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  1. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Mega.nz, Future updates will also be here) Client & Serverfiles + VDI ( Internal / Backup ) [40250] Reference Serverfile + Client + Src [15 Available Languages] My goal was to make a reference r40250 serverfile as official as possible compared to what GF had back when their files got leaked in early 2014. No new systems added, only bug fixes. While I spent several hours testing, there may still be bugs. Please report bugs to me so I can fix them in the future, I want to make this project as bug free as possible. Available languages: EN/DE/HU/FR/CZ/DK/ES/GR/IT/NL/PL/PT/RO/RU/TR Please read Languages.txt to learn how to change the default EN language. SSH for VM: root/123456789 MySQL: root/123456789 Ingame: admin/123456789 Aliases and it's commands: start cd /usr/metin2/server && sh start.sh close cd /usr/metin2/server && sh close.sh clear cd /usr/metin2/server && sh clear.sh backup cd /usr/metin2/server && sh backup.sh questcompile cd /usr/metin2/server/share/locale/english/quest && python make.py dbclean cd /usr/metin2/src/db/src && gmake clean dbcompile cd /usr/metin2/src/db/src && gmake gameclean cd /usr/metin2/src/game/src && gmake clean gamecompile cd /usr/metin2/src/game/src && gmake Please read Changelog.txt to find more about the changes I made. Special thanks to: @Mali for the clean and updated client & server src files. @Sanchez for the 2014 base client. @Veltor88 for the translate.lua pack. @Fazer for the locale_string pack I made a little video about installing the serverfile (vm) and changing the language: PS: I know it's pretty late in 2021 but better than ever Sincerely, TMP4
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  2. GF v21.2.10.0 Patch Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, protos(out of date, types/values will be checked later). 2021 Summer costumes, new pet. All files are unpacked in a folder.
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  3. Version 2014.1 only offers an upgrade of sources to the x64-bit platform, MySQL 8 compatibility and ready to use CLang-LLVM 11 compiler. No particular optimization, this version may contain bugs... Please contact me and send to me the dysfunctions that you can detect so that I can correct them... Only the baguette language is available, I will soon add the translations within the server and the client... Introduction Kraizy Updated Edition allows you to run a private Metin2 Server with the 2014 version of the Kraizy sources, the year in which the source for the Metin2 game was leaked. No superfluous system has been added, except Discord Rich Presence by Mali61, the objective is to offer an upgrade of the sources and corrections. I hope to offer you a sharing accessible to all and of the best possible quality. Summary VM Ready to use and compilable under FreeBSD 12.2 Ready to use with MySQL 8.0 / CLang 11 Ready to use on a local server or on a dedicated server Ready to use with the platform x32-bit & x64-bit Ready to use with Visual Studio Community 2019 Logins SSH / PuTTY / WinSCP / VirtualBox User: root Password: dev MySQL / Navicat Public User: metin2_2014 Password: @METIN2! or the password you have chosen (dedicated server) MySQL / Navicat Local Users : root / metin2_2014 Password: @METIN2! Metin2 / GM Users: playerone, playertwo, playerthree, playerfour, playefive, playersix, playerseven, playereight, playernine, playerten Password: player Tutorials How to create à Metin2 private server on virtual machine How to create à Metin2 private server on dedicated server Important Prerequisites for installing a C++ System Important Metin2 Project Shell Manager Download Center 2014.1 : Metin2 Project Virtual Machine - Metin2 Project Client - Metin2 Project Server Made With and Metin2 Project
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  4. GF v21.2.8.0 Patch Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, protos(out of date, types/values will be checked later) New map with dungeon and monsters, npcs, objects. New weapons, pet(2x textures), new mount. All files are unpacked in a folder. Demo.
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  5. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) I made a collection of official login, loading screens and wallpapers. There are over 100 picture, here is a quick preview: Don't worry, you will find categorized folders at the link, not in bulk. I may extend it in the future since there are more, mostly newer images. Download: [Hidden Content] Regards, TMP4
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  6. BR v21.1.1.0 Patch Contents: root-meta, dumped binary some extra informations about the upcoming features inside the binary, uiscript and meta. GF v21.0.8 Full Client - AllInOne
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  7. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) Prepared src packages: *Granny 2.11.8 *libjpeg-9a *Python-2.7 *Crypto++ 8.4.0 *DevIL-1.6.5 *lzo-2.10 Archive password: black
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  8. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download: workupload.com/file/wZymNkb Password: m2dl-cxlgizeh
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  9. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Latest Version ) Dear M2Dev Community, I did not find a share with the Sources of Metin2... I share the sources with you today ! Kraizy sources with all branches of development. External Link : Mega Go Best Regards, ASIKOO
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  10. M2 Download Center Downlaod Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) Please dont flame me. @Mali61 push me to pubblish here. Video
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  11. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( Latest Version ) This WE is a version compiled directly by me which includes infinite fixes and features. It's certain that you won't longer use the worldeditor_en! To make it simple, I wrote all the details about this feature and the common WE inside the relative config file: (called WorldEditorRemix.ini) ; Info: ; -) 100% translated ; -) granny2.11 ; -) F6 as Insert alternative ; -) many default features not present inside the worldeditor_en (probably, that binary was taken out from an SVN long time ago and resource hacked) such as Ins for all regions and skyboxes ; -) WASD UPLEFTDOWNRIGHT to move around (+asynchronous diagonally movements) ; -) UP-LEFT-DOWN-RIGHT to move around*10 (+asynchronous diagonally movements) ; -) config file for few things ; Output options by default ; few others such as default WASD movement ; whether or not Insert should let you go where you were before the press ; no MAI dump when saving atlas ; whether or not DevIL should compress and remove alpha from minimap.dds ; whether or not loading .mdatr building heights ; default textureset when creating maps ; overlapped tabs ; other stuff ; -) several bugfixes ; default title app name ; attempting to write to an empty textureset name when creating new maps ; ViewRadius doubled every load&save ; shadowmap.dds creation ; assert when saving atlas ; crash when adjusting height ; many buffer under/overflows ; *.mdc collision data saving (for game_test) ; not checking output options when loading maps ; water brush waterid bug (the id was increased until 256 each time the function was called; now it's based on the water height just like it should be) ; init texture map reload map crash and last 2px always blank ; square shape even for up/down height brushes ; add textureset texture button (+multiselection) ; remove textureset texture feature (just selecting a texture from the list and pressing DELETE) ; creation of empty textureset with index -1 (changed to 0) ; change baseposition button ; misspelled stuff ; skybox bottom image (nb: you also need a fixed launcher for this) ; removed boring CTRL requirement (to move the camera) when editing daylight/attr ; fixed refresh texture imagebox onKey pressing the down/up keys (like when onClicking them) ; fixed TextureSet file creation if not existing ; fixed new wolfman motion event handling ; fixed crash when editing animation attack bones and 00010.gr2 was missing ; fixed locale/ymir/mob_proto load (it autodetects the most common structures) and <map>/regen.txt load/save ; fixed ./group.txt load ; fixed load/save/edit <map>/regen.txt (very nice for "m" regens, untested for "g") ; load from PACK is available if pack/property is present! Be sure pack/Index exists! ; fixed multi-object selection crash ; fixed crash when previewing a missing texture ; fixed not clearing of old environment (e.g. skybox) when switching maps ; fixed not creating property folders in root tree (object tab) ; fixed object attachment in Model Tab ; fixed newly particles names in Effect Tab ; fixed crash when saving a .mse script with no mesh model ; fixed crash when inserting a lower gradient ; -) created new TextureSet field when creating new maps ; -) created new Change/Delete Texture buttons when double-clicking a texture ; -) created Background Music playback and Shadow Recalculate buttons ; -) created water height "set 0z", "+1z", "-1z" buttons ; -) server_attr generator ; -) every crash will generate a logs/WorldEditorRemix_{target}_{date}.dmp file useful for debugging ; -) implemented a "water path" mapsettings option (the launcher requires additional code) ; -) implemented a "wind strength" msenv option (the launcher requires additional code) ; -) the "encrypt data" feature does nothing (unimplemented) ; Note: ; 0) there are no regressions in this version! a bug here means it'd also be present in older WE versions too! ; 1) the shadow output option is tricky: when UpdateUI is called, shadows are hidden although the check is pressed (i implemented the shadow recalculate function for that) #fixed since v11 ; 2) the bgm player requires /miles and the fadein/out doesn't work until you load the map ; 3) the adjusting height button works only if mdatr height is detected ; 4) the Debug version is laggy when working on maps such as n_flame_dungeon and n_ice_dungeon (by default, because SphereRadius are intensively checked in SphereLib\spherepack.h) ; 5) if you load a map, the script panels (where you load .msa et similia) will have the camera perspective a little fucked up (0z instead of -32767z or 0x 0y -163,94z) ; 6) few tree objects are not movable and/or highlightable after placed on the ground and their selection is invisible (you can still delete 'em) ; trick: draw a square selecting a normal building and 'em, then move the building and you'll see all of 'em will be moved! ; 7) the server_attr generator will clean all the unused flags! attr[idx]&=~0xFFFFFFF8; ; 8) you can read files from pack/Index 'n stuff but be aware that Property will not be considered! #fixed since v15 ; 9) the MonsterAreaInfo features are laggy and buggy as fuck ; 10) even though you can select many textures at once (using ctrl+click on textureset list; for brushing or initializing a base texture), you can't delete more than one at the same time ; 11) the .mdatr height is tricky; if you move a building, the height will not be refreshed until you put a new building or whatever you want to trigger the update event ; 12) by default, the worldeditor tries to render only the first 8 terrain textures of a 32x32px region (nb: a 1x1 map is a 256x256 px region) ; 13) the minimap rendering cannot catch the buildings/trees inside the first 2x2 regions due a ymir cache fault and you need to set the camera to "see" them ; 14) when the textureset, environment, etc load fails, the old filename still remains loaded ; 15) the attr flag "3" (three) has no implementation, so don't use it! ; 16) load from PACK doesn't load texturesets from files for first (if they are already in pack/), and the object placer's object list will remain empty because it takes the list from property/ (and not from pack/property) ; 17) to save the regen.txt you press CTRL+S ; 18) if you enable the wireframe (f4) when on Attr Tab, you see the terrain all white ; 19) the water brush disappears when the camera renders the waterwheel small/big effect ; 20) the monster area info goes under ground if you're outside the relative sectree ; 21) the full skybox may be displayed only after the top picture has been added (if the other textures have already been inserted) ; 22) the slider in the Attr Tab is something like "16 photoshop layers" in which you can split your attrs; not so helpful and quite confusing sometimes ; 23) the fixed model - object attachment attaches static objects (hairs'skeleton will not mirror the playing animation) ; 24) in environment tab, if you insert lower gradients, you may end up with an out of range crash #fixed since v30 ; 25) brushes working out-of-screen/map-range may affect random terrain places ; TODO: ; A) look at more than 8 textures for region -> DONE ; B) create a shortcut to fix the #5 note -> DONE ; C) disable the radius <= GetRadius()+0.0001f check to fix the #4 note -> REJECTED ; the worldeditor_en calls this assert and, if ignored, the lag ceases to exist (this will not occur in source version) ; at least, if the release version is not a problem for you, use that in those few cases when .mse are abused and try to kill the debug one ; D) translation in more languages other than english -> REJECTED ; english should be enough! ; E) alternative path for d: -> REJECTED ; you can mount d as a subpath of c like this: ; subst d: "c:\mt2stuff" ; F) need to fix note #19 #25 -> TODO [shortcuts] ; ### SHORTCUTS ; # ESC(ape) Clean cursor ; # Canc(el|Delete) Delete stuff such as selected buildings ; # Ctrl+S Save map ; # Ins(ert) or F6 Save shadowmap|minimap.dds ; # F3 BoundGrid Show/Hide ; # F4 Render UI Show/Hide ; # F11 WireFrame Show/Hide ; # R Reload Texture ; # Z and X Decrease/Increase Texture Splat by 0.1 ; # CapsLock Show GaussianCubic effect if shadows are displayed ; # L-Shift+1-6 Show TextureCountThreshold flags (&2-7) as colors on the ground ; # L-Shift+8 Set Max Showable texture to 8 (de-fix note 12) ; # L-Shift+0 Set Max Showable texture to 255 (fix note 12) ; # H Refresh MDATR Heights (useful when you move an object) (fix note 11) ; # Y Set Perspective as default (fix note 5) ; # T Set the Camera to catch all the object on the screen (w/a note 13) then you'll be ready to press Insert/F6 ; # DO NOT HAVE AN OBJECT SELECTED WHEN USING THOSE SHORTCUTS (MW1-7) ; # MouseWheel+1 move cursor x rotation ; # MouseWheel+2 move cursor y rotation ; # MouseWheel+3 move cursor z rotation ; # MouseWheel+4 move cursor height base (1x) ; # MouseWheel+5 move cursor height base (0.5x) ; # MouseWheel+6 move cursor height base (0.05x) ; # MouseWheel+7 move cursor ambience scale (1x) ; # MouseWheel+Q move selected object height base (1x) ; # MouseWheel+9 move selected object x position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MouseWheel+0 move selected object y position (1x) (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RSHIFT+9|0 as above but *10x (+asyncronous) ; # MW+RCONTROL+9|0 as above but *100x (+asyncronous) ; # MouseLeft Insert Objects ; # MouseRight Move camera (it could require CTRL too) ; # SPACE Start move/selected animation in Object/Effect/Fly CB ; # ESC Stop animation in Effect/Fly CB [config] ; ### CONFIG OPTIONS VIEW_CHAR_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_SHADOW_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 VIEW_WATER_OUTPUT_BY_DEFAULT = 1 ; WINDOW_HEIGHT_SIZE = 1080 ; WINDOW_WIDTH_SIZE = 1920 WINDOW_FOV_SIZE = 45 ; #100 = 1px (minimal px movement when pressing WASD) WASD_MINIMAL_MOVE = 100 ; came back from where you were before pressing Insert/F6 NO_GOTO_AFTER_INSERT = 1 ; disable MAI dumps when saving atlas and/or pressing Insert/F6 NOMAI_ATLAS_DUMP = 1 ; disable minimap.dds alpha saving and enable compression NOMINIMAP_RAWALPHA = 1 ; enable .mdatr height collision loading when moving on buildings or adjusting terrain DETECT_MDATR_HEIGHT = 1 ; disable fog when loading maps NOFOG_ONMAPLOAD = 1 ; refresh all checkbox configurations when loading maps 'n stuff REFRESHALL_ONUPDATEUI = 0 ; set a default mapname prefix when creating new maps ("" to disable) NEW_MAP_MAPNAME_PREFIX = "metin2_map_" ; display a default textureset when creating new maps ("" to disable) ; note: it loads the filepath if exists, otherwise it will create an empty textureset file NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH = "textureset\metin2_a1.txt" ; create a default textureset as "textureset/{mapname}.txt" ; note: this option is not considered if NEWMAP_TEXTURESETLOADPATH is not empty. [before v24] ; note: this option is not considered if the TextureSet path input is not empty when creating a new map [since v24] NEWMAP_TEXTURESETSAVEASMAPNAME = 1 ; remove the weird attr flags from the generated server_attr SERVERATTR_REMOVE_WEIRD_FLAGS = 1 ; show diffuse lighting to object VIEW_OBJECT_LIGHTING = 1 ; path of mob_proto used for regen MOB_PROTO_PATH = "locale/ymir/mob_proto" ; select monster area info checkbox at startup VIEW_MONSTER_AREA_INFO = 0 ; brush cursor / object selection color RGB float between 0.0 to 1.0 (default: green -> 0 1 0) RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_R = 0.0 RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_G = 1.0 RENDER_CURSOR_COLOR_B = 0.0 Download: [Hidden Content] How To Map: This release will not cover this part. Look at CryPrime`s tutorials to understand how to do it. About the ServerAttr Generator: (since v14) This is a beta function but it should work fine. I tested it on gm_guild_build (1x1), metin2_map_a1 (4x5), metin2_map_trent (2x2), metin2_n_snowm_01 (6x6) and the result was the same as the blackyuko map editor. (I use a different lzo version and I clean deprecated and useless flags, so the size is different from this last one but the "final image" will be the same; using game_test to fix his server_attr will let mine and his perfectly equal byte per byte) I also give you the source code of my server_attr generator function. CLICK A server_attr file is based on all the attr.atr files merged into a one raw RGBA image and each one scaled from 256x256 to 512x512. After that, the image will be splitted into sectors of 128x128 px and each one compressed using lzo compression. The server_attr header is composed by the size of the map*4. (e.g. a 4x4 will have a 16x16 size with 256 sectors inside) (gj ymir CLICK) An uncompressed server_attr sector is just like this: CLICK (the sub 4 byte header is the size returned by the LzoCompress which indicates how much the compressed sector data are large) Each attr.atr is just like this: CLICK (the header is composed of 6 byte in total: 3 WORDs respectively for version, width and height; they are always 2634, 1, 1 so don't bother about it) A single attr.atr scaled from 256x256 to 512x512 will be just like this: CLICK You can use the game_test (from source) to perform few tasks like: Create a server_attr from a .mcd file (I won't suggest it) a <collision data filename> <map directory> Regenerate an old server_attr to server_attr.new using the current lzo compression and cleaning useless flag CLICK c <filename> Other stuff such as b to create a character instance or q to quit About the SkyBox Bottom pic fix: (since v21) Both metin2launch.exe and worldeditor.exe should be edited to see the bottom pic of the skybox. Ymir messed up the code wrongly flipping the bottom image. Open ./Srcs/Client/EterLib/SkyBox.cpp and replace: ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); with: ////// Face 5: BOTTOM v3QuadPoints[0] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[1] = D3DXVECTOR3(1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[2] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f); v3QuadPoints[3] = D3DXVECTOR3(-1.0f, -1.0f, -1.0f); then recompile. Credits:
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  12. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal 2.5 ) Download Here ( Last Release ) This is an archiver I've created, and it looks quite stable so far. The PackMakerLite (PML) supports type 0-1-2-3-4-5-6 (type 4-5 only pack, type 6 only unpack). As a summarize, the metin2 types are handled like this: Type 0 - only storage (no encryption/compression; it can be read fully from the .epk) Type 1 - compressed - lzo(file) Type 2 - compressed and encrypted - xtea(lzo(file)) Type 3 - encrypted with Panama - you must save an .iv key server-side in the panama/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) The official used it only for patch2. Type 4 - encrypted with a mix of ciphers (cshybridcrypt) - you must save a .dat key server-side in the package/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) Practically all the metin2_patch files. Type 5 - like type 4, but a server-side map/<map_name> is also provided. (content readable only after accessing the <map_name> map as a player) The official used it only for the catacomb data. Type 6 - compressed and encrypted - xtea(snappy(file)) [thanks @metin2team] Usage: Its settings (xtea keys, extensions, pack types to use) can be changed inside PackMakerLite.json: You can actually integrate the tool in the menu context (running the .reg files) for packing folders and unpacking .eix files. Remove "--nolog" from the .bat files if you want to see the logs again. Last but not least: since the client handles all the filenames in lowercase, this tools automatically converts them as well.
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  13. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi everyone, Today I bring you a collection of maps made by Ymir that were included at some point in an official client but were never used. The maps are: GM Guild Building Field Dungeon [Hidden Content] Ginseng Valley (b2) - Second version of Dragon Valley (Orcs area) [Hidden Content] Heavenly Valley (c2) - Third version of Dragon Valley (Orcs area) [Hidden Content] Dragon Timeattack 1 - Dungeon possibly used in Korea, used by SG for Dragon Timeattack event [Hidden Content] Dragon Timeattack 2 [Hidden Content] Dragon Timeattack 3 [Hidden Content] Test map - Actually a town EW02 - ? Guild Inside - Supposed to be the inside of a guild house [Hidden Content] Milgyo Pass & Sungzi - A collection of alternative maps for Nation War. Requires editing forked_road.txt in order to add them to this event. Siege - Three maps one for each kingdom, for a kingdom event You might also be interested in the Metin2 Korea Naga map available here The Lost maps of YMIR.zip 74.6 MB [Hidden Content]
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  14. GF v21.1.3.0 patch Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, protos New chat filter GUI resources New pet, new costume(Ramadan) + Hairstyle All files unpacked in a folder Soon comes the Looting System resources. Well.. They are so geniuses.
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  15. Hello, Small performance snippet from the official binary after some reverse engineering. I did not make huge tests, but it seems just fine for me, if you have any problem, let me know in comment below. 1.) Get rid of every __LoadMap function + calls from the introLoading.py file. Also you can completly remove the function net.Warp as well. 2.) Modify the following functions in the CPythonNetworkStreamPhaseLoading.cpp this way: bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvMainCharacter() { // [..] Add to the bottom the Warp function Warp(MainChrPacket.lX, MainChrPacket.lY); SendClientVersionPacket(); return true; } bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvMainCharacter2_EMPIRE() { // [..] Add to the bottom the Warp function Warp(mainChrPacket.lX, mainChrPacket.lY); SendClientVersionPacket(); return true; } bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvMainCharacter3_BGM() { // [..] Add to the bottom the Warp function Warp(mainChrPacket.lX, mainChrPacket.lY); SendClientVersionPacket(); return true; } bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvMainCharacter4_BGM_VOL() { // [..] Add to the bottom the Warp function Warp(mainChrPacket.lX, mainChrPacket.lY); SendClientVersionPacket(); return true; }
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  16. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi, here I publish my edit of the public Render Target System. I hate it, when people earn money with public systems. Preview: [Hidden Content] DL: [Hidden Content] Original Thread [Hidden Content]
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  17. M2 Download Center Download Here ( GitHub ) Download Here ( MEGA ) Download Here ( Internal ) Hey M2Dev, here is a little statistics overview of the Round Trip Time (RTT) Ping and Packet Loss. Usefully for some, useless for others, so I decided to share it. Preview The image is an example... The results where not captured accurately because they kept updating while I tried to take screenshots. You will not get any PING on localhost. If you find any problems let me know.
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  18. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) With this tool you can view the Metin2 Models in the .gr2 Format. It´s an easy to use tool and a must have for every server owner or client modder.
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  19. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) Create app at here:[Hidden Content] Copy CLIENT ID Then change Discord.h/DiscordClientID Add images at here: example my image's name is image1 You can also use smallImageKey and smallImageText
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  20. You too? You want to create a server for our favorite MMORPG?! You will be able to make your dream come true ! This guide is exclusively compatible with Metin2 Project. Are you ready? Gooo! Install the Virtual Machine Configure the Virtual Machine Manage the Virtual Machine Retrieve the IP Address Use PuTTY Use EterNexus Configure the Metin2 Project Client Use Navicat Create an Account on Metin2 Project Assign « GM » permissions Use WinSCP Start the Metin2 Project Server Ready? Gooo! Made With and
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  21. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) 3dsMax 2011 + Activator: Here Plugins GR2 for 3dsmax 2011: Here
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  22. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello, Here is the translation of translate.lua file (about 95%) Language available (and tested): Missing language: Translate AIO + Quest GF
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  23. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( GitHub ) Offline Shop - Premium Private Shop System Hi, due to lack of time, I hadn't shared, but ¡Hey!, I'm here and one more contribution. The Official Servers have an Offline for few months ago, so I took on the task of making a similar one, It's not like Official Servers in a some parts of code I think, it does occupy designs and other things but in some issues it's different, but I used the rules that they use in terms of encoding. I hope you like it, I tried that the Offline didn't occupy so many SQL sequences to minimize the load of SQL injections for the server and uses the same methods of the store and stores, don't create new files so that you can observe it. I take this topic to indicate that I don't sell my things because some persons always end up filtering them and it makes me very lazy to think that, I'm selling and providing kind support to good people so that a bad one arrives and simply ends all that, I don't usually give support because I don't received anything... in Yohara's level system some people sent me a message to indicate that there was an error and it was always an error that they installed it wrong, look correctly at the guide and once for real believe that I omitted something in the guide, you can contact me and tell me to fix it, but if it's an installation error and I must install the system for you, I will charge you, I like to help, but I give you a guide so that it is only corrected what I omitted. If you need me to connect it to your code or to add extra functions, I will still charge you, it's not much, it will simply be at your discretion and it will be a voluntary donation for me and my time, you will value how much you give me, it can be 1 EUR, 2 EUR, 3 EUR, 5 EUR I don't know (So I hope you make an effort, I already gave you the most complicated part, is to copy and paste code already done, including other parts for example like Safebox in Safebox part?), Some people were nice and some were not, so I decided to stop placing the rest of Yohara's patches for a few time. I hope you like this, install, test and contact me if you detect an error, I already looked for and corrected everything I observed. About memory leak - Doesn't have, I think . Use WJ_ENABLE_TRADABLE_ICON (public system). The default code in Python is Safebox to avoid code differences. Among other things. I use TRANSMUTATION like TRANSMUTATION, change it to Changelook, as I indicated in some parts of the guide where to change. # Visual Parts You can download the patches from the Official Servers in: Gyazo: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] GitHub: [Hidden Content]
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  24. GF v21.0.8 Patch (Full client) Contents: root-meta, dumped binary, locales with protos new monsters, maps, dungeon, armors, 2021 easter costumes and mount the package contains the separated folders(m00xxx) and the unpacked files together in one folder.
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  25. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi, folks! With this guide you will be able to combine textlines with images, like rubinum does. Usage is simple: emojiTextLine.SetText("|Eemoji/key_ctrl|e + |Eemoji/key_x|e + |Eemoji/key_rclick|e - Direct sell") The files are located in the icon pack, so basically the code will load from icon/{GIVEN_PATH}.tga - in the sample the path for the X is: icon/emoji/key_x.tga Here are the images from rubinum client:  Howto: Have fun Sorry for arab players , for sure they have also developers, so let's go guys, finish it ? If you have problem, maybe I made a mistake in the guide of missed out something, just leave a comment below. PS.: Sometimes the code tag of the board puts an extra invisible character mostly the end of the lines, if your IDE cries for syntax error, but it seems correct, check that part of the file with notepad++, it will show a ?(question mark) where the problem is.
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  26. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Sup bois This is a crack for Navicat. Works with the new Navicat Premium 15. [Hidden Content] Password: metin2.dev
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  27. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Github Backup ) - Download Here ( GitHub ) Download Here ( VM 9.2 ) or Download Here ( VM 12 )
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  28. You too? You want to create a server of our favorite MMORPG?! You will finally be able to make your dream come true ! This guide is exclusively compatible with Metin2 Project. You are ready? Gooo! Are you a beginner? I suggest you start by creating a server on your computer How to create à Metin2 private server on virtual machine. Summary FreeBSD Environment (Required) Web Environment (Optional) Windows Environment (Optional) This part is essential, it allows you to prepare, configure your Metin2 Project environment on your FreeBSD Server. All the steps are necessary for the proper functioning of Metin2 Project. Install FreeBSD Use PuTTY Download Server Client Configure Resolv SSH PKG Débogage Install MySQL Python GMake MakeDepend DevIL GDB LLVM Devel Use WinSCP Configure MySQL Use Navicat Import Databases Configure Account Assign « GM » permissions Install Server Compile Server Use EterNexus Configure Client Start Server Ready? Gooo! This part is optional, if you want to install forum or a website for your Metin2 Project Server, it's necessary to prepare your web environment on your FreeBSD Server. It's essential to have configured your domain name in order to assign it a type A record to the IP address of your FreeBSD Server! If you don't have a domain name, you are wasting your time. Install Apache PHP Cerbot Configure Apache PHP Cerbot Virtual Hosts HTTPS Certification Use World Wide Web This part is optional if you want to use Metin2 Project as is without making modifications to the game sources. If you need to modify or add source files to Metin2 Project, it's necessary to prepare your compilation environment on your computer. Install Visual Studio Compile Client Dump Proto Config Made With and
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  29. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal )
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  30. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) [Hidden Content] virustotal: [Hidden Content]
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  31. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) download:
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  32. M2 Download Center Download Here ( CN ) - Download Here ( DE ) - Download Here ( ES ) - Download Here ( KR ) Download Here ( GR ) - Download Here ( IT ) - Download Here ( NL ) - Download Here ( HU ) Download Here ( PL ) - Download Here ( RO ) - Download Here ( SG ) - Download Here ( US ) Download Here ( AE ) - Download Here ( CZ ) - Download Here ( DK ) - Download Here ( FR ) Download Here ( PA ) - Download Here ( PT ) - Download Here ( RU ) - Download Here ( TR ) Download Here ( BR ) - Download Here ( BETA ) Hey guys, I've stumbled upon some old Metin2 clients on an old DVD, so I thought I'd share them with you. I also included some of the already existing clients on this forum. Table of Contents DOWNLOAD LINK A: 2005: August: CN Beta client (YMIR) (Original topic here) 2007: November: US (G4Box) 2008: April: US (G4Box) (repacked) (Original topic here) December: DE, ES, FR, IT (Gameforge) 2009: October: US (G4Box) 2010: May: DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, NL, PL, PT, RO, TR, US (Gameforge) March: TR (Gameforge) 2011: April: DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, NL, PT, RO, TR, US (Gameforge) December: AE, CZ, DE, DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, RU, TR, US (Gameforge) 2012: May: SG (TEC) December: KR (Webzen) (repacked) (Original topic here) Table of Contents DOWNLOAD LINK B: 2013: March: EN (13), EN (28) (Gameforge) April: CZ, DE, ES (16), ES (17), FR (16), FR (17), IT, PL, RU (Gameforge) June: TR (Gameforge) September: Public: DK, GR, HU, NL, PT, RO, US (Gameforge) Beta: PA (Gameforge) 2015: July: CZ, DE, DK, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, RU, TR, US (Gameforge) Pictures: [Hidden Content] Download Links: DOWNLOAD LINK A: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD LINK B: [Hidden Content] GameForge direct links: Should you have other clients (installers would be great!), please leave a reply to this topic with a download link and I'll happily add them to the collection. Edits: April 20th, 2020: Added many clients from Gameforge's web download server. April 21st, 2020: Added more clients that I've discovered on GF's download server. April 21st, 2020: Added all the clients I could find on GF's server. Cheers, Exynox.
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  33. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Video at 1:15 Download
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  34. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Share content : Client / Files / VDI Brief description : • Official system • Official prototypes, identical subtype • No trash system added • Full bug fix • Ideal for learning the basics of metin2 emulation Download link : [Hidden Content]
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  35. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) The new maps of Metin2
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  36. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello since i was looking for this system and it was "hard" to find it because Sanii's page is gone, i had to put it together taking bits of code from here and there. It is full with all the fixes and working with armor and weapon costumes. With this system you can assign an .mse file to a Vnum via 1 single .txt file It is a nice system so everyone should be able to use it. Only thing left is to adapt it for Sash's/Wing's if someone want's to do that i can post it here. Have fun.
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  37. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Details : A new option about fog ingame from Gameforge. Gif : [Hidden Content] Link : Download
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  38. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Heys guys, I just realized that so many of you still using that vdi from 2014 with an old bsd and an old gcc that was not even c++11 compatible. So that I just created a new image with a fresh FreeBSD (12.1) having gcc 9 and without an Extern directory (all externals are installed from pkg repo). I put on some (I think) unmodified sources that can be compiled on it but you can upload your own files there. I hope it will make many of yours life easier! Download: [Hidden Content]
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  39. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Intro This release will explain how to "convert" your root .py files to .c ones. Actually, Cython only converts those files to pure CPython code. Download Main Branch VS Impl Branch (highly suggested) As requested by many people, you can download the compatible and clean official cn root dated 20131228-0034 without further edits: rootCn_20131228-0034_edit.rar uiscriptCn_20131228-0034.rar cN-serverinfo-edit.py Is Cython really worth it? Pros All the modules are compiled, and they can't be "extracted as .py" anymore. We can always disassemble the launcher with IDA, but the result will be pseudo-c code after waiting 6-8h of analyzing. Since we're not using .pyx files but directly .py ones, there's no "so much optimization". At least, 10% of performance increasing is guaranteed. Cons For testing purposes, it's heavy to maintain. Everytime you try to re-compile your root files, you should wait 5-10 minutes. You can always use the uncythonized root (.py files) when you perform tests, and compile cython whenever you will make an update in your live server. The launcher's size will increase ~10mb. You can actually pack it to save space. If you directly use a .pyd (still 10mb), the launcher's size won't increase. VideoTutorial Credits Me (lollo_9_1/martysama0134) Night (OST suggestion) Random Testers What's New: vsimpl Visual studio implementation automatic cythonization when compiling only the edited files will be compiled v2.0 The module's name check is now case-insensitive (colorInfo == colorinfo) Added a new function rootlib/uiscriptlib.getList() to retrieve a tuple of all the available cythonized modules. Now you can compile a uiscriptlib library from the uiscript*.py files! (implemented as __USE_EXTRA_CYTHON__) Added a sample ui.py containing the code to run uiscriptlib.
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  40. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hey guys, Last night I was kinda playing with granny a bit and this tool was born. I hope it will be useful for most of you! Optimize, change textures, convert to fbx or 3ds, etc... Download: [Hidden Content] Usage: Just drag and drop a gr2 file on the exe and choose what you would like the program to do. P.S.: Don't be surprised if the new gr2 file becomes bigger than it was, it is because this tool saves them without compression for better performance.
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  41. i like it when everything is neat and tidy. we are on metin2dev and not on turkmmo
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  42. [Hidden Content] this one is from invoice client 2013.
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  43. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello everyone. It's a good day to share an old code with you. First of all you need to know: I don't help to install it. Don't even take the contact with me about it. The whole code is written by me, and reversed from official binaries. At the beginning do a backup for your files(srcs+pys) and READ CAREFULLY the readme. W/o brain.exe please close this tab, or your browser, thank you for your understanding. Preview: Download.exe Enjoy & #h4v3fun, pngr
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  44. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Here I post the GitHub of the owner of Heavenly Hope file. Most of system are unfinished, bad coded, and I think that the better use to this file is take system and modify it, NOT start server with this file. "This project is not finish, you can use this project for optimize your project. You can also update this project by forking it for help me and every other peoples who want to make a server. This project is free to use and cannot be sell for money. I don't take any responsability of selling or bugs or issues." GitHub -> Server Src GitHub -> ClientSrc GitHub -> Server File Videos:
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  45. Thanks but as you see locale_de was already included. Also invoice one is more then a year older and missing essential things like DS and Belt. I'm looking for 2014 RO/PL/TR/CZ or ES or other what's I don't have. I have EN/DE/HU/FR at the moment.
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  46. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Download Here ( Github ) Base Project: Updated source, cryptopp, boost, libmysql, libdevil etc. All you have to do: Then compile it. Enabled latest c++ features: Password: black
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  47. This tutorial is going to teach you how to compile, run and configure a server on Windows. I needed something like this a few days ago and since it doesn't exist, I decided to make it There is no addition or modification in the source or client (except for small bonuses). 0. Beginning At the end of the topic there will be two links where you will need to download: Client + Server + Source MySQL The client is based on the Metin2 Client fur r40250, I just edited it to have the classic format. Regardless the Server and Client source. 1. The files We will need to download the following files: Visual Studio Community 2019 - In order to compile both the server and the binary, we're going to need this MySQL - Connect and create the database 2. Installing The installation is easy enough for me to consider that I don't need to spend much time on this, however I hope this two pictures will facilitate (more) on what you need to do: Visual Studio Community Note: You actually just need the MSVC v142, C++ CMake, C++ ATL, C++ MFC and C++/CLI for this to work MySQL: Warning: In this tutorial we're going to use Mysql Server 5.7.33 X64 but you can (must) upgrade it to 8.0 2.1 Installing Server / Client / Database Here you need to pay attention because there's a limitation: Warning: You must unzip the file "dev" on C:\ If you don't want, follow the Mali61's topic and you need to create manually the symlinks for each core on the server. This is how it should be. Client: There isn't much to say, in pack/ you already have root and locale_de unpacked but since this is going to be localhost only, you don't need to change nothing on the serverinfo.py Bonus: I translated the client to English, just because Database: 1) Windows Key + R and write services.msc 2) Search for MySQL57 (or the version you installed) and click on Stop Since Im portuguese, yeah 3) Go to directory C:\ProgramData\MySQL 4) In the folder MySQL Server 5.7 (or the version you installed) and in the folder Data, paste the files you previously downloaded and unziped from mysql_dev.rar 5) On services.msc, start the MySQL process Back it again with the portuguese Server: These images are referenced in each core's CONFIG and conf.txt, respectively where the location is on directory C:\dev\2. Server. Warning: Don't forget to change the MySQL's user password! You need to put the same password you had when installing the MySQL. 3. Compile Server / Client Source There is nothing introductory since it is something very simple that you will be able to. Server: It's quite simple, to build the server source, we just need to open the file dev_server.sln which is located in C:\dev\1. Svn\Server\build You can build all at once or separately. Bonus: I linked the files to go to the directory C:\dev\2. Server\share\ so you don't need to c&p multiple times. Client: Same as before, open the dev_solution.sln which is located in C:\dev\1. Svn\Client Since I have a good computer, I enabled the multi-processor compilation option. If your computer is very slow while you are compiling, I suggest you deactivate by going to Properties in all the builds. 4. Starting the Server On the main directory of the server (C:\dev\2. Server) you'll have 2 bat files: start.bat* - As the name says, it will start the server clear.bat - It will clear all the server's logs * I forgot the make it dynamic so if you don't want to have on the C:\dev, you'll need to change the directory. Execute start.bat and it will show up first the db.exe, then auth's game.exe and last channel1's game.exe And there you have it, your server is now online! 5. Debug You can debug by going to Debug -> Start New Instance Bonus: I linked everything so you don't have to worry about anything 5. Credits I like to say that I don't know anything about anything and as such, everything here has its credits. @Mali61 - Client/Server compilable with VS2019 (Server & Client) @Karbust - If it wasn't for him, I couldn't have done this ThatGuyPT - The base was from his Windows Serverfiles 6. FAQ Q: Why didn't you use xampp instead of MySQL? A: At the moment I use MySQL a lot even outside of Metin2, so it makes more sense to me that it be this way. However, it is exactly the same, especially on localhost. Q: Can I migrate the source to FreeBSD? A: Yes, you can! As long as you have cmake configured, you can distribute to FreeBSD and use it there. Q: What is the id and password to enter the game? (I put this question because I know there will be someone asking this) A: You can create an account in the database, but you can use id: admin pw: 123 7. Links dev - mysql_dev All In One (Internal) If you have any questions that I can answer, feel free to write a post here.
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  48. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello together, today i want to share something with you for christmas. But before we start let me tell you, this system isn't in is final form! I will update this thread (if metin2dev will still exist in the new year) to complete this system. Anyways let's get startet. What kind of System is it? You can use inbuilt animations on objects (map objects) and weapons (currently not working, just if the weapon is a ground item instance! I'm working on it). Here is a preview: [Hidden Content] First you can see a placed object on the map with inbuilt animation (sorry it is really far away :O) Later you can see a weapon (thanks to @Tatsumaru) which has an inbuilt animation. But this is currently just working as ground instance and not in the player hands itself. How to implement it What is missing for now? Currently the deforming for weapons holden by the player won't work. But as i said in the first few lines, i will add it later. But for now i want to give this parts to you for christmas! (Sorry i'm currently out of time to finish it before 2019 ends... Maybe someone of you want to complet it in his on way). The attachments Animated Object: [Hidden Content] <- Thanks to KillMoves who did this sometime ago!!! (Animated Weapon: [Hidden Content] <- Thanks to Tatsumaru!!! Have fun with it, your B4RC0D3
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  49. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi, ricky released his MDE tool today. I'll post it on this forum. There is simple video how to use it, it's really easy for everyone! [Hidden Content] There is a simple video how to make animation UVW textures. Download here: [Hidden Content] Credits: ricky92 For tool martysama0134 for the Unwarp_UVW fix (Texture fix)
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  50. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) June 17 2014 - I rewrote the whole the source. FAQ: How can I open the project, which version of Visual Studio do I need? I used Visual Studio 2013, but I'm sure you can open in 2012 too. What is CRC? You can learn more about Cyclic redundancy check here. How can I make a list for the patcher? You can use the lister tool, it's in the source. HOW TO MAKE IT WORKS: 1. Change the ServerURL variable in Globals.cs to your url 2. Build the project 3. Create a list with the lister tool (Example of the list) 4. Upload the files and the patchlist to your server (Example of the folder structure) Downloads: MEGA.CO.NZ If you have any question or suggestion please just reply to this topic. Kind Regards, Sanchez
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