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  1. VegaS™

    Gameforge sucks

  2. VegaS™

    open Item_Award Time

    If you inserted the query with the good values and you've problem with time, you should use my Extended Item Award, already there're many features included, items with real time fixed, etc.
  3. VegaS™

    Gameforge sucks

    "Rubinum pirate server was destroyed. Private servers are announced to those who do not shut down. The turn will be destroyed. Those responsible will get heavy penalties. In addition, personal and corporate lawsuits are coming soon. All of these videos will be downloaded and forwarded to legal authorities. Not warned. Look, I'm not obligatory, but I warn you not to get hurt, but some of them do not listen unfortunately. Some of them do not take advice and throw in their minds will fight. There's no war. I hope that those who break the law will show the virtue to bear the consequences." Google translate Let's change the hosts to China. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prediction from: 29 June 2019, 12:23 am Hello, after almost 6 passive years I would like to inform you today. At that time (at the time of the Source Leaks) and today we were in close contact with a certain employee, who belongs to the Metin2 department in Karlsruhe. Over the past few months, the measures against P Server (Investigations & Promotion) have been pretty quiet, but this will change in the near future, with (presumably) some busts following. Gameforge has achieved that the State Criminal Police Office of Baden-Württemberg has established a (according to our information) 3-member investigation team against the operation of Metin2 private servers. So take care of your ass - make certain arrangements and stay under the radar !!! Greetings from an old hand! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update: Another message from the same CoMa of GameForge (TR). - Link First of all, the royalties are not related to the person or the TR team. We have no authority in this matter. This is a legal matter. Publications are now tracked with special algorithms. The relevant units worked on this issue and we all saw the results. Gameforge started to send warnings to pirated channels on 27.06.2019 as Global and this will continue. It was an action we've been waiting for recently. From now on, those who do not take this seriously and make fun of Gameforge and those who continue to pirate broadcast are a topic to consider. I already find it meaningless for those who keep repeating every day knowing that something is a crime and those who think that they can't do anything, waiting for a special warning before. Those who get angry with 2-3 caution should not forget that they have violated Gameforge's rights 500-1000 times with 5000-1000 videos. Don't misunderstand my Instagram sharing. We will not recruit publishers who insult us, denigrate, denigrate, target, humiliate, support pirate servers and illegal methods. Our decision on this issue has not changed. Hard is! Pirate; is theft and disrespect to the pirate ad emege. It is not possible to comprehend the pirate servers who disrespect Eme and make the premium talk about labor. This is a moral issue. Selling a product that does not belong to you, marketing, earning over this product, then selling "I spent a lot of labor, my labor has been lost" is no sense for us. The goods are already stolen. Bread literature is not made over stolen goods. Those who market stolen goods are considered to have taken all possible consequences. What can be expected when illegal content is shared ?. We will be with the publishers who continue to be with us. We'il be even closer with them. The warnings will continue and spread to all platforms. (Twitch, d-live, etc.) We do not understand the understanding of different thinkers. In the night people yedigün P servers copyright, copyright and they eat does not bring us money .. We did not do to revive the Turkey servers that. Gameforge's taxes, webzen shares, employees, and never made the server to spend on the server P servers, we do not throw royalties because people give money. It is not an attack on the publisher's income. Maybe you don't see it, but the biggest channels in TR were smaller than the other p-server channels that ate ban in many parts of the world. 25000 videos were released on youtube in different languages. This process is not specific to the TR:) region, and will never stop. The new team will never stop. Discarded royalties were thrown to people who were part of the illegal business system. When you introduce P server and play here, you work with people who don't pay taxes, don't give shares to manufacturer or publisher. How to work for people who do not pay taxes in the law (fake documents or deliberate use of tax offenses in the form of punishment of 2 years to 5 years imprisonment (VUK md.359 / c) If it corresponds to imprisonment, youtube on these accounts is a right action to remove. 3-year 5-year labor on the servers that make kacakcilik and offense people, such as the children in the field of the size of the channels they grow up knowing that they have grown. Gameforge, which grants taxes and shares for the broadcasting rights of other games such as Metin2, is also entitled to copyright for all non-P or P content. As a publisher, both the music company and the book company; has the right to manage how the content it publishes is spoken. Note: I don't have a page on my Facebook platform. Do not be deceived by impersonation.
  4. VegaS™

    [FISH SYS] Do you have this system to sell?

    I started coding some parts already, i'll post some informations on website, after i finish some exams from uni. (since 2018 i didn't release any product, be prepared, there will be a lot of new stuffs)
  5. If you want to do this in quest, you've to do a boolean variable in source and set it to true or false from quest functions like: pc.set_active_critical(true) pc.set_active_critical(false) If you don't know how to do it, you should use a simple pc quest flag. Quest: quest player begin state start begin when"Test Critical" with pc.get_map_index() == 100 begin pc.setqf('disabled_critical_pct', select("Disable critical", "Enable critical") - 1) end end end -- or quest player begin state start begin when login with pc.get_map_index() == 100 begin pc.setqf('disabled_critical_pct', 1) end when logout with pc.get_map_index() == 100 begin pc.setqf('disabled_critical_pct', 0) end end end Srcs/Server/game/src/char_battle.cpp (Line: 1745, 1889) // Search for: if (number(1, 100) <= iCriticalPct) // Change with: const bool isDisabledCriticalPct = pAttacker->GetQuestFlag("player.disabled_critical_pct") > 0; if (!isDisabledCriticalPct && number(1, 100) <= iCriticalPct) Not tested.
  6. Your life has been Questions and Answers , let's stop with off-topic. @TurKAdaM The previous reply was a joke, nobody can help you with a full guide how to develop everything in metin2, you need a lot of time to learn alone, so first one, start to learn programming.
  7. This sounds like: Guys, help me to do money! Did you tried to contact Frankie? He knows everything, you just need to give him a Pioneer DJM 2000 and he'll show you all about metin2 development.
  8. root/ # Search for: wndInventory = uiInventory.InventoryWindow() # Add after: wndCharacter.BindInterfaceClass(wndInventory) root/ # Search for: self.toolTipSkill = 0 # Add after: self.wndInventory = None # Search for: def __del__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__del__(self) # Add after: def BindInterfaceClass(self, wndInventory): self.wndInventory = wndInventory How-To-Use: if self.wndInventory: self.wndInventory.ClickCostumeButton()
  9. VegaS™

    Meme - Thread

  10. If you just want to use locale_newcibn, change this function: root/ #def IsNEWCIBNPassPodAuth(): #global NEWCIBN_PASSPOD_AUTH #return NEWCIBN_PASSPOD_AUTH def IsNEWCIBNPassPodAuth(): return False Or change the path name with locale/de instead of locale/newcibn.
  11. Added C++ version, check the repository. (cff.cpp, cff.h) #include "cff.h" std::string text = CFF::format("Metin2", "green"); std::string text = CFF::format(std::to_string(8000), "banana"); std::string text = CFF::format(std::to_string(412.55), "red"); std::string text = CFF::format("Pending", "#113355"); std::string text = CFF::format("Item name:", "springgreen", CFF::FLAG_NEW_TAB) + CFF::format(pItemData->GetName(), "chocolate"); std::vector<string> text = CFF::multi_format({"a", "b", "c"}, "red"); // text[0], text[1], text[2]
  12. VegaS™

    open [HELP] How to get item addon value?

    They exists, are the self-notations from item_proto.txt, so addon_type & addon_value are apply_type & apply_value. ITEM_VNUM~RANGE ITEM_NAME(K) ITEM_TYPE SUB_TYPE SIZE ANTI_FLAG FLAG ITEM_WEAR IMMUNE GOLD SHOP_BUY_PRICE REFINE REFINESET MAGIC_PCT LIMIT_TYPE0 LIMIT_VALUE0 LIMIT_TYPE1 LIMIT_VALUE1 ADDON_TYPE0 ADDON_VALUE0 ADDON_TYPE1 ADDON_VALUE1 ADDON_TYPE2 ADDON_VALUE2 VALUE0 VALUE1 VALUE2 VALUE3 VALUE4 VALUE5 Specular SOCKET ATTU_ADDON Btw, you don't need the value, ymir wasn't used the value of addon type in game (#1, #2), just take it as a simple boolean condition if it's true (-1) or 0, and inside of CItemAddonManager::ApplyAddonTo(int iAddonType, LPITEM pItem) the argument is unused. So it's enough to return a simple boolean. int item_has_addon_type(lua_State* L) { const LPITEM item = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentItem(); if (!item) return 0; const TItemTable * proto = item->GetProto(); lua_pushboolean(L, proto && proto->sAddonType); return 1; } Use it as: quest quest_ex begin state start begin when 20091.take begin say(item.has_addon_type() and "True" or "False") end end end
  13. Maybe i'm wrong, but i think you need to use the ymir style because already there's a scale for image as (scaleX = screenWidth / imageWidth, scaleY = screenHeight / imageHeight) (full image: 1024 x 1024, selected: 1024 x 768) So you've to create a new image with size 1024x1024 and attach your current loading image and then the rest (1024x256) need to be black, use a paint bucket or just copy from ymir images that part.
  14. VegaS™

    open [HELP] How to get item addon value?

    //#include "item_manager.h" const TItemTable * proto = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().GetTable(12019); if (proto) { for (size_t i = 0; i < ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM; ++i) sys_log("applyType[%d] = %d, applyValue[%d] = %d", i, proto->aApplies[i].bType, i, proto->aApplies[i].lValue); } >>> applyType[0] = 8, applyValue[0] = -6 >>> applyType[1] = 37, applyValue[1] = 20 >>> applyType[2] = 10, applyValue[2] = 40
  15. VegaS™

    open Item-Shop Problem

    If you use item_award you don't have to do these checks, if MALL window is full, rest of the items will be 'unmarked for cache', so you have to take the current items first one and then rest of items which was added will be loaded too. How-To-Test: Insert 60 query's with itemVnum 27001 in item.award. Take the 45 items from MALL window into inventory. Re-open window mall and you will see the rest of items 15. So you can add unlimited query-items, they will be loaded by cache after you pickup the existent items and exist enough space. Here you can find the extended item award with more features.