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  1. can you may upload your fixxed aura mse? the wings are completly random in mine xD

  2. aura_250_006.gr2 currently not exists in archives, but I uploaded some missing files which is required by aura; here it's works well without gr2 model too;
  3. Koray

    [FISH SYS] Do you have this system to sell?

    I was looked to this system's structure and logic when it was published to official server, if you want to do 1:1 same with official one you must do every single stuff in serverside. I meant timer, fish roadmap, movement, click validation so everything. so you have to do this for each player and when there is too much participation, such as event, it will create a extremly big lag and performance problem for the server. Otherwise if you want to do move some parts to the client, you will encounter many problems like cheating or data manipulation.
  4. You must deal with some depraceted std functions just like unary_function, binary_function and mem_fun. As far as I remember there is no other requirement. I using VS2019 both for client and server since than preview version and have not seen any problem.
  5. Koray

    open Command for notice in guild?

    tutorial is not english but you can figure https://transfer.sh/i1zIP/lonca duyuru.zip
  6. Use it and enjoy your legit rat https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/ghidra/issues/85 https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/ghidra/issues/6 and many more... Instead of NSA's shit I recommend freeware IDA(https://www.hex-rays.com/products/ida/support/download_freeware.shtml)
  7. std::find is not exception safe. create a handler or iterate yourself.
  8. I used boost because it's already required dependecy from game server and I didn't want to add a new dependency for such a simple change., I'm sure there are more lightweight and simple alternatives here but I don't understand one thing, what's wrong with boost?
  9. Hello, I started to convert some server data files from .txt to .json. I intend to convert them more understandable and modern with these changes, also few bugs and a memory leak in the old system has been fixed. Currently only mob_drop_info.txt file is translated, then all .txt files and proto files will be added. Tutorial for mob_drop_info.txt game part: Add to service.h: #define ENABLE_JSON_GAME_FILES Add to stl.h inline std::wstring StringToWstring(std::string input) { std::wstring output(input.begin(), input.end()); return output; } inline std::string WstringToString(std::wstring input) { std::string output(input.begin(), input.end()); return output; } Search in input_db.cpp "%s/mob_drop_item.txt", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str()); Change with: #ifdef ENABLE_JSON_GAME_FILES "%s/mob_drop_item.json", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str()); #else "%s/mob_drop_item.txt", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str()); #endif Search: if (!ITEM_MANAGER::instance().ReadMonsterDropItemGroup(szMOBDropItemFileName)) Change with: #ifdef ENABLE_JSON_GAME_FILES if (!ITEM_MANAGER::instance().ReadMonsterDropItemGroupNew(szMOBDropItemFileName)) #else if (!ITEM_MANAGER::instance().ReadMonsterDropItemGroup(szMOBDropItemFileName)) #endif Search in item_manager.h: bool ReadDropItemGroup(const char * c_pszFileName); Add it under: #ifdef ENABLE_JSON_GAME_FILES bool ReadMonsterDropItemGroupNew(const char * c_pszFileName); #endif Add in item_manager_read_tables.cpp #ifdef ENABLE_JSON_GAME_FILES #include <fstream> #include <boost/property_tree/ptree.hpp> #include <boost/property_tree/json_parser.hpp> #endif Search: bool ITEM_MANAGER::ReadMonsterDropItemGroup(const char * c_pszFileName) Change like this: https://vgy.me/FC4F2v.png Codes: https://gist.github.com/mq1n/f31e4f1130819c1404b1348c8b28613d Converter: https://github.com/mq1n/M2TxtToJson Note: You need c ++ 11 and boost property tree module to use this configuration.
  10. Koray

    ymir beta skills

    Looks awesome, better than current ones , will you share?
  11. Stackoverflow and google tabs, Hint: My first freebsd work
  12. Hello, I have created an automation tool for .core file backtrace analysis, after installing CoreWatcher to monitor a directory, it will automatically analyze when a .core file is created and save its records in a file. Usage: CoreWatcher <target_directory> Notes: You must modify command files according to your own files. File: target server file Core: target server file with .core extension. IMPORANT NOTE: You must put .locked postfix after than .core extension. bt: It's backtrace command. quit: It's required for break gdb dialog. https://github.com/mq1n/CoreWatcher/tree/master Have fun.
  13. Koray

    [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite

    ahahahahaha, thats really funny. Thanks for great tool it's so usefull.
  14. Hello, This problem occurred after I did switch game server to x64, Auth core broken in handshake phase. Have you ever experienced such a problem? I tried cryptopp 5.6.5 and 8.0 both have the same problem.