will make a great client that runs smooth on low end pcs too. Answer the api calls if expected! Some calls from the binary like OnPressEscapeKey expects a return value. Of course if no return value is provided the binary won't crash, but can lead to weird problems and malfunctions. For example, the OnPressEscapeKey expects non-false (non-null) if the call was successful on the window, so it will stop the iteration from calling to lower level windows. So if you expect from the game to close only one window per esc push, you have to return True (or at least not False or nothing). There was a crash problem related to this in one of my friend's client recently. In his ui.EditLine class the OnPressEscapeKey looked something like this: def OnPressEscapeKey(self): if self.eventEscape(): return True return False In the original version it just return True unrelated to the eventEscape's return value. This looks fine at first glance, but if for some reason the self.eventEscape doesn't return anything and if (like the garbage collector decides to run or its disabled) the layer's or the parent's child lists changes in the binary because one or more windows are destroyed under the OnPressEscapeKey procedure and the iteration trough the child list is not interrupted, the binary will start to call invalid addresses thinking that they are existing windows, calling OnPressEscapeKey on them, resulting hardly backtraceable crashes. Closing words I can't highlight out enough times how much I like and enjoy creating new kind of UI stuff, (like animating windows that you may saw on my profile recently (click for the gif)) and because of this if you want to discuss a theory about new UI stuffs or mechanics of already existing UI stuffs feel free to do it in the comment section instead of writing me a pm to help others. Also this time (unlike for my other topics) I would like to keep this guideline up to date and maybe adding new paragraphs if I find out another common mistake/misunderstanding. DEATH TO ALL LEAKING WINDOW!!!!!4444four
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    Chunjo _ Shinsoo _ Jinno download: https://mega.nz/file/wsMwAIwb#0EwOUmptRDKmtMwjNg6Jl70H4PExsUZ1OYtQxss2Bno
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    https://gyazo.com/de48a3486639cc361d5e6a87accc4eff https://mega.nz/file/0I0jXIwT#wqUADWsRgXopBls8vEOq8GLgm4T2cm_GFE9IFho2Ukk https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/614415eb09f37185eb08b7892e7e3e66f8aa37a8a02f220728dd54875618a985/detection
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    https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-CHANNEL-STATUS-UPDATE --------------------------------- ---------------------------------
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    Marty was the best friend I've ever had. He has a perfect heart. It always deserves the best. I hope everything will be good for him. Today, I am ending my Metin2 adventure. I chose to post my last message for Marty.
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    chmod u+x qdel In 2020, if they use quests like that, they shouldn't be allowed to open.
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    Hi, I'm thinking about releasing very good quality cms open source code. What do you think about it What functions do you expect? What payments do you use? A very object-based system, ORM, template system and API for plugins. I also want to release a version that everyone can copy, develop and earn. An example of a page I created: https://atonis.pl/ My github: https://github.com/Alerinos
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    Hey guyz, I just made a regen creator. Here's a how to use GIF: Download (EN and HU version too): metin2_regen_creator_by_distraught_EN.exe metin2_regen_creator_by_distraught_HU.exe
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    There you go, uiCharacter.py and characterwindow.py for you to compare with yours. characterwindow.py uicharacter.py
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    Required level : Beginner Estimated time : 15 minutes This tutorial is to explain how to install a map on Metin2. Needed : A map, you can find many maps here. You will need access to your server, with WinSCP for example, as well as a packer like EterNexus or PackMakerLite for depack your client. I. Serveur side II. Client side A category Questions and Answers is available. If you have a problem or question, feel free to post a request!
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    For everyone who used this "well-coded" system and paid for it: Here's the proper fix with explanation. in char.cpp look for: CHARACTER::EncodeInsertPacket The tutorial told you to add the following lines which is kinda uhm... problematic, to say the least: #ifdef ENABLE_HIDE_COSTUME_SYSTEM SetHideCostumeUpdate(); #endif Now if you may have a look at the conditions needed for this to trigger... (just look a few lines above and you'll see it and hopefully start to get what I'm trying to say): if (IsPC() == true || m_bCharType == CHAR_TYPE_NPC) So, even if we're dealing with an NPC... This function will trigger SetHideCostumeUpdate(). And guess what this call does? You guessed right: It calls for CHARACTER::GetQuestFlag And now here we have it: Since we're dealing with an NPC this function is unable to fetch the current quest player (ofcourse it can't because.. It's a npc). What does it to instead? Yep, it returns a nullpointer, thus rendering the call to quest::PC::GetFlag destructive. How to fix it? You can just make sure that this function does not get triggered when dealing with an npc: #ifdef ENABLE_HIDE_COSTUME_SYSTEM if(m_bCharType != CHAR_TYPE_NPC) { SetHideCostumeUpdate(); } #endif That should fix the crash. You can also add the check like mentioned above but as I said, the root cause of this is a misuse of GetQuestFlag which is called by SetHideCostumeUpdate(). You can also make the check inside the SethideCostumeUpdate() to make sure you're not dealing with an NPC there. It doesn't matter where exactly you're doing it as long as you're doing it before you try to fetch the quest character and end up killing your server.
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    Hello. Today I'd like to share this little stuff what I reversed from the official binary a month ago. This will fix the positions of textails(name position changes by every update packet on the main character), and also the position of the emotions when you are on a mount . I've made a little demonstration video where you can see a private server without the fix, my fixxed version and the official aswell. 1. Client/bin/playersettingmodule.py 2. Client/bin/introLoading.py 3. Place the race_height.txt from the official client into the yours and pack it in the root. 4. Client/UserInterface/PythonCharacterManagerModule.cpp 5. Client/GameLib/RaceManager.h 6. Client/GameLib/RaceManager.cpp 7. Client/UserInterface/InstanceBase.h 8. Client/UserInterface/InstanceBase.cpp 9. Client/UserInterface/InstanceBaseEffect.cpp 10. Client/UserInterface/PythonTextTail.cpp 11. Client/GameLib/ActorInstance.cpp I hope you like it, and if you find any problem just let me know in this topic.
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    thanks alot, plz upload element_image_client_files.rar
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    Well .. i've made it for 40k to work perfect... uicharacter.py and interfacemodule.py made for r40k Client is attached to this reply.. Have fun test.zip
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